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Pitch Deck 101 - #BizDisruptors

My slides from the #BizDisruptors conference in Dublin - Sept 2014

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Pitch Deck 101 - #BizDisruptors

  1. PitchDeck101 @clearpreso
  2. @clearpreso This was delivered live, so I have added these
 notes to help it make sense on slideshare!
  3. I typically work with startups when they are pitching
 for investment, and pitching on a big stage
  4. packaging counts 
 - a lot -
 in a crowded world ! Tom Peters
  5. It seems like everyone has a startup these days,
 it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd!
  6. Don’t Judge a book by its cover The reason why we have this phrase… is because this is what we do!
  7. Don’t Judge a book by its cover Your presentation is your business’s cover
  8. Awesome
 is the new Normal High quality messaging in a high quality presentation is the new normal
  9. 67 words on a slide ensures that people reach for…
  10. Their phone, where a world of interesting stuff lies!
  11. First thing’s first @clearpreso
  12. Slide count
 is Totally irrelevant Forget the “10 slide” rule, or any other rule, slide count is irrelevant.
  13. Slide count
 is Totally irrelevant I back this up using a quote from the Irish comedy Father Ted…
  14. “Wouldyoulikeyour pizzacutinto6or8 slicesDougal?” 
  15. Think of your presentation as a pie, split it however
 many times makes sense
  16. The amount of content doesn’t change,
 but it might become easier to digest!
  17. “Sendmeyourslides” The problem is people try and make a deck that works as both
 a live deck, and a “send me your slides” deck
 They are two different things!
  19. It’s like the book “Life of Pi” and the movie of the same name, Both are optimised for different consumption cases.
  20. The opening slide @clearpreso
  21. Here’s a good formula…
  22. Nice, high quality, relevant background
  23. A one liner that makes sense in plain English
  24. Twitter handle
  25. Cameras Made Programmable Keep it simple, and don’t start throwing in
 non-core info… like the next slide
  26. Cameras Made Programmable New York, 6th June 2014 Marco Herbst - CEO Presented at: TechCrunch
  27. Cameras Made Programmable Keep it simple
  28. Storify the Problem
  29. Easy to understand, easy to remember Frame your proposition as a story, like the pitch for
 “Venuebooker” in the next few slides
  30. TEN YEARS experience in hospitality
  31. THE PROBLEM Hotels have this problem, empty event spaces
  35. No easy way
 to compare
 APPLES Customers have a problem too
  37. HOSPITALITY EVOLUTION We’re going to fix all that, with Venuebooker
  38. Easy to understand, easy to remember
  39. Show the solution @clearpresoThere’s a few good ways to do this
  40. This dashboard makes sense to some people, but to a first
 time viewer it’s intimidating, your app is the same
  41. Show by
 walk through So it can be a good idea to walk people through
 stuff step by unavoidable step
  42. Here is an example of a walkthrough for creche management software
  43. One Food
  44. One Food
  45. Two Activity
  46. Two Activity
  47. Two Activity
  48. Show by chart Some times a simplified diagram can be good at giving a high level overview of how something works
  49. Show by example Or you could show examples of how your product/service is currently used by customers. For example with Evercam who have a smart camera API…
  50. A beef producer uses the camera API to monitor quality along the production line
  51. You can add visual accountability to invoices
  52. #wicklowcam And it’s so simple to use that this 12 year old kid has
 written some cool functionality for it!
  53. Make the Data Clear & Obvious @clearpreso
  54. “Beclearfirst
  55. Ifithastobeexplained… Charts are like jokes… if you have to explain it, it means it’s no good
  56. BorF? Quick quiz, in the next slide which section is bigger?
  57. A B C D E F Hard to tell for a number of reasons…
  58. Steve Jobs used to do similar to make the green section
 look bigger than the purple section
  59. F E D C B A A B C D E F We could flatten and label it… that helps.
  60. 0 25 50 75 100 A B C D E F But bar charts are always better…
  61. 0 25 50 75 100 A B C D E F And lets cut out the noise… now much easier
  62. A B C D E F Than this…
  63. 96 Populationin000’s Population Of Limerick City If you have 1 data point, you don’t need a graph
  64. 96 Populationin000’s Population Of Limerick City If you can remove the bar but not lose info… it wasn’t needed
  65. 96,000 Population of Limerick City Just mix the number with a nice, crisp, relevant image instead
  66. Justkeepit
 SIMPLE So when in doubt, just keep it simple
  67. The Team @clearpreso
  68. The TEAM Great photo to begin with, then we split by
 function over the next few slides
  69. Product Development
  70. Development & Testing
  71. Customer Service
  72. The other bits @clearpreso
  73. Designforthe
  74. Notautocue
  75. Notautocue If your presenting in a big room the screens are going to be quite small for people at the back! Make it big!
  76. JustSayno
  77. This is what Prezi’s marketing director makes with prezi, looks familiar
  78. This guy puts it perfectly.
  80. “Ifpeopleonlyknewhow hardIworktogainmy mastery,
 itwouldn'tseemtoo wonderfulatall” Michelangelo
  81. Steve Jobs rehearsed to a completely unnatural level,
 in order to appear natural
  82. Realrehearsalis
 OUTLOUD Real rehearsal is out loud, even if it’s just you talking to yourself in a room on your own, it’s important to hear things said out loud
 Very, very wrong
  84. What will you do if your computer won’t turn on?
  85. Put it on a memory stick… or two
  86. Have it online somewhere
  87. Video
 Fonts There are all ticking time bombs and might go wrong unless you can be sure that you can test them ahead of time, stay away from them
  88. Paper-based Backup The projector might be broken!
 Have a backup for the worst case scenario
  89. Get one of these Its worth buying your own one of these
  90. Make it shareable @clearpresoTry and make it shareable!
  92. Mytop Slideshare
  93. Almost twice the number of people here!
  94. TWITTER.COM/clearpreso www.clearpreso.com Say hi!