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Online training 4 toastmasters models

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A couple of models for discussion

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Online training 4 toastmasters models

  1. 1. z Online Training 4 Toastmasters Future Models for 1. Land Based Clubs in a district 2. Online Clubs – undistricted NOT FOR DCP
  2. 2. z z z Online Club Leadership Training
  3. 3. z Top reasons for Online Training in D73  Regional clubs disadvantaged by travel distances and costs to attend district training events in capital cities  Requested ongoing on demand training opportunities throughout the club season  Requested alternatives for club members and leaders to attend relevant and high standard training from their own desks SA VIC & TAS
  4. 4. z Design and Scheduling Process  District 73 Online Training Committee:  This year’s team: PQD, PDD, Online Club Leaders  12 Topics Selected and proposal sent to District Trio for approval  Where possible, topics relevant to activities in clubs that month eg Pathways Preparation in October for D73  Registration in easy-Speak and Promotion via Emails  Later in Facebook  Participation in monthly workshops in District owned Zoom account  D73 trainers each session recruited for their expertise in topics  Each present 15-20 with interactivity and Q & A; digital handouts
  5. 5. z District Approved: Training Model District Online Training Committee 12 Club Leadership Topics Selected Topics approved by District Trio District Zoom Monthly Workshops District trainers 15-20 minute Educationals District easy-Speak District Facebook Participation Registration & Promotion Management
  6. 6. z zz Online Alliance: Training Needs Survey & Analysis for Online Clubs
  7. 7. zz Top 4 Reasons for Participating in Online Training Learning new technologies for your roleLearning Networking with other club officers from other online clubsNetworking Sharing your own ideasSharing Presenting a learning sessionPresenting
  8. 8. z z Top 4 Requested Training Topics Pathways Preparation Membership Growth & Retention Meeting Roles for Online Clubs Club Officer Roles & Responsibilities for Online Clubs
  9. 9. z Model Unpacked  What’s in it for online clubs: regular monthly training; ideas for club action projects; exemplars for WHQ  What’s in it for Trainers: design & deliver educational interactivities; improve online presentations  What’s in it for online members (participants): attend, network, liaise, implement, reflect & report back  Resources: build an accessible online digital library of training tools  Online Action Training Team: analyse training needs, recommend training models, initiate Training Tasters)
  10. 10. • 20 minute learning objectives on a theme Educational Tasters • Handouts, presentations, recordings Resource Library • Last weekend of each month Online Alliance Meetings • 60 minute extended themed workshops Training Workshops • In club collaborative training activities Action Projects • Reports on learning & training implementation Reflective Practice O N L I N E C L U B S T R A I N I N G M O D E L