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My gp cloud's online accounting software taken by university of wisconsin-stout

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My gp cloud's online accounting software taken by university of wisconsin-stout

  1. 1. MY GP Clouds cloud accounting will be well accepted by University of Wisconsin-Stout is accepts as the Demonstration Device. University is easily deploying a fullyfunctional Microsoft dynamics GP system and cloud accounting for classroomdemonstration in minutes.In the month of September2012, MY GP Cloud one of the largest providers of hostedMicrosoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, online accountingsoftware announced professors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Wisconsin’sPolytechnic University accepted My GP cloud as a classroom demonstration tool todisplay a state of the art ERP system and online accounting software solution MicrosoftDynamics GP.
  2. 2. “Professors were continually looking for teaching tools to be able todemonstrate actual life examples for their students. Utilizing the freeresources available from the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance andleveraging on-demand ERP solutions from myGPcloud, professors areable to simulate models to facilitate business decisions in a classroomsetting,” said Director of Academic Relations at MY GP cloud to theprovider at the time of accepting it as a demonstrating tool. “Theprofessors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout now using the toolsdemonstrate security features as well as discuss the roles each accountingpersonnel should have in a functioning business organization.”Department Chair and Program Director for the Information andCommunications Technology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, commented, “To implement a system in just a few minutes is veryhelpful, especially at this time of year.” myGPcloud was made availableonly minutes after Professor signed off on the system deployment for hisdepartment to utilize as a demonstration tool.Senior Teacher at the University of Wisconsin-Stout put in his feedback onhow straightforward it was to set up a fully functional Dynamics GP ERPsystem with, “Great implementation. Clean and Quick” myGPcloud isexcited to continue to find innovative individuals at large academicinstitutions embracing cloud technology to expose future businessleaders to the tools that will make people successful.
  3. 3. The University of Wisconsin-Stout is one of many higher learning academicinstitutions that have adopted myGPcloud in a classroom setting. UtilizingmyGPcloud and Microsoft Dynamics GP on demand as a demonstration toolembedded within an academic curriculum is a proactive approach to continueto build the entire Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. By giving students access tostate of the art business solutions, students will be better prepared to join theworkforce in their respective field of study.MY GP Cloud is a leading supplier of cloud accounting as well as hostedMicrosoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications. The myGPcloud serviceincludes all of the rich accounting, business-intelligence and financial-management features of Microsoft Dynamics® GP, as well as automated on-lineprovisioning, training videos and guides, template setups and technicalsupport. Users can trial the service for one month, without cost, which includesfull ERP capabilities such as manufacturing, supply chain, professional servicesand not-for-profit modules. The myGPcloud application is available in twoversions: Business Essentials (plus) and Advanced Management (plus).
  4. 4. My GP cloud has more than 25 years experience in the online accountingsoftware and ERP installation and execution field. Developed by theRoseASP team of hosted business solution experts, myGPcloud is anevolution based upon the company’s 10 years of experience andunderstanding of today’s mid-market business environment.For more information about web based accounting software, look at -http://www.mygpcloud.com/accounting-solutionsArticle Resource - http://www.mygpcloud.com/ondemand-accounting-press/default.aspx