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How to escape the google ghetto

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Google.fr has dominated the search results in France, perhaps rightly so it has redirected English queries to French pages. However this is not good news for English teachers

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How to escape the google ghetto

  1. 1. How to escape the (and along the way other geeky sites & tricks to better help your students search the web) By Chris Yukna TESOL France School of Mines
  2. 2. I used to love Google Who wouldn’t 90% of the web was in English.
  3. 3. Google.com was the ESL teacher’s best friend and it did not even translate.
  4. 4. Serp: Search Engine Results Page
  5. 5. They even changed the way we talk… or at least search. Then it began to change, little by little.
  6. 6. Then Google began to create the mini-Moi s
  7. 7. Therefore here is our Némésis:
  8. 8. You students used to be able to • Type google.com in the url • Click on the link on the bottom right of google .fr • Or simply search with English words Now they are insidiously redirected to a Google.com lookalike.
  9. 9. Also in the face of competiton from Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine Google decided to become a Knowledge Engine.
  10. 10. Students are effortly directed to wikipedia.fr for example. This gives a French worldview on all sorts of topics. Sometimes, it is harmless but quite often it taints the results.
  11. 11. What can you do?
  12. 12. Some alternatives in the quest to find the original google.com. • Signing in to google means you can, perhaps, control better the search results • Going to the search parameters and selecting only English results • Typing ncr No Constant Redirect in the url.
  13. 13. At last you have the power & perspective of google.com. And there is normally a memory of the reconfiguration so you and your students should not have to do it again.
  14. 14. Search tips
  15. 15. Even More? How to put Google in Your Classroom
  16. 16. Some pertinent sites • Google Logo Generator • Wordelizer • If google was a guy • If google was a guy 2. • Google Scholar • Internet archives • Let’s have some pun. About the author: Chris Yukna was born in the antediluvian 50s, had a paper route at 9, sold Christmas cards door to door at 11, and washed dishes at 14. All these enriching work experiences convinced him early on that he was totally unsuited to working and therefore should become a space cadet, mad scientist, or teacher. He has three websites that he tries to update periodically: Science General (fun with science) Business Emporium (Esl business lessons & quizzes) Totally Unorthodox (where he puts everything else)
  17. 17. This presentation was originally made for
  18. 18. And has been updated and expanded for TESOL 32nd Annual Colloquium