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DEVNET-1132 Create B2B Exchanges with Cisco Connected Processes

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The opportunity cost of business disruptions in the hyper-connected world can be very high. To ensure business continuity and optimization, organizations are automating many critical workflows and infrastructure operations throughout their enterprise and extended ecosystems. Cisco Connected Processes software enable architects, application developers and integration professionals to deliver business processes and automation as a service, while managing workflows and data more efficiently and effectively. Join this session to learn how scalable operational efficiencies can save you time and money while simplifying collaboration between all the members of your technical community.

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DEVNET-1132 Create B2B Exchanges with Cisco Connected Processes

  1. 1. Create B2B Exchanges with Cisco Connected Processes Henry Bustamante, Product Manager DEVNET-1132
  2. 2. Business Applications and Industry Solutions Cisco | Partner | Customer Integration Foundations Best in class application integration to connect disparate applications across data center, cloud, edge and mobile Connected Experiences Application platforms that deliver interactive experience and engage people in context Connected Processes Secure cloud-based exchanges to share applications and data to support key business processes Connected Analytics Streaming analytics and data virtualization to aggregate and analyze data closer to the source Deploy Applications Anywhere with programmable infrastructure across cloud, fog and mobile Only Cisco Provides the Software Platform and Partner Ecosystem for your Digitization Journey DATACENTER CLOUD EDGE MOBILE
  3. 3. Challenges and Opportunities Challenging business ecosystem  Large, distributed organizations & networks  Complex external business partner & distributor network  Sensitive identities & data  Evolving business processes Opportunity to create competitive advantage  Dynamic services  Speed and agility to market  Service reliability, scalability  Security and colloaboration Customers Value Chain Partners Suppliers Employees B2B Boundaries are Expanding Rapidly…
  4. 4. What do we mean by creating an exchange with SXP? B2B Exchange Connected Partners Connected Apps Connected Users Complex external networks managing people, data and processes
  5. 5. Cisco Service Exchange Platform Brokerage Portal Services IDM • Any Device • Content Management • Federated SSO • Marketplace • Identity Provisioning • Identity Synchronization • AuthN/AuthZ Services • ID Storage • Data & App Integration • Service Orchestration • Services Externalization • Virtual Services Network a cloud offering that enables organizations to securely connect, engage and collaborate with enterprise B2B ecosystems Industry Verticals Financial Services Energy Manufacturing Automotive Retail
  6. 6. Supply Chain Customer Experience Field Service Operational Technology (RMD) M&A Cloud Provides highly federated supply chains that need unified identity, portal, data and application workflows, with intellectual property protection Integrates different systems, locations, data and IOT devices into a single customer experience workflows Enables field delivery, diagnostic and maintenance workflows across systems, data, IOT and service organizations Offers fine-grained operations control and IT security for contract manufacturers and supply chains Delivers B2B cloud that can significantly improve the IT time and cost issues associated with M&A Common SXP Use Cases
  7. 7. Service Exchange Platform Deliver Business and Industry Process for Enterprise B2B and Exchanges Service Delivery and Management Federated VSN Service Orchestration Service Management B2B Transactions Market Place Security and Identity Services Federation Services AuthN Services AuthZ Services Content Security, Access Security Portal Services Content Management Mobile Collaboration API GatewayIntegration Bus API Manager Data Exchange Delegated Access Service Externalization Business and technology capabilities that underpin enterprises can be delivered entirely as-a-service • Highly scalable, rapidly connect enterprise assets • SXP can handle over 1 billion transactions per year Enterprise Class Security & Identity Management • Tightly manage users and access to applications and services • Meet enterprise standards for security and audit compliance Deliver immersive user experience on any device, any user from anywhere
  8. 8. Marketplace for Services Users and Roles - Users can access features and perform tasks based on the roles and permissions that are granted to them. The security administrators can register users to your organization, and assign roles and permissions to them. As a result, you can limit or enhance the ability of users to perform tasks in the SXP. In addition, you can manage the profile details for yourself and for other users in your organization Applications and Service Packages - Users are able to consume various granted partner applications only if they are granted access to these applications. The administrators can assign applications (service packages) to the users, and the users need to subscribe to these applications to launch the applications and use them. Service Externalization - The Service Externalization module enables services to be cloud-enabled, so that the services can be externalized and available in a different subnet, port, and domain name. Service Management - The Service Management module allows you to manage the externalized and non-externalized services by adding, modifying, or deleting the service and service type details. In addition, you can define the extension workflows for the specific service management tasks in the SDP. Service Edge - The externalized services are deployed on the exchange or seller premises, and are accessed securely through the Virtual Service Network (VSN) edges. The Edge Management module enables you to manage the VSN edges, links, service channels, edge resources, and events.
  9. 9. Exposing Services/Apps as a Service Company ABC Banking Service Service Edge Service Edge Bank X Virtual Banking ServiceDynamic Connectivity (IPSec) Company ABC hosts application ABC User Bank X User Users of Bank X accesses same service as a virtualized service SXP Externalization – Service Delivery Supports the following types of services: Web (HTTP/HTTPS) SOAP (HTTP/HTTPS) REST (HTTP/HTTPS) FTP (FTP/SFTP) PortForward (TCP) SXP Service Edge Trust Mediator Token Validatoion Connectivity Identity Sync Federated Trust Mediation Services Management Module for adding, viewing, modifying or deleting services Identity Services for creating, updating, deleting users and managing roles and permissions Portal Services for an integrated, immersive experience on any device
  10. 10. Marketplace App 2 Exchange Owner Service Edge Service Edge Buying Centers Dynamic Connectivity (IPSec) App Providers Sellers Buyers Consumers Market Place SXP • Identity Services • Portal • Service Delivery • Brokerage App 1 Service 2 Service 1 Service 2 Service 1 App 2 App 1 Virtualized Services
  11. 11. Partner Service Edge Ecosystem Partner 3 Buyers Service 2 Service 1 App 2 App 1 Enterprise B2B App 2 Enterprise Service Edge Service Edge Ecosystem PartnerDynamic Connectivity (IPSec) Enterprise Buyers Partner B2B Exchange App 1 Service 2 Service 1 Service 2 Service 1 App 2 App 1 Partner Service Edge Ecosystem Partner 2 Buyers Service 2 Service 1 App 2 App 1 Partner Service Edge Ecosystem Partner 1 Users Service 2 Service 1 App 2 App 1 SXP • Identity Services • Portal • Service Delivery • Brokerage Create the extended network and facilitate collaboration through the exchange of information and services
  12. 12. Thank you