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Aws Infrastructure Audit and Optimization

We can offer you the best practices based on the most recognized international standards Here you will find in detail our process to improve your current AWS Cloud Infrastructure: Security, performance, cost effectiveness, disaster recovery, monitoring, DevOps and automation.

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Aws Infrastructure Audit and Optimization

  1. 1. AWS Infrastructure Audit and Optimization
  2. 2. Our experience and expertise as AWS partners allow us to provide you the best solution for enhance your servers’ performance by:
  3. 3. Security Protecting your information with the implementation of AWS security best practices for data access and information/database management. Protecting your cloud-based infrastructure by the application of the best AWS and generic hardening practices for server availability, connectivity and accessibility. Securing your hybrid infrastructure to ensure the best and most secure interaction between your on-premises and cloud servers.
  4. 4. Performance Optimizing the usage of services and resources on your cloud infrastructure. We ensure that your servers work the necessary capability, at the same time they are prepared to satisfy high demand levels. Implementing efficient AutoScaling and Load Balancing strategies to ensure permanent availability/capacity. Enhancing your current content delivery approach and take all those unnecessary resource-consuming processes for your server. Increasing the connection efficiency of your infrastructure through latency reduction and DNS management optimization.
  5. 5. Cost Effectiveness Analyzing your current hardware and infrastructure services to propose a cost reduction/optimization model which contemplates only the necessary resources for you. It will significantly reduce your hosting expenses. Optimizing your data storage strategy, through the implementation of effective S3 storage policies and lifecycles, which will ensure you to pay only for the storage necessary for your business needs.
  6. 6. Disaster Recovery Enabling availability assurance resources and services, such as Load Balancers and AutoScaling. They allow servers to be always ready to satisfy any traffic/request level, as well as unexpected failures. Implementing a cost-effective backup/disposal strategy for your critical information and databases.
  7. 7. Monitoring Applying a whole monitoring approach using AWS and ClickIT’s solutions will ensure you to always know what is going on with your servers, by a continuous tracking of: Services status. Database performance. CPU usage. Disk. Memory usage. Input/Output rates and thresholds. Intrusion/attack attempts.
  8. 8. Deployment Optimizing your current AWS based deployment/continuous integration model following the best practices that better fit your business needs and expand your code deployment capabilities. Offering you our well proved and efficient deployment/continuous integration model, based on AWS and third-party solutions, such as Docker, Terraform and Jenkins.