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Cuaderno verano-1ºeso

  2. 2. Name: 3 Complete the sentences according to the picture. Use the correct form of have got ffüiiâiv” asJnnaf/ v* : :L “É Use the code below to write the names of the countries. Then write the natíonalities next to the countries. a book. a computer. 1. Lee she 1795.0.? g9* hãã g9? 2. . Joey and , Jack pencils. They pens. 3, Mike Romania Romanian '-°'_¡ HE 4. Donna and Hilary a hat. a.18›1S-13-1-14-9-1 a schoolbag. b.18-21-19-19-9›1 c* 6' 18' 1 ' M' 3 '5 a postcard. They a notebook. . . 3-8-9-14-1 .19-16-1-9-14 4 Write the words in the correct order to make questions. Then answer the questions. Make the answers true for you. L 5-3-21-1-4-15-18 .13-15-18-15›3-3v15 3, got / a brother' l you l have 1 Hqs/ ç yew g9* Ç! brqtber? Yêâ. / hqvç; / NE, l haven't 2. your friend I a pencil collection l has l got h«5-14-7-12-1-14-4 2 Complete the chart with the personal pronouns below. , Yu we o he - they - it o you v she 3. your teacher I got / has I three children 4. a pet I have l got l you Build Up 1 Pholocopiablc 0B Buriinglon Bog/ í?!
  3. 3. Name: 3 Complete the questions with Have got or Has got. É Read the sentences. Then write the names to 1 Has th complete the family tree. ' ' your m0 Er “ _ _ . .QT an auto ra h collection? l l am Barbara Patty 15 my sister g p ' 2. you We have got a brother. His name is Sami. a friend Hom China? Our father is Dave and our mother is Êreda. 3m you and your friends good food today? *FEV . Joe is my grandfather' and Sally is my grandmother; 4. . i f? 5. My grandparents have got a son - Dave you a má” '4- Answer the questions in Exercise 3. Make the answers true for you. 1" Yes, she has / No. hqsnlti Zi¡ 3. 4. 5 Compiete the chart. 2 Look at the pictures. Then write sentences with the correct form of have got. É Complete the sentences with the correct possessivo pronoun. dã-@@@@f@w@®w®úaàmmqameoeaaasi-che¡ 1. l am 12 years old My name is Tony. _É 2. Tom has gota Star Wars coliection collection is big É 3. Maria and Tom have got new books. É books are blue. É 4. My mother has goi a friend in England. name is Jodi_ Vá S, Spain is a big country. flag' , à a lVlr and Mrs Stevensia bird i3 m¡ and YCHOW- 6. We have got a new Classroom Classroom is big Elwuildbllp l l-lhcnoctrpinlnlc ÍííTliir-liriyç/ (Jii Bonkrl
  4. 4. clean my room do homeworl( get dressed get up go to school have dinner have a shower have breakfast gn to school do homework go to bed have a shower 2 Complete the chan with the verbs below. , eaf- study o go - walk o do v carry ° Wash play o try v sil' o watch ° my Name: F3 . é) Circle the correct answers. il . Jill go / @lo school early 2, My parents work / works a1. home. 3. ! Dave get up / gets up al seven delock, 4 lstudy / studies . English at' school. 5. Dave and Andrea meet / meets every Wednesday. 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Simple affirmatíve" 1. 1 wcrfçh 2. Tom the Evening. (watch) TV every night. (do) his homework in 3« Donna and Tarik emiails every day. (send) 4, Sally (Clean) her room on Fridays. 5. My sister (go) to bed al twelve o'clockl 5 Match the adverbs of frequency to the timeline. l always 0% a 2. often b. 3. never c 4. sometimes d 5. usually e. . 103% Ê Write the words in the correct order to make sentences. Add an adverb of frequency to make the sentences true for you. 1. a shower/ I / in the evening / have Í often have a shows/ er . in the evening 2, bikes / ride / ln the afiernoon / my friends and l 3. to work / my father/ at eight o'clock / goes 4. have / at' school / my friends and l / dinner S. my teacher / alter school / students / helps Build Up 1 Photociapíablo «no Burlinglon 13005]
  5. 5. 5- , ,, _,. .., .-. ..-. ... .,, ,.. .,, .r, ,. ... ,, . . _ _ __ wwwwwwwwwvwyyt 1 Completa the puzzle according to the clues below. Across E> 4. The girls play after school, 5.. My brother rides his to school every day. 6. l send text on my phone. 9. My friends often to music. Down Q We with friends on the computer I read a every night. The boys play on the computer. The children want to things at the shop. We go ln the ocean every Tuesday. PNI-“WNT My sisters play the and I sing. Built-Ildo i Pl10l0coplablc-9Ê3 Burliugloiz Backs-l Name: 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the Verbs in brackets. Use the Present Simple aflirmatíve. 1. Lynn 99.125 (go) swimming at four oclock every day, 2. Terry . ,lstudyl French at school. 3. l always (ride) my bike in the afternoon, 4, We often (play) games on the computer, 5. You r (walk) home every day, 3 Look at the pictures. Then complete the sentances with the correct form of the Saxon Genitive. baby is happy" baby is sad. The dogs are big. The dogs are small car is black car is white.
  6. 6. Name: : É Complete the puzzle according to the clues 3 Complete the sentences with don't or doesn't. :dom D 0 1. Whalcs dQnnf live on land. '> Cross L' own 2, Canarics talk. C1D g. , -i 3, Adam visit the zoo every day Ã_ 4l l like Snakes. QD S. Elephants eat meat. l 6. . Julie keep her hamster ® QD l in her bedroom. máJgx_ . »x2 4- Complete the sentences with the Verbs in brackets. Use the correct form of the Present Simple. 1. The children WQÍÇÍ? . (watch) TV every aftemoon. . 2. The Indian python (not live) in the ocean 3. lack and Lee . [not go) to the zoo at the weekend. 4. Tigers often (weigh) 300 kilos. 5V' The giant panda (live) up to 20 years. 6. My parents (not want) a pet in the house. 5 Complete the questions with Do or Does. ll . .DO you like silakes? 2. a frog eat pizza? 3, gorillas live in oceans? 2 Complete the sentences with the words 4. people ride horses? bebw' 5. your Inother want tiger - eagle - butterfly - whale 0 egpheí a hamster? 1. An ? lê/ ?ÕWÍ has got a long nose. _ _ _ , _ _ 6 Answer the questions m Exercise 5. . Z. An IS a big bird. 3, A lives in water but it isn't ll a fish. 2, 4_ A is a beautiful insert. 3_ 5. A is in the cat family. 4_ 5 l Build up 1 Pholocopiable os Burlíngrmz BooksJ
  7. 7. Name: 9 i à 1 Complete the words under the pictures. 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in à brackets. Use the correct form of the Present Simple. CD fee @<: §>~ 9 1p Keith likes (like) Snakes. '9 ç y u h 2. They (not ride) horsesi 9 CD QD (ibhf 3, your grandparents Q ' t( (come) from England? ,9 e a 4. Mountain gorillas @ [live] in Africa, 5 My sister . (not want) to go to the zoo. e. ) f / r m Jake (help) at the zoo? C9 G AD 4 Jill works at the zoo. Write questions to ask her with the words below. Use the Present x 4-# ! LJ ! L Simple. A', ® “K 1, you l clean I animal houses Q, KW, i' 129 you ç/ eçm qnimg/ tragam? à; i o 2, children / ride I the horses [i 3., you / feed I the horses L9 e t 4. Jack l work/ with you é' 2 Write sentences with the words below. Use ! g the Present Simpie affirmative or negative. _ _ z A Make the sentenças ; me fo, you_ 5 Answer the questions from Exercise 4. Use the chart below to help you. m) i4 l / play / the guitar ' Í play . / don't play the. guitarra 2. My friend ¡' hate l cats JI" Swan( Tlmetalüe à Monday Give food to the lions Q) Bl My parents / play l football / every week % 4¡ My English teacher¡ “ke / dogs Clean the bird houses with lack Friday Make lunch with Jack i9 Y l a 5, l / have l a shower l twice a (lay 1 ç; « ~~ç *h 2, . 3p e 4_ à 1 Build Up 1 Pholcictniiahlc MB IJm/ ingroir Boo/ cs , gv 4:31
  8. 8. 'É Find eight items of furniture in the puzzle. Then write the words under the correct pictures. 2 Complete the sentences with the words below. living room - bedzooí- garage - kitchen dining room v bathroom 1. I sleep ln the bedroom 2. I Inlake sandwiches in the 3. Our sofas are in the 4, l have a Shower in the 5 . At Christmas, my fàlnily and l have dinner in the . Gl Our car is in the Name: 3 Circle the correct answers. I. The students in Year Btare studyingH is studyíng French now. 2/ Meg are sweepíng / is sweeping the kitchen floor now. 3. l are not watching / am not watching TV at the moment: 4. Sid and l am playing / are playing a COHIPUÍCI game right now. 4 Look at the pictures. Then complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Contínuous affírrnative or negative. The cat "ã ÊÍÍÍÍÚÊ (sit) on the sofa right now, The girl (Cook) dinner' now *Í* 4'* l f( The boys . (play) a Computer game now. .. “ T7/ (read) 5 Complete the questions with the verbs in brackets. Use the Present continuous. 1. (s. Michael Sleeping (sleep) right now? Z. you (study) for a test? 3. your friends (meet) _you here? 4, Sue (have) hreakl"ast right now"? 5( we (chat) with Lisa at the moment? I Build Up l Photocopiable WB Burlirzglou Books( &Rmhâñññmâñmmímmíxw
  9. 9. auv-werwwwwwwwwovwüwñiw 7 1 Everyone in the Smith family helps in the house. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with the correct names. takes out the rubbish. Feeds the dog. waters the plants. lnakes the beds sweeps the floor: washes the (lishes. cooks dinner. does the laundry. ¡MEÍI Up l Photocopizlblc »B Bur/ ingtcn¡ Bau/ SJ Name: 2 Complete the sentances wíth the verbs below. Use the correct form of the Present continuous. take - listen - goal( - write 1. We q? ? Çqcking dinner for our mother now, It's her birthday. Zl l to music now, I haven't got my MP3 player here. 3, Dylan an e-malí to his friend now, He hasn't got a computer. 4. Billy isn't in the house” he out the rubbísh? Circle the correct answers. 1. My mother and father/ sit in the garden now. 2. Greta is going / goes to the library on Thursday afternoons, 3. My cat doesn't sleep / isn't Sleeping on my bed every night. 4. Is Rob playing l Does Rob play his guitar at_ the moment? 5. Do you talk / Are you talking to your grandparents right now? Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Simple or the Present continuous. Than tick (J) the sentences that are true for you. 1. We dont study (not study) maths on Thursclays. 2» l (sit) in my English lesson at the moment. El 3, l _. [watch] TV every day lj 4. My teacher _. (write) on the board now. É] 5. My parents . . . . (go) to the supertnarket once a week. [j
  10. 10. É Circle ten items of food and drink. Then write the words under the correct pictures. ghettichickengbocoíatefiskmu¡ 'o a¡ N 2 Read the clues. Then unscramble the words. l. it's a white drink. (klmi) mil/ s 2. We put it on pizza. (eeesch) 3. We make it with hread. lindwsach) 4. We make chips from them. (aootptse) 5, They are smail. They are yellow and white. isgeg) 3 Complete the chart. . LÍIHÍÇLF 'esse e . »r- some nuts Sandwich 4 Circle the correct answers. l. . There is a / an egg. ! V 3. 4. 5,. 6. There aren't/ a bananas. There isn't any l some chocolate. There is any / some milk. There is an / a Sandwich. There are some / any nuts. 5 Complete the sentences with There is or There are. 1.. . CJF some eggs. . 2 some orange juice. 3 some milk. 4. some potatoes, 5 some bread. â Write questions with the words below. Then complete the answers. l , su gar? eggs? olive? is there 317 Are there 31W orange juice? Í. : there @ny suggr? Yes, Yes, t Buiid Up I Photocopiable 0B Buzlingrorz Books
  11. 11. Name: ' 1 Complete the puzzle according to the clues 3 Complete the diaiogue. Use a, an, some or à¡ below. any. _ Across c) Down Mother: Hi, Billy. I'm at Pedro's Pizza Place. Í What pizza do you want for dinner? j Billy: Mmm. l want ' 9 big _a pizza with 3 meat on it. Mother: Do you want 3 olives 3 on it? Billy: No, thanks. l hate olives on pizza. Mother: OK, and what do you want to drink? Billy: I want " milk. Mother: Pedrds hasn't got 5 milk today: You can have ° orange juice. . Billy: OK, but I'm hungry now. . Mother: There are 7 apples in the kitchen. Have ” apple. 4- Complete the sentences according to the picture. Use There is, There are, There isn't or There aren't. É Circle the correct answers. l: Dan wants some water: He is/ surprísed. 2, Tim has got. a new bike. He's exeited / bored, 3. My sister is fríghtened / tired because 1» Th? ? 9."? ÍWO C315 011 the tablet there's a snake in the room. m¡ union ; n the mam_ 4* Melissa has got a birthday today. She is sad l happy. 5: Do you want my Sandwich? No, I'm not hungry l angry. à rBUllLl Up l Phoiocopizilvle Burlingrori Books] any dogs on the chairs. ? PN some milk on the floor. any cola on the table, &fl
  12. 12. Í unscramble the names of the sports. Then 2 Look at the pictures_ Then complete the write the words under the correct pictures. sentences with can or can't. 1. ireisnt tennis . gikisn . rusnigf douj tsalbkelab yallovelbl . cie tknigas . tngsmacíys _Loooxiçngnçww bradoeikasgtn ballrngolerdi 5 1. Chuck ÇQH play the guitar. É Duncan and Peggy r talk" É Lana mn now. Frank and Susan dance. WPF? ” Eddie drive a car. l 3 Read the note from Mother. Then write what the children must and mustn't do. H¡ children. l Don't eai the chocolate cake on the kitchen 3 table It's f or gour faihers birthday â Tong: Sweep the dining room floor 3 Sue; Take Bobby io his tennis Iesson It's ai 4 OO *i Peggg and Clone; Don't feed the dog ihis afiernoon I want to iake han io the vei 5 Dan: Don't como home Iate from gour Judo lesson Thanks. i Mother l É É E 6 E E E o 2.. Tony 3. Sue 4: Peggy and . Jane 5. Dan Build Up l Photocopizible oBBur/ ingron Books i É É É é 1. The criaram: Masini ea* the çqke; . é é é é. é 4
  13. 13. 1 Circle the correct answers. 2 Write sentences about the activities you can , and can't do. Use the chart below. ¡ can can't three kilometres. a bike. basketball. a car. well. TN) 3 Complete the sentences with can, can't, must or mustn't. ' 1. Children must goto school. I 2. Babies read books. › 3. We be late for school. swim l bounce dance / throw 4_ A tiger nm fast_ ' 5. you play tennis? . 6. You say bad things about your brother. . 4 Complete the sentences with the adverb form of the adjectives below” happy o quick -Ígooí- hard ° bad 0 angry l. Jack and Lenny always win the tennis Competitions. They play well catch j kick can-y , l drive 2. My mother is speaking to _ our dog because he is sitting on her new sofa. 3T The girls are working in their English lesson. 4, Tess plays basketball She never catehes the ball. 5 Please put lhe dlshes on the table We're hungiy and we want to eat now 6. Alex loves malhs. He does his maths win l lose throw l lnounee homewgrk Builtípllzliolocopiablc *DB Bur/ ¡Iiglnzi AMT/ Í]
  14. 14. 3 Complete the sentences with was, wasn't, were or weren't. Make the sentences true for you. l. l at the cinema last night. 2 My parents angry yesterday morning. 34 My friend and l sports centre last xveek. 4V My friend yesterday. Sr I in England last year at the at the library 4 Write questions with Was or Were and the words below. l. Lisa / at the hospital / an hour ago Wes . .Lise et the hospital en hear ego? Zi Nina and Debby / at the music shop / an hour ago 3. Peter / at the library / an hour ago 4. Mr and Mrs Davis / at the bookshop / an hour ago 5, David and Adam / at' the cinema / an hour ago as butehefs e. restaurant b. cinema f” shopping centre g Í t 5 Look at the pictures below from an hour ago. . SpOI s een re c" library Then answer the questions in Exercise 4. l d_ museum h. music shop _ a el_ Lisa 3 ma and ebby "¡ 2 Circle the correct answers. l. Sue and Markl was at the shopping Q centre yesterday. 2.. I wasn't / weren't at the sports : entre on g_ _ rwñminJ/ t L Wednesday_ Mr and Mrs Davis; David and Adam 'Q 3. The restaurant was great. We were / was very happy. 4 Mark and l weren't / wasn't in the same class last year. l Yes. she 2 3. S» The pariy was / were on Saturday 4 5 w Build Up 1 Pholocopizrble @[3 Burlingron 3002;] r@®®-m%searee›mmm«mimmeem
  15. 15. na” a9' 'cb agemeu»a«eawwwwevevwrwwwwmmmmmnuuoyíg 1 Look at the picture of Grand Street. Then complete the sentences wíth the words below. in front of- - under - in - above - on between 5) ¡Iii-l! ÉJ-i-l IiEJ-i " / lllll 1_ The hospitai is r the bakery. Zq The bakery is the Itospitai. 3'- The ! Jookshop is the cafe'. 4-. . The café is the bookshop, 5. Linda is the cafe'. 6. The church is the supermarket and the shoe shop. 7. The cat is the table_ 2 Circle the correct answers. 1. There [were a concert: at the museum last ¡xiêilíó 2, There was f were 20 students in my class last year. 3. “There was / were a big frog in the garden. 4' Was / Were there a book on the desk? 5T Was [Were there 50 people at the party? l Built! U1: l l-'htmiioctypízxlnieu0B Brulinlqmn . líoolrs Name: 3 Complete the sentences wíth There was, There were, There wasn't or There weren't. 1. There werent any people at the sports centre an hour ago, 2. . some appies in the kitchen yesterday. 3. a Eíbrary in my town last year, but we have got one now, 4, any tomatoes in the shop this morning. 5. a great film at the cinema! Brad Pitt was in it. Complete the questions with Was there or Were there. 1. W615 there. a sofa in the room? 2. a TV in the room? 3.. any iamps in the room? 4. a Carpet on the floor? 5. any chaírs? Look at the living room from 100 years ago and answer the questions in Exercise 4. a. Yes» there was
  16. 16. :É Complete the names of the items below. CD (9 [Í ih dress. s t r' e h o ttl . é o e @E É Name: 2 Complete the charts wíth the verbs below. study v shop - carry - like ° hate 0 plan - want iumped 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple affirmative. 1_ l watçhed (watch) a great film yesterday. 2. On Saturday, she (plan) a party. 3_ They (dance) at the party. 4. Last night, you (cry). 5. Mark (chat) on the hitentetz yesterday morning. . 4 Write sentences with the words below_ Use the Past Sâmple alfirmatíve. 1. I / buy/ a red skírt / a week ago . / 12944.95* e red sli/ rt q week. 999: 2. Sally / wear/ a beautiful scart / yesterday 3. He [write / a new book / a month ago 4. We / see/ Cindy/ last night Sl They / go / to the beach / on Saturday 5 Complete the chart. Build Up l Photocopialvle WB Burlingron Books
  17. 17. Name: 1 Find six adjectives in the puzzle. Then write 3 Write five sentences with the words below. the words under the correct pictures. Add time expressions. Usa the Past Simple aflirmative. ogjiatbeaur/ f 5 9 5 Ê Ulfunnark We a My friends a new dressr 9 I : m e-maíl. Amy lor a maths test, 9 The boys ÍO SChOOL 9 1. Wa bçughf q. dra: : yçãfçãrdqy: 2 3, 4 5 4- Look at the pictures. Then complete the gentences with This, That, These or Those. ía à *a 'à jà 1. Thiã Sandwich is delicious. g 2 Write the opposítes of the adjectives below. 3'» i5 m3' father* à L min 3. builclings are tall. L “gw 4. are my favourite trainers. l; 3_ Short 5. lS my school. à 4 new 6. lS a great' picture. 5. light 'a à l rllítlild Up l Pholocopíublc «JB Bnrlingglryi Book¡
  18. 18. Name: É Circle the correct answers. lr Lisa and lay . tennis on Saturday. a. am going to play @are going to play b. is going to play 2. Max a new bicycle next week, a. am going to buy c. is going to buy b» are going to buy 3, We a new house next year. a am going to build c. are going to build b is going to build 4. l to China next week. a. am going to fly c. . are going to fly b. is going to fly 5p. You at the shopping centre in an hour. a. am going to be Col is going to be b. , are going to he 3 What are the people going to do tomorrow? Write sentences according to the pictures below. Use the affirmative or negative form of be going to. 1. We / take/ the bus i é' í We «rent gçirig i9 false the 2. Sandra / study 3. Melissa / see / a film a train I car b l i" '. cl ' ' d 116 icopter jk : n Íergroun 4 We / drive l &Êeep c" oriy . oa l d. bicycle 1. tram e jeep maeroplane i. ship n. bus gi tax¡ OA lnotomike 5 Alex / ride l his scooter h. van p, scooter l Buiid Up J Photocopiablc of. ) Bm-Iíngroiz Boi] . a ; Uvxa-n ÀQQAQQQQQQQ
  19. 19. 2 Write questions with the words below. Use 1 Complete the puzzle according to the clues be going ta. below. DGWB O 1. Tom l buy l a bicyle l tomorrow Í? 79m 519m9 f? !zw 9 bio/ ele. . fpmqrrew? 2.. Nell and Lisa I play / tennis 3. María / work l in the garden 4. . Joe / dance l i 3 Look at the pictures. Then answer the V questions in Exercise 2, l l . i 5° ? l . É É) É' É a x. N91?? liso*- going i9 buy q jqçke* 2, 9 3 j; 4 ê 4- Complete the sentences with the correct 'à form of the verbs below. Use the Present ” continuous with future meaning. ; L see ° not play °, take'° leave g¡ l. We are. “rqlsing the underground W tomorrow. ç. 2. Mark and Bob x basketball later. u 3. lhe aeroplane in à half an hours 4-. we a film on Selturtlay? Cl. ) Build Up l Phnlnuopizllwlc 'BB BUIIÍngIzJIr Books' l n¡