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Who is it

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This a quick little game for teacher's to use as an ice breaker. Students are shown just the eyes of some famous "super heroes" and they have to guess the name or movie that the actor or actress played in. It is hard because the eyes are upside-down. Other questions might be what is the person feeling.

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Who is it

  1. 1. Who is it? Chris Yukna Ecole des Mines Saint Etienne Science General
  2. 2. Game rules sort of Guess who the actor or character played is by just viewing their eyes, Name the movie, Teams are nice Points are awarded to those who spoke first! Luck has nothing to do with it.
  3. 3. Does this Help ?
  4. 4. Teacher's Notes  This presentation should lead to some interesting conversations in class.  Did it get harder when the eyes were upside down ? Why ?  Ask what's different, often I find that even advanced learners don't know simple phrases like upside down or inside out  See how much your students can guess from their eyes only, actor, rôle, type of person Some related links : Test your social intelligence by http://www.labinthewild.org/ and an interesting quiz where the entire face is shown: Emotional Intelligence Quiz at http://greatergood.berkeley.edu
  5. 5. About the author: Chris Yukna was born in the antediluvian 50s, had a paper route at 9, sold Christmas cards door to door at 11, and washed dishes at 14. All these enriching work experiences convinced him early on that he was totally unsuited to working and therefore should become a Space Cadet, Mad Scientist, or Teacher. We are NOT completely sure which one he chose. You may contact him at : yukna(at)emse.fr yuknachris(at)gmail.com Or telephone : 33.(O) 6. 54.48.46 He has three websites that he tries to update periodically: Science General Business Emporium & Totally Unorthodox