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Na Jai, Xena, Lizzy, Juan G., Kenyah

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  1. 1. By: Xena G., Juan G., Kenyah H-S. , Lizzy D., Najai S.
  2. 2. The amazingworld ofRussia!!!
  3. 3. If you go to Russia If you stay here instead
  4. 4. WHAT THE COLORS MEAN  White - peace and honesty  Blue - vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice  Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
  5. 5. Wouldn’t it becool to singthis??
  6. 6. When meeting Russians shake hands firmly and say Zdravstvuyte (hello) Dobry dien (Good day), Dobroye utro (good morning) and Dobry vecher (good evening)That’s way different from how we greet each other here in America.
  7. 7.  Russian is their language , and their Cyrillic alphabet includes 33 letters. Christianity is the main religion in Russia, with the Russian Orthodox Church claiming 15 to 20 percent of Russias population Most of the country’s 120 ethnic groups are small The capital of Russia is Moscow The Trans-Siberian railroad is in Russia and it goes from Moscow to Vladistok
  8. 8.  The area is two times bigger than the U.S.A which is 6,592,849 sq miles The population is 141,750,000 They have a soccer team It is the largest country in the world It is home to the Siberian-wolves
  9. 9.  January 1-5New Year’s Vacation January 7thChristmas February 23rdDefender of the Motherland Day March 8thInternational Women’s Day May 1sSpring and Labor Celebration May 9thVictory Day June 12thRussia Day November 4thCivil Unity Day
  10. 10. Now go get your plane ticket!!!!!!!!!