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  1. How To Generate GS1-128 Barcode
  2. Table of Content What Is GS1-128 Barcode? GS1-128 Barcode Components GS1-128 Barcode Application Identifier How To Generate GS1-128 Barcode?
  3. What Is GS1-128 Barcode? GS1-128 is a Code 128 derivative language that employs a flagging character (Function Code 1) and application identifiers.
  4. GS1-128 barcode encodes the data & defines the meaning of the data by creating a list of "Application Identifiers."
  5. GS1-128 Barcode Components Code 128 start character 01 Code 128 FNC1 character 02 Application Identifier (AI) 03 Symbol Check character 05 Encoded Data 04 Stop Character 06
  6. GS1-128 Barcode Application Identifier Each GS1-128 symbol encodes one or more AI to specify the type of data being encoded. In most cases, AI also determines the length and format of the data.
  7. How To Generate GS1-128 Barcode? Simplified data entry AI sequence verifier You can make a GS1-128 barcode using an online tool, like Labeljoy. Check digit generation in Modulo 10 Management of FNC1
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