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Object Storage Overview

Object Storage Overview with architectural examples from Cloudian's implementation.

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Object Storage Overview

  1. 1. TITLE SUBTITLE DATE Cloudian Inc. | Presenter Object Storage Overview January 30, 2015 Cloudian Inc. | Simone Morellato, Technical and Solutions Marketing Director
  2. 2. • Check Facebook • Check Gmail • Share docs on Dropbox • Check Twitter • Listening to Pandora • Check SharePoint • Research the market on the NY Times • Take pictures with Instagram • Work with Google Docs • Read a book on Apple iPad Haystack Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Storage When we use Object Storage When we:
  3. 3. Object Storage is a good fit for • Unstructured data workloads • Capacity requirements beyond 100s of Terabytes • Distributed access to content • Data archiving: documents, email, backups • Storage for photos, videos, virtual machines images • Need for granular security and multi-tenancy • Need for automation, management, monitoring and reporting tools • Non-high performance applications Consumer Activity (Events, GPS, WiFi) Social media Device Tracking and Logs (Event, Configuration, Usage, Performance, )
  4. 4. Block & File vs. Object Bigger  For cool/cold data  Object-based  Scale-out (multi-PB)  Software-centric  Cloud-compatible Faster  For ‘hot’ data  Flash-optimized  IOPS-centric  VM/VDI optimized  Variety of approaches Block & File Object
  5. 5. Block vs. File vs. Object Block File Object Data is stored without any concept of data format or type Files are data structures that keep track of a related set of blocks that contain the contents of the file Objects consist of an object identifier (OID), data and metadata The data is simply a series of 0s and 1s Files have metadata that describes the file: name, length, type, creation date, etc. Metadata for individual objects can be quite extensive. Up to higher-level applications and/or file systems to keep track of data location, context and meaning File systems offer directories for file organization No object organization system ( flat organization ) Direct access to individual objects, no need to traverse directories
  6. 6. Metadata - File vs. Object
  7. 7. Object Storage Use Cases 7 Media Content Store Data Analytics Private Cloud Remote Office File Distribution & Sharing Backup Archive
  8. 8. Object Storage in also in OpenStack
  9. 9. Object Storage Systems Characteristics • Data is stored as individual objects with a unique identifier • Flat addressing scheme that allows for greater scalability • Multi-tenant • Usually software-based that runs on commodity hardware • Capable of scaling to 100s of Petabytes • Don’t use RAID but instead Replication and/or Erasure Coding – At PBs scale RAID has very long rebuild times • Access over RESTful API over HTTP, which is a great fit for cloud and mobile applications – Amazon S3, Swift and CDMI API
  10. 10. How is an Object Storage System built DNS Server and/or Load Balancer Object Storage Cluster
  11. 11. The ring concept Cluster (logical ring) Data is automatically replicated or erasure coded to configured number of nodes. You can also configure where to replicate data among multiple data centers and the rack inside of the data center DC1 DC2 When adding and removing a node to/from the cluster, data inside the cluster will be re-balanced Support for hundreds of nodes in a single logical ring/cluster
  12. 12. Multi-Data Center Single Region Multi-Data Center Multi Region Single-Data Center Single Region Replicas can span across data centers Replicas with location constrains Object Storage spans across data centers
  13. 13. What is Hybrid Cloud Storage  Can integrate with Public Cloud Offerings  Can be access via API, Web apps, NFS, etc. S3 NFS
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