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Rags to Scholarly Riches Talk



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Rags to Scholarly Riches Talk

  1. 1. From Rags to Scholarly Riches Christopher R. Beasley, ABD
  2. 2. Family Support
  3. 3. Impoverished Roots
  4. 4. Challenge & Prestige
  5. 5. Prison
  6. 6. Lincoln Trail College
  7. 7. Harms
  8. 8. Challenges
  9. 9. Drive to LTC
  10. 10. Student Advantage Network
  11. 11. TRiO Tulane Campus Visit Trip
  12. 12. TRiO Tulane Campus Visit Trip
  13. 13. LTC Success
  14. 14. University of Minnesota - Duluth
  15. 15. University of Minnesota - Duluth
  16. 16. Roosevelt University
  17. 17. Roosevelt University
  18. 18. DePaul University
  19. 19. Key to Success
  20. 20. RSSG
  21. 21. Support Programs
  22. 22. Other Reentry Education Supports
  23. 23. Transforming Identities
  24. 24. Policy Advocacy
  25. 25. Providing Support
  26. 26. Completion of Journey


  • Good Afternoon
    Ms. Moreno
    ..work with ISAC
    Corps members
    ..helping others entering college
    Cora Weger
    Susan Polgar
    Lara LaCaille, Susan Torres-Harding, Lenny Jason & LaVome Robinson
    John Arabatgis & Dad
  • Support & Unconditional Positive Regard
    Many Low-Income First-Generation Men
    Even When...Family Always There
    Not Always Exemplary Scholar
    ...probably still not today...lol
    15 Years Ago
  • Grew Up in Poverty, Full Time, Schizoaffective
    Harsh in Retrospect, Seemed Normal
    Not Intimately Knowing Transcend Poverty & College Degree
    Excelled in Blue Collar but Yearned for Challenge & Reward

  • Found Challenge & Prestige in Drug Culture but Arrests Eroded Fragile
  • Short Time in Prison before LTC
  • Regain Success & Status
    Seen as Successful Dealer & Manufacturer--Useful & Important
  • Began to Notice Harms
  • Staying Clean
    ..Value Scholastic Knowledge
    ..Study Skills
    ..Manage Finances Effectively
    ..Norms of Middle-Class Professional Society
    ..Network Among Peers & Professionals
    Confront & Overcome w/ TRiO & Nurturing Mentors
  • No Car or License
    Dad 3hrs/day w/ degenerative spine
  • Excited & Confident about Research
  • Successful There, then Doctoral
  • Current Program--Community Psychology, PhD
    to Pursue Once Intangible Dream
  • Opportunity Helped Flourish
    ..University CHAC
    ..Public Policy Advocacy & Teach Community
    ..Assist Researchers & Lessen Intimidation
    ..Conduct Own Research & Secure Funding
    ....Among Current, Fit & Involvement
    My Responsibility to Seize & Make Most
    Also Offered Validation for Academic Ability and Sense of Accomplishment
  • Obvious from Development, Reintegration & Recovery Aided by Growth
    However, Reentry Focus on Needs rather than Personal & Professional Growth
    In Effort to Provide, RSSG
    Working with
    ..Lakeland College
    ..Education Justice Project
    More info at Website
  • Few Others
    ..College & Community Fellowship
    ..College Initiative
    San Francisco State University
    ..Project Rebound
  • Work by Identity
    Total Institution
    ..Incarceration Prime for Encouraging
    ..However, Federal Pell Funding Not Available
    Community Colleges & Small-Scale University Initiatives Filling Gap
    Help Students by
    ..Supporting Pell Reinstatement
    ....Already Punished
    ..Supporting Reentry Education Assistance
    ....Life’s Mission After Stripping
  • You Can Also Help Students by
    .. Supporting Pell Initiatives - EIO
  • You Can Also Help Reduce Recidivism & Encourage Personal & Professional by Targeting
    Often Low-Income, First-Generation Males in Need of Supports--Family
    ..Intimate Advising, Tutoring, Career Development, Prosocial Activities
    ..Experiences Provide Alternative Living & Leisure
    Formerly Incarcerated Additional Supports
    ..Mentors Exemplify Transformation Process
    ..Post-release Support
    ..Enrollment, Employment, Housing, Campus Visits
    Most Importantly, Opportunities & Taking Advantage
  • Academic Supports & Mentoring Helped Me Transcend by Providing Many of These
    Now Have
    ..4 Publications, 4 in Preparation, Two Book Chapters in Preparation, NIDA Grant, Several Smaller Grants, Number of Professional Presentations

    More Importantly, Grown Personally & Professionally since Before LTC & TRiO

    As Finishing & Applying, Looking Back on Academic Path w/ Unexpected Detours to Places Never Dreamed

    Journey Started w/ LTC & Heavily Influence by Opportunities & Validation of Support Programs

    Only Hope that, As Future Faculty, Inspire as Mentors Inspired Me

    Thank You All for What You Do & Best Wishes to Current & Future Students
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