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4 Fun 4th of July Press Releases on PRWeb.com

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As the nation prepares to celebrate the anniversary of Independence Day, we started thinking about some 4th of July traditions and how they can help inspire creative content marketing. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to look far to find some stellar press release examples.

Here are 4 Fun 4th of July Press Releases (try saying that four times fast) that will get you seeing red, white and blue.

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4 Fun 4th of July Press Releases on PRWeb.com

  1. 1. People Love TraditionsFun Fact: It wouldn’t be a proper 4th of July celebration without a good, old-fashioned parade.America’s oldest 4th of July parade takes place in Bristol, Rhode Island…and Uncle Sam betterbe there.Get Inspired: While Criminal Attorney Locke T. Cliffford goes the extra mile by actuallydressing up as Uncles Sam at Greensboro’s annual Fun Fourth Festival, your business doesn’tnecessarily have to go to wardrobe to tap into traditions and create a stronger bond with yourcommunity.
  2. 2. Images Can Be Explosive…Especially FireworksFun Fact: The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) predicts that more than 14,000official fireworks displays light up the skies each 4th of July.Get Inspired: It’s a great reminder that powerful visuals can capture an audience’sattention. What visual elements can you incorporate in your press release?
  3. 3. Unite the FamilyFun Fact: Launching fireworks at home is a growing tradition. In 2011, approximately 212 millionpounds of fireworks were sold to consumers who wanted to create their pyrotechnic display.Get Inspired: A golf club AND family fun? While they may not be synonymous terms yet, the TubacGolf Resort & Spa might change your mind. Seeing an opportunity to create an experience for thewhole family this 4th of July, they issued a visual press release to highlight their 4h of Julycelebration.
  4. 4. Hot Dog! This Headline Stands OutFun Fact: Not one to celebrate on an empty stomach, Americans eat a whopping150 million hot dogs every 4th of July.Get Inspired: A good headline can pull the reader in and, by clearly conveying therelease’s key message, it should make the rest of the information easier to digest(pardon the pun). Does your headline stand above the rest?