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Using HubSpot to Delight Customers into Advocates

  1. Using HubSpot to Delight Customers into Advocates DFW HUG | May 28, 2021
  2. Is this thing on? Are we recording?
  3. Light up the chat!
  4. Agenda 1. Meet Christina + Her Mentors 2. Remarkable Customer Service Is No Longer an Option 3. Strategies to Improve Customer Service + Delight Your Customers 4. Creating a Feedback + Advocacy Program 5. Pulling It All Together
  5. TODAY’S GOAL To understand the importance of getting customer service right (even when the customer isn’t). To learn strategies and best practices for delivering remarkable customer service, how to create a feedback and advocacy program and how putting the customer first helps turn customers into advocates.
  6. Meet Christina + Her Mentors
  7. Christina Bockisch Blogger. Poet. Ravenclaw. INFJ. Mud Runner. Mental Health Advocate. Dog Mom x3 (and Best Zoom Co-Host Winners). 2020 Global Customer Success Top Performer. Inbound Consultant at HubSpot Meet the Speaker
  8. Meet the Mentors Hendrix • Service dog • Hufflepup • Frequent visitor to HQ (and well-loved by the Pro Services team) Canine Executive Officer (CEO) Khaleesi • Resident trouble-maker • 100% lives up to her name • Never would’ve gotten into Hogwarts (but if she did, she’d be a Slytherin) Growth Barketer Benny • Gryffindog • Loves the camera and being in the Zoom spotlight • Gives his bark of approval during my consulting calls Emotional Support Specialist
  9. Fun Fact: I met Kady at INBOUND 2019!
  10. Remarkable Customer Service Is No Longer an Option
  11. Unhappy customers leave Here’s a known but unspoken fact: The customer isn’t always right. (Yes, as someone in customer success, I said it.) But you still need to get customer service right – even when the customer isn’t
  12. Unhappy customers tell everyone ● We know unhappy customers leave and tell their friends, family, colleagues and the entire internet about about their bad experiences with a company. ● And we know if we don’t do something about it, things will only get worse.
  13. So why aren’t companies doing more? ● Still, many companies still don’t do enough to intentionally and proactively delight their customers – not just because of the benefits of turning a customer into an advocate. ● But also because it’s the right thing to do.
  14. Customer Service Statistics to Know
  15. 58% of American consumers will switch companies because of poor customer service. Source: Microsoft
  16. After more than one bad experience, around 80% of consumers say they would rather do business with a competitor. Source: Zendesk
  17. If the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with a company again after a mistake. Source: Salesforce Resesarch
  18. Consequences of Poor Customer Service
  19. Poor customers service can cause: ● Damage to your business’s reputation ● Loss of trust and loyalty from customers ● Leads that don’t covert ● Increased customer churn ● Decreased customer lifetime value (CLV) ● Loss of revenue ● Losing your best employees
  20. Delight and The Flywheel
  21. Customer delight + the flywheel Customer service is important, and a poor customer experience can have a significant negative impact on your business. How does this all tie back to what we know about inbound and the flywheel?
  22. Quick overview of the flywheel ● The flywheel is a model that explains the momentum you gain when you align your entire organization around delivering a remarkable customer experience. ● The three stages are: Attract, Engage, Delight ● The goal is to increase force and decrease friction to turn customers into advocates
  23. Delight ● Delight is the most important and yet most overlooked stage of the flywheel. ● In the delight stage, you help, support, and empower customers to reach their goals. ● When put customers at the center of everything you do, you’ll be able to increase force, decrease friction and create customers that want to tell everyone about your business
  24. Strategies to Improve Customer Service + Delight Your Customers
  25. Regularly Ask for Feedback
  26. Ask for feedback ● Survey fatigue is real. ● Don’t just ask for feedback for the sake of doing so. ● Make sure there’s a purpose behind it and that you’re asking for feedback at the right times.
  27. You can do this by: ● Identifying major customer milestones like: ○ After making a purchase ○ Throughout customer onboarding ○ While working with a member of your customer success team ○ When a new user starts using your product (common for B2B SaaS companies) ○ When a customer churns ● Identifying other situations when you’d want feedback, including: ○ After a customer contacts Support ○ After an event you hosted ○ When health score drops below a certain threshold
  28. How to receive feedback ● Feedback surveys ○ Net Promoter Score (NPS): Tracks how likely your customers are to recommend your company to other people. ○ Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Tells you how satisfied a customer is with a product, service, or experience. It measures how a customer feels about a brand interaction. ○ Customer Effort Score (CES): Measures the ease of a user's interaction with your business ○ Custom surveys ● Informal check-ins (temperature checks) ○ Great for customer-facing teams ○ Conversation is informal and open-ended, giving customers the opportunity to talk about whatever is on their mind
  29. HubSpot tools you can use ● Feedback surveys ● Email ● Forms ● Landing pages ● Workflows ● Templates ● Sequences
  30. Take Action + Implement Feedback
  31. Implement the feedback you receive ● Not enough to just ask for feedback – you need to take action on the feedback you receive ● Use automation within Feedback Surveys tool to create workflows to follow-up after someone fills out a survey based on their response ● 1:1 follow-up is important too ○ If they had a poor experience, find ways to improve their experience now – and to improve the overall experience you’re providing to all customers ○ Understanding what led to a positive experience is helpful too
  32. Making changes ● The more feedback you get, the more you’ll learn. Take the feedback you get seriously, and identify areas of improvement ● Look at trends within the feedback, and create a roadmap for changes to make, timeline, resources, etc.
  33. HubSpot tools you can use ● Feedback survey automation ● Forms ● Landing pages ● Templates ● Sequences ● Reporting
  34. Engage with your customers
  35. Engagement strategies ● General: Stay in touch with your customers. Let them know what’s going on with your product and company. Keep them informed. Share success stories or case studies. ● Customer Success: Check in with customers who might need extra help or support. ● Marketing: Interact with customers on social media ● Sales reps: Keep an open line of communication
  36. HubSpot tools you can use ● Email ● Workflows ● Templates ● Sequences ● Social media ● Chatflows ● Landing pages ● Blogs
  37. Help your customers how they want to be helped
  38. Give people options ● Every customer prefers to get help in a different way, so provide them with options like. ● Self-service options like: ○ Knowledge Base ○ Chatbot ● Human interactions: ○ Phone support ○ Submitting a web ticket ○ Live chat ○ Email ○ Facebook Messenger
  39. HubSpot tools you can use ● Chatflows ○ Live chat ○ Chatbots ○ Facebook Messenger ● Knowledge Base ● Tickets ● Social media
  40. Focus on more than just short-term needs
  41. Focus on more than the short-term ● When a customer reaches out with an issue, your immediate priority should be solving that problem. ● However, it’s also an opportunity to identify any bigger issues or opportunities you see for that customer. ● Take a few minutes to understand their issues, challenges and frustrations, and identify what you can do to help them.
  42. Focus on more than the short-term ● By doing this, you’ll have much more valuable conversations with them and gain valuable insights into how you can solve for long- term customer pain points and needs
  43. Creating a Feedback & Advocacy Program
  44. Going back to the flywheel We know that force speeds up your flywheel and friction slows it down. So, where does feedback and advocacy come into play?
  45. Use feedback to reduce friction. Use advocacy to increase force.
  46. How to Create a Feedback + Advocacy Program
  47. Identify happy customers ● Some ways to do this: ○ Feedback surveys (NPS, CSAT, CES, custom surveys) ○ Social monitoring and listening ○ Feedback from customer-facing teams
  48. Convert unhappy customers into happy ones ● You’re going to have unhappy customers but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to improve their experience ● Some ways to do this: ○ Reach out to unhappy customers after they share negative feedback or reviews ○ Be authentic, acknowledge their frustrations, and solve for the customer to find a solution and make things right
  49. Find potential advocates ● Look at feedback survey responses and identify customers who consistently share positive feedback ● Create custom properties for possible advocates, tag those customers with that property via a workflow, and create an active list
  50. Determine what to ask ● Do some research on your promoters ○ Do they have a lot of social media followers? ○ Are they industry experts? ○ Have they written blog posts in the past? ● This way, you can determine what to ask from them.
  51. Determine what to ask ● Common advocacy ideas: ○ Customer reference calls ○ Testimonials ○ Online reviews ○ Positive social mentions ○ Feedback on new tools ● In particular, leverage industry experts for: ○ Case studies ○ Blogs ○ Positive social mentions
  52. Reach out! ● Don't be shy here: 70% of customers will leave a review when asked ● If you're not asking, you're missing out on a great opportunity. ● To streamline the process, create email templates so you don't have to re-write every single ask. ● Simply add some personalization before you send out the template, and you're good to go.
  53. Reach out! ● Tip: Offer an incentive. An extra hour of time with you, swag, a gift card, etc. can go a long way in helping you build out your advocacy program
  54. Market your advocates' work ● Since advocacy from your current customers is your best source of new customers, it's important to market their work. ● Advocate reviews should be shared wherever your customers are: G2, Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. ● Tweets should be retweeted ● Blog posts or case studies should be leveraged appropriately by your customer facing teams, especially sales.
  55. Pulling It All Together
  56. Delight + Feedback + Advocacy ● Delighting your customers is key to creating a remarkable customer experience and turning customers into advocates ● Tons of great strategies to delight your customers, but it starts with one thing: Feedback ● Feedback reduces friction ● Advocacy increases force ● By creating a Feedback + Advocacy Program, we can fuel our flywheel so it spins faster and continue to create experiences that lead to happy customers
  57. Thank you
  58. Appendix 1. Resources 2. Let’s Connect!
  59. Resources
  60. ● HubSpot Academy: Setting up Customer Feedback and Advocacy ● HubSpot Academy: Business Strategy Tutorial: Growing Your Business With a Flywheel Model ● HubSpot Academy: Service Hub Software Certification HubSpot Academy
  61. ● HubSpot Pillar Page: The Flywheel ● HubSpot Pillar Page: Customer Service 101: The Ultimate Guide ● HubSpot Resource: The State of Customer Service in 2020 ● HubSpot Resource: 17 Templates to Help You Put the Customer First ● HubSpot Resource: Customer Support Strategy & Planning Template Pillar Pages + Resources
  62. ● HubSpot Blog: 40 Customer Service Stats to Know in 2021 ● HubSpot Blog: Customer Success Best Practices: The Ultimate Playbook ● HubSpot Blog: How to Improve Customer Experience ● HubSpot Blog: What Good Customer Service Looks Like at 12 Companies [+Examples] HubSpot Blogs
  63. ● Knowledge Base: Create and conduct customer loyalty surveys (NPS) ● Knowledge Base: Create and conduct customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) ● Knowledge Base: Create and conduct customer support surveys (CES) Knowledge Base
  64. Let’s connect!
  65. My Contact Information Have a question? Want to chat and/or connect? Please reach out! Email: Meetings Link: Meet With Me! LinkedIn: Christina Bockisch Twitter: @clbockisch

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