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Future of the article C Mavergames March 2013

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Future of the article C Mavergames March 2013

  1. 1. FUTURE OF THE ARTICLELinked data, “the dish“ and thevalue of an interfaceChris MavergamesDirector of Web Development, The Cochrane Collaboration
  2. 2. AcknowledgementsThanks and h/t to: Silver Oliver, Ontoba (http://www.ontoba.com) Lorne Becker, Cochrane Innovations (http://innovations.cochrane.org) Linn Brandt, DECIDE Project (http://www.decide-collaboration.eu) Scott Brinker, (http://chiefmartec.com/) Duncan Bloor, BBC Sophie Hill, Cochrane Consumers and Communication Review Group Ilkka Kunnamo, (http://www.duodecim.fi) Julian Elliott, Monash University and Cochrane Collaboration Cochrane Linked Data Project colleagues Many others who inspired me
  3. 3. Key concepts
  4. 4. Forgot one – “dish“
  5. 5. Cochrane Reviews
  6. 6. Cochrane Reviews Have always been electronic Summary of a research project, not really article PICO framework Search, assess and analysis Many of the key components buried in thedocument: Forest plots, Risk of Biasassessments, etc. Continuously updated when new studies arereported
  7. 7.  PICO Population Intervention Comparison Outcome
  8. 8. Ilkka Kunnamo
  9. 9. Cochrane has lots of user groups Clinicians Consumers Guideline writers Policy makers Journalists Authors of other systematic reviewsDifferent users have different needs...
  10. 10. Getting outside thereview/article “container“
  11. 11. Document viewXML<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?><COCHRANE_REVIEW DESCRIPTION="For publication"DOI="10.1002/14651858.CD008440" GROUP_ID="HIV"ID="589309120202025823" MERGED_FROM=""MODIFIED="2011-05-06 12:29:46 +0100"MODIFIED_BY="Rachel Marshall" REVIEW_NO=""REVMAN_SUB_VERSION="5.1.1" REVMAN_VERSION="5"SPLIT_FROM="" STAGE="R" STATUS="A"TYPE="INTERVENTION" VERSION_NO="2.0">........
  12. 12. Key components
  13. 13. linked data
  14. 14. The “age of pointing at things“- h/t Tom Coates, 2005: ttp://www.plasticbag.org/archives/2005/04/the_age_of_pointatthings/ The realization [behind creation of the [Internet] was, "Itisnt the cables, it is the computers which areinteresting". [World Wide Web] the realization was "It isnt thecomputers, but the documents which are interesting".Now you could browse around a sea of documentswithout having to worry about which computer they werestored on. Now, people are making another mental move. There isrealization now, "Its not the documents, it is the thingsthey are about which are important”.-Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web
  15. 15. “The problem is not informationoverload. It„s filter failure.“- Clay Shirky
  16. 16. nimble
  17. 17. NimbleStructured and linked data can help make content “nimble”Nimble content can:• Travel Freely• Retain Context Meaning• Create New Products- R. Lovinger, Razorfishnimble.razorfish.com
  18. 18. Current web = Web of documents
  19. 19. Docs are linked not data (things) in docs
  20. 20. Machines aren„t good at readingweb pages and documents Data on the web is meant for humanconsumption Machines need the data to be structured Then, information can be more easily sharedwithin and across datasets and web pages Interfaces and APIs can be built to allow better(and programmatic) access The article could evolve into an interface ontoa “web of data“
  21. 21. Reviews, studies, referencesthing thingthingthingthingthingPPPPPPIIIIIICCCCCCOOOOOO
  22. 22. Graphs of knowledge
  23. 23. drugconditionsideEffect CR:ID#CR:ID#CR:ID#studystudystudystudystudystudystudystudystudyStart anywhere, go anywhere
  24. 24. Page furniture
  25. 25. Chart: Linn Brandt/DECIDE Project
  26. 26. Access points
  27. 27. Access points
  28. 28. LinkedLifeData.com
  29. 29. Linked datasets
  30. 30. Linked Open Data
  31. 31. the “dish“
  32. 32. http://searchinsights.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/the-wheel-of-hunger/h/t SilverOliver
  33. 33. Scalable considered linkingh/t SilverOliver
  34. 34. PICO* = the “dish“ Population Intervention Comparison Outcome* (some also add another C for conditionand/or an S for setting or context)
  35. 35. What„s your “dish“?
  36. 36. interface
  37. 37. interfacefriendly front endsappssmart searchbetter filters=potential value
  38. 38. QuestionDo articles still fulfill their purpose?
  39. 39. Future of article is not about thearticle at all.It„s about:CONTENT & DELIVERY***NIMBLE***
  40. 40. Think: record companyexecutives once upon atime debating the “futureof the album“...
  41. 41. “Operating system” for science? “Scientific bundles of knowledge must bestructured and accessible by API, with theconnections among those bundles andappropriate utility metrics being what connectsand prioritizes scientists.”- Marcio von MuhlenSource: http://tagteam.harvard.edu/hub_feeds/928/feed_items/41072
  42. 42. CDSRCRS/CENTRALDAREHTAsCMRDrugBankUMLSDiseasomeSymptomOntologyetc.Evidence-based healthcare OS
  43. 43. Future of the article? Should really be: Future of content and delivery Interface to web of data Filter API Code Dynamic or “living“ question or series of questions Editors become curators (?) Things we have yet to think of or can„t imagineyet...
  44. 44. How did I do? content knowledge nimble delivery graph PICO question quote
  45. 45. Thank you