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Calem Setup Part 1: Asset and Location

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This is the Part 1 of the Calem Setup series. The setup series are parts of trainings offered by CalemEAM to customers. The slides focus on the processes in setting up data for Calem in a functional area spanning multiple modules. They can be used along with the training videos and excel templates in Calem Training (http://www.calemeam.com).

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Calem Setup Part 1: Asset and Location

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL Part 1.0: Asset & Location Setup Calem Enterprise Training Austin, Texas Spring, 2017
  2. 2. CalemEAM 2© 2016 CalemEAM Inc. Asset & Location Module Asset & Location Module is a part of the maintenance management including preventive maintenance, work orders, and service requests,
  3. 3. CalemEAM 3© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Product Overview – Asset & Location
  4. 4. CalemEAM 4© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Asset & Location Setup
  5. 5. CalemEAM 5© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Inventory • Define spare parts for assets • Menu path: Inventory module| Items • Import spare parts from Calem excel templates.
  6. 6. CalemEAM 6© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Documents • Upload manuals, drawings and operational procedure files to Calem. • Menu path: Document module | Document • Documents have to be manually uploaded. It cannot be imported from Calem Excel templates out of the box.
  7. 7. CalemEAM 7© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Manuals and Drawings • Upload manuals and drawings to Calem • Menu path: Document module | Document • The manuals, drawings, photos and other process documents have to be manually uploaded to Calem.
  8. 8. CalemEAM 8© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Asset Grouping • Define Asset Groups for identical assets • Menu path: Asset module| Codes| Asset Groups • Define Asset Sub-Category and Categories • Menu path: Asset module | Codes | Sub-Categories; Categories • Import asset groups, sub-categories and categories from Calem excel templates.
  9. 9. CalemEAM 9© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Location • Define locations for facilities (building, floor, rooms) and for locating assets • Menu path: Asset module | Location list; Asset Tree • Import location and hierarchy from Calem excel templates.
  10. 10. CalemEAM 10© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Asset • Define assets and hierarchy for equipment, production lines, etc. • Menu path: Asset module | Asset list; Asset Tree • You can import assets and hierarchy from Calem Excel templates
  11. 11. CalemEAM 11© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Asset Module Training See training video of Asset Module at YouTube. See Calem Excel Templates at the bottom section of the CalemEAM training site.
  12. 12. CalemEAM 12© 2017 CalemEAM Inc. Thank You! Thank You for Attending the CalemEAM Training! Visit Us at www.calemeam.com