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Crafting a Powerful Employee Value Proposition

  1. 0WE BECOME YOU™Content Property of Cielo, Inc. CRAFTING A POWERFUL EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION Creating, refreshing or overhauling your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is no simple undertaking. It must become a living asset that informs your people agenda, policies and processes. Webinar Takeaways: • EVP vs. Employer Brand: what is the difference and why does it matter? • How to build the business case and engage internal advocates • Your 10-step framework for EVP success
  2. 1WE BECOME YOU™ TODAY’S SPEAKERS ANDY DAWN 20 years’ management and consulting expertise spanning corporate, business process outsourcing, agency and start-ups Andy’s clients have included: Waste Management, GE, Unilever, Gap, Mars, BUPA, AB InBev, Smiths Group, Primark 20 years’ brand, marketing and communications experience, spanning consulting, agency and in-house (including 7 years in a senior global role for EY) Dawn’s clients have included: Ernst & Young, Smiths Group, Primark, Atkins Global, Watson Wyatt, National Health Service, Menzies and British Gas.
  4. 3WE BECOME YOU™ • The employer universe • EVP vs. Employer Brand • Market context and buzzword bingo • 10 steps to designing your EVP • Meaningful metrics and internal engagement • Questions TODAY’S AGENDA You’ll receive a copy of this deck plus our whitepaper on designing an effective EVP after this webinar
  5. 4WE BECOME YOU™ The realities of our employer universe
  6. 5WE BECOME YOU™ SOME OF OUR CHALLENGES • How do we ensure we are visible to the right talent? • How do we ensure our message stands out? • How do we achieve clarity and consistency of message? • How do we tailor our message to our different audiences? • How do we become a ‘destination’ employer and not just one of the crowd? • How do we ‘keep it real’ and ensure the experience we promise candidates matches the one we deliver for employees?
  7. 6WE BECOME YOU™ Employer Brand SOLUTION: THE EVP EXPRESSES OUR ESSENCE AS AN EMPLOYER – OUR EMPLOYER BRAND AMPLIFIES OUR PRESENCE AND REACH Your EVP is a personal promise to candidates and employees. Your employer brand and reputation is built on the experiences you deliver to them.
  8. • It is central to creating value for your business. An engaged workforce cares more, contributes more and sell more than a disenchanted and demotivated workforce. • It enables you to compete more effectively for talent. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, you, your EVP is your ticket to differentiation. • It informs your employer branding and attraction campaigns. Your EVP will drive the strategic and creative thinking that enables you to stand out. It is the nucleus of your messaging. • It reduces time and money spent on recruitment. A clear EVP helps candidates make an informed decision about whether or not to apply for a role, which reduces time and money spent on poorly matched applicants and reduces attrition over the long run. • It informs your HR policies and procedures. By providing a blueprint, you are clearly communicating how things are done in your organization, how people treat each other and how to create value for customers and stakeholders. • It helps keep your business honest. Stay true to your EVP and your employees will amplify your positive messaging, reinforcing your reputation as a good employer. Let them down and the consequences can damage not only your employer brand, but also your consumer and corporate brand. BENEFITS OF AN EFFECTIVE EVP
  10. 9WE BECOME YOU™ THE OLD: “RECRUITMENT” Requisition based One size fits all approach Undefined Employer Brand Indirect: over-reliant on agencies Active candidates Inconsistent Paucity of data Single-channel Manual And so HR were: Order takers Reactive – Tactical THE NEW: “TALENT ACQUISITION” Communities & talent pools Segmented approach Nuanced Employer Brand Direct: greater capability Active & passive candidates Consistent Data & metrics driven Multi-channel: inc social media Underpinned by technology And we then became: Proactive Talent advisors THE OUTCOMES Improved candidate / HM experience Reduced cost and time to hire Better quality of hire Lower regretted attrition Recruitment prevention Internal mobility Destination employer Improved performance And now we must be: Strategic and embedded Business activators
  11. MARKET CONTEXT Measurement ROI Mainstream Buzzword Bingo In House Market Consolidation Talent lifecycle Communities & talent pools One brand & convergence War for talent …yawn Freedom within a framework | Glocal Authenticity & curating stories Active vs passive talent Candidate Experience Agile Social Mobility
  12. 11WE BECOME YOU™ A brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling It's the sum of all the experiences you have with a company and most crucially of all, what differentiates that company from the rest And a career is the most sophisticated sell of them all.
  15. 14Content Property of Cielo A great employee promise - example With dynamic expansion comes incredible opportunity for talented individuals. We offer a distinctive culture, an open environment and a meritocracy where employees thrive. We have a collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit, with a focus on our ultimate goal – improving the wellbeing of patients around the world. Bringing open-mindedness, strong values and flexibility to grow with us, you will be supported to develop and build your skillset and develop a rewarding career. EXTRINSIC “Money, Status & Power” INTRINSIC “Satisfaction, Fulfilment & Enjoyment” “THE RIGHT DEAL” Rewards Total reward with focus on career development, skills-gathering and opportunity for new experiences. We invest in developing our people to make them the best in the industry. Organization We are a leader in clinical quality, with a clear mission to care for our patients, serve our physicians and improve healthcare around the world. We are on a rapid growth journey, and ensure that everything we do has a focus on healthcare outcomes. Brand Reputation Living the business’s values, with a focus on rapid growth and bringing talented staff with us on the journey to improve healthcare around the world Location / Environment We are dispersed workforce yet wherever you are located, you will feel the distinctive culture in your local team. We extend this feeling of support and family to the communities around each of our facilities. Leadership / Vision Story We take pride in the impact that our business is having - and will have - on global healthcare. We are part of the one of the world’s leading and most influential care groups. We’re proud of the value we add to the industry and our influence on patient care. Our name is synonymous with quality , compassion and results. Work There is huge scope for variety of work– your role will evolve as we grow as an organisation. You will be a part of something big: we are committed to innovation in patient care and improvement in healthcare so whatever your role, your contribution will be felt and you can maximise your potential. Opportunities Rapid growth brings with it great opportunity. Perform well and you will be rewarded with new responsibility and experiences which will help you develop your own skillset as well as ours. We promote from within our business often, celebrating the success and entrepreneurial spirit of our own people. Culture / People Lifestyle It is a professional as much as a personal experience. Our organisation from the top down cares about our employees, and is committed to building a healthy and balanced workforce. We are passionate about care, passionate about progress and passionate about quality. If you share these qualities, you could be part of a team of high-performing, friendly professionals who collaborate to deliver great results. Our people are strongly values- focused and show true belief in the organisational mission. We treat our patients and employees with the same level of care. + + + + =
  16. 15WE BECOME YOU™ BUILD YOUR BUSINESS CASE Key questions to address: • What are your key drivers for change? • How do these relate to business strategy? • How would an improved EVP impact performance? • What metrics will you use to measure success? • What is the current baseline? • What is the competitor and wider market context -what does this mean for your business now and in the future? • Gather Data • Assess Competitive Environment • Set Benchmark Metrics • Align to Business Strategy 1
  17. 16WE BECOME YOU™ ENGAGE SENIOR STAKEHOLDERS Key issue to address: • Consult • Workshop • Collaborate • Capture Drivers • Refine Business Case • Secure Commitment “What’s in it for me?” 2
  18. 17WE BECOME YOU™ IDENTIFY AND SEGMENT YOUR CORE EMPLOYEE AND WIDER STAKEHOLDER AUDIENCES Macro: Function, division, role and purpose, geo-location, generational group. Micro: Length of service, candidate/joiner/ leaver, gender/ethnicity etc. Third-party influencers: recruiters, career advisors and possibly union or membership bodies • Macro and Micro Segmentation • High-Performer and Diversity Attributes • Third-Party Influencers 3
  19. 18WE BECOME YOU™ ENGAGE YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR CANDIDATES. Canvas your different audience groups: • What is their current experience? • How would they like things to be? • What would they change or improve? • Reasons for joining, staying or leaving? • How do you compare to competitors? • Which organizations do they admire and why? • What qualities and attributes are needed to be successful? • What would they say to someone who was thinking of joining your business? • What do they think of your public profile? • Quantitative Surveys • Qualitative Interviews and Focus Groups • Guaranteed Confidentiality 4
  20. 19WE BECOME YOU™ SYNTHESIZE YOUR INSIGHTS Look out for: • Extract and analyze the core themes • Seek consistency and nuances • What differentiates you from the pack? • Pain and power points • Surgery, sticky plaster or new comms? Bottom line: • What will it take for you to compete effectively and attract, retain and inspire the right people to create business value? • Analyze Core Themes • Highlight Nuances • Assess Competitive Positioning • Identify Implications 5
  21. 20WE BECOME YOU™ BUILD YOUR EVP FRAMEWORK AND OUTLINE STRATEGY Pointers: • Use the framework • Two options? V1: now, V2: future • Consider red, amber, green coding – what needs developing and what are your power attributes? • Capture the “deal” – what you expect back in exchange for what you offer. It’s a two-way street. • Visualize and Articulate • Highlight Pain Points and Power Attributes • Define Aspirations 6
  22. 21WE BECOME YOU™ VALIDATE YOUR EVP FRAMEWORK AND OUTLINE STRATEGY • Use focus groups and workshop sessions to test your core findings and to begin identifying the different work streams that will be required to make any necessary changes going forward. • Refresh stakeholders’ enthusiasm and commitment by reminding them of your business case and what is in it for them. Keep everyone’s eyes on the prize. • Focus Groups • Workshops • Refresh Commitment • Align Thinking • Develop Strategy 7
  23. 22WE BECOME YOU™ DESIGN MESSAGING FRAMEWORKS • Decide how you will communicate your offer to your different audiences. • Remember to apply the 70/30 rule and 80/20 principle • Keep language clear, simple and relevant. • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and use words they will understand. • Avoid corporate buzzwords. • Core Promise • Tailored to Different Audiences • Credible Commitment • Clear and Simple Language Apply the K.I.S.S Principle 8
  24. 23WE BECOME YOU™ DEVELOP YOUR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Bring your story to life… • Videos • Interviews • Infographics • Soundbites • Games • Competitions • Blogs • FAQs • Etc. Media • Owned • Earned • Paid • Compelling Content • Clear Channel Strategies • Communication Owners • Ongoing Measurement 9
  25. 24WE BECOME YOU™ LAUNCH Pre-launch: • Engage and brief leaders, managers and work stream leaders on what is coming and what is required of them. • Set your dates for internal launch and for the refresh of your external messaging platforms. • Involve your people in the process, so they can be active participants in the development journey and in making the EVP a reality for all concerned. • Brand Ambassadors • Media Coverage • Leadership Endorsement • Joint Journey-Setting 10 Generate more love for your employer brand (and better attraction, retention and productivity)
  26. Always on CRM and candidate experience Alignment with corporate and consumer marketing and communications Metric Awareness Followers, TBI, fans, subscribers, views, web traffic, SEO Metric Engagement Web stickiness, Likes, shares, re-tweets, comments, downloads Metric Conversion Media and website analytics, applications, interviews, hires Metric Performance Engagement, retention, promotion, revenue benefit scores & ROI MEANINGFUL METRICS Internal Drivers Cost | Risk | Growth