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KSHE Presentation 9-29-2016 (003)

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KSHE Presentation 9-29-2016 (003)

  1. 1. HEALTHCARE FACILITIES LEADERSHIP FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Preparing Leaders to Take the helm of a very different Healthcare Universe. 2016 KSHE Conference – Lexington, KY
  2. 2. PANEL  Michael Canales - Program Director, Owensboro Community & Technical College  Joe Taylor - Executive Facilities Director, Owensboro Health  Randy French - Facilities Supervisor, Saint Joseph East  Chris Buford - Maintenance Technician Supervisor, University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center  Ed McClure - Director, University of Kentucky Med Center Physical Plant
  3. 3. SESSION OBJECTIVES  Gain insight on industry trends regarding the development and hiring of healthcare facility managers(HFM).  Challenges finding and hiring HFM’s  Discuss the value and growing expectations for HFM professional development.  Share observations from managers and students of the HFL program.  Understand industry trends and impact regarding the expansion of regulation and growing outpatient built environment.  Discuss the profound demand on the healthcare facilities profession.  Present the first time ever Academic Career Ladder from the Healthcare Facilities Leadership program at OCTC.
  6. 6. HEALTHCARE MODEL HAS CHANGED?  500 Fewer Hospitals  1000’s more Healthcare facilities  Dramatic Outpatient Delivery Shift  More “For Profits”.  Universal Healthcare?  Expanded CMMS Building Regulatory Requirement
  9. 9. SOME THINGS WE RARELY USE TO DO/THINK OF IN OUTPATIENT?  ICRA/PCRA  Above Ceiling Permitting  ASHRAE 170- Air Ventilation  ASHRAE 188- Water pathogens  HIPPA  HCAHPS  Disaster Planning  Environmental Rounds  Active Shooter
  10. 10. THE CMMS CONNECTION- FROM AHA LETTER TO CMS –JUNE 2014  ……Application of 2012 LSC to Health Care Facilities Regardless of Number of Patients Served. CMS proposes to apply the LSC requirements to health care facilities, regardless of the number of patients served………The LSC generally applies health care and ambulatory care occupancy requirements to facilities serving four or more patients who are incapable of self-preservation on some level.
  11. 11. NFPA SELF PRESERVATION REFERENCE FOR HEALTH CARE OCCUPANCY 2012 NFPA 101  An occupancy used to provide medical or other treatment or care simultaneously to four or more patients on an inpatient basis, where such patients are mostly incapable of self- preservation due to age, physical, or mental disability, or because of security measures not under the occupants control.
  12. 12. NFPA SELF PRESERVATION REFERENCE FOR AMBULATORY HEALTH CARE 2012 NFPA 101  An occupancy used to provide services or treatment simultaneously to four or more patients that provides, on an outpatient basis, one or more of the following (1) treatment for patients that renders the patients incapable of taking action for self-preservation under emergency conditions without the assistance of others, (2) anesthesia that renders the patients incapable of taking action for self-preservation under emergency conditions without the assistance of others; (3) emergency or urgent care for patients who due to the nature of their injury or illness, are incapable of taking action for self- preservation under emergency conditions without the assistance of others.
  13. 13. GROWING COMPLEXITY AND DEMANDS ComputerTechnology •BAS •CMMS •Fire •Nurse call •Phone •CAD •BIM •Elevators •Generators •Chillers Codes&Standards •NFPA •CMS •ASHRAE •FGI •TJC •DNV •OSHA •FCC •FAA •State Operations&Maintenance •Risk Assessments •Projects •Moves •Work Orders •Preventive Maintenance •ICRA •Life Safety •Sprinkler/Fire
  14. 14. HEALTHCARE FACILITIES LEADER SKILL SETS  Technology- CMMS, Microsoft, Project Management, BAS, CAD, BIM etc….CONVERGENCE!  Reporting- Analysis rolled up to Dashboards.  Speaking- Front line to board level  Writing- Articulate and well summarized  Codes, Standards, & Compliance  Financial Management- Run it like a business.  Customer Service-  Critical Thinkers- Risk Assessments, ILSM, ICRA  Energy Management
  15. 15. HOW DOES ONE BECOME A HEALTHCARE FACILITY MANAGER?  Work your way up over x number of years  Enter from another industry with management experience  Transfer from another healthcare management position  Have a graduate level degree in management  Take management position at another healthcare facility.  Other ways………..
  17. 17. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME A COMPETENT HEALTHCARE FM?  IMHO – 6-9 years. This is based on having gone through 2-3 Accreditation surveys(based on TJC tri-annual survey process).
  18. 18. IS THERE ANOTHER WAY?  Graduate from related degree programs with internships  Enroll in healthcare facilities academic program while working in facilities or related department.  Hire into Healthcare facilities position with little to no experience while also attending healthcare facilities specific academic program.  Have trade experience and take healthcare facilities specific academic program.
  19. 19. CERTIFIED HEALTHCARE TECHNICIAN  Certified Healthcare Technician(CHT)- This online training program is targeted for contractors and employees providing construction, equipment, and/or maintenance and operations. The HCT is an in depth orientation to the healthcare facilities environment that includes:  Infection Prevention  Interim Life Safety  Blood Borne Pathogens  Healthcare specific OSHA awareness  Patient Awareness  And other healthcare specific training.   While the HCT is not an accredited course, it does provide critical information and is validated through testing. A three(3) year certificate is issued after successfully completing. Most if not all healthcare facilities require some type of healthcare orientation prior to allowing individuals to work at the facility. This is a fee based program.
  20. 20. HEALTHCARE FACILITIES FOUNDATION  Healthcare Facilities Foundation(HFF)- Online  The primary benefit of the HFL Certificate would be for those with some trade or general maintenance background who desire to enter or advance positions in the healthcare facilities services profession. These positions would include healthcare technicians & supervisors. The Certificate program would require students take all 100 level series HFL courses (16 credit hours). All classes are stackable/transferrable to the HFL Degree or Diploma credentials. Enrollment in the HFF certificate DOES NOT require college entrance assessment for English, Reading, or Math.
  21. 21. HEALTHCARE FACILITIES LEADERSHIP ASSOCIATES DEGREE  Healthcare Facilities Leadership AAS Degree - Online  Currently the most advance academic credential offered specifically tailored to the Healthcare Facilities Management profession. Comprises of 11 Core Courses and other related professional development courses.
  22. 22. HEALTHCARE FACILITIES LEADERSHIP BACHELORS  Healthcare Facilities Leadership BAS Degree – (Plan to be Online)  The HFL Bachelors is currently not offered, however with a growing enrollment and graduation of the HFL AAS program, it is only a matter of time before an HFL Bachelors will be offered. Stay tuned.
  23. 23. SUBTLE, HOWEVER, BIG NEWS……  QUALIFICATIONS  A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or equivalent experience in a health care facility accredited by The Joint Commission is required. As an alternative to a Bachelor's Degree, individuals may comply with the requirement either with an Associate's Degree and three years of qualifying engineering experience; or with at least five years of qualifying engineering experience. Certified Health Facility Manager (CHFM) is preferred.
  25. 25. HOW DO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION? Katie Vincent, HFL Enrollment Concierge Katie.Vincent@kctcs.edu Call (866) 755-6282(OCTC) OR You may also contact the Program Director, Mike Canales at mike.canales@kctcs.edu or call (270) 852-8142