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4 Money Making Features Your Blog is Missing - social media management

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http://www.smmulive.com/register - 4 Money Making Features Your Blog is Missing - social media management
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4 Money Making Features Your Blog is Missing - social media management

  1. 1. 4 Money Making Features Your Blog is Missing
  2. 2. There are many features that you’re supposed to have on your blog, tostimulate traffic, build your readership and drive sales.
  3. 3. Do you have these 4 essentials? Many new bloggers forget to include thesefeatures, or they don’t do them right.
  4. 4. Make sure that you’re doing themproperly by going through this list!
  5. 5. #1: Strategy Based Advertising
  6. 6. Many experts bloggers will try and tellyou that advertising is not something a‘real’ blog should be concerned about. After all, many bloggers are blogging to generate sales for their businesses, or to become authorities on the internet.
  7. 7. Why then should you worry about advertising? When you start to generate traffic, you can takeadvantage of those numbers and use some space on your blog for advertising.
  8. 8. When you sign up to an ad network, you’ll be able to choose products that are relevant to your niche. Find the most enticing products, and advertisethem! The money you earn from these adverts can help expand your blog. Suddenly, you’ll have an extra bit of cash to hire additional writers, or invest in videos, infographics or other multimedia features that will make your blog special.
  9. 9. Tip! One or two ads is enough. Do not load you pages will multiple adverts!
  10. 10. #2: The Humble Squeeze Page
  11. 11. You probably have a newsletter sign upform, but that’s about it. People won’t sign up for a newsletter unless your blog is incredible, or you give them something in return. That’s where the humble squeeze page comes in!
  12. 12. Hire a sales writer to create a nice, high converting squeeze page for you, which prompts your readers to become part of your email list. Yourlist will be a lot more enticing that way.
  13. 13. Tip! Give away a free e-book,whitepaper or file to your readers when they sign up!
  14. 14. #3: Supporting Articles and Guest Blogs
  15. 15. Driving traffic to your blog supports all of your marketing goals. That’s whywhen you post a blog, you should have a basic content SEO strategy to get that post noticed.
  16. 16. Even if it’s 5 articles on the same topicto post on article marketing sites, and1 guest post on someone else’s blog –it could mean the difference between 300 visitors, and 6000 visitors. When you drive more people to your blog, you’ll get more comments, sign ups and social shares.
  17. 17. Tip! Plan your posts in advance, to make sure you have the supportingcontent ready when it’s time to post live!
  18. 18. #4: Watch Your Comments Like a Hawk
  19. 19. Whatever you do on your blog – you must always moderate yourcomments. A blog post with 3 unique comments is better than a post with 40 spammy, unrelated comments. When people see that you publish spam, they won’t take your blog seriously, and any interaction will be limited to spambots and peoplelooking for backlinks. This is not how you promote the conversation.
  20. 20. Tip! Don’t know if a comment is spam?Copy and paste it into Google. Chancesare, if it’s been used all over the place, it will show up in the results immediately.
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