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Q2) how does your media product representn social groups.

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Q2) how does your media product representn social groups.

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Q2) how does your media product representn social groups.

  1. 1. Q2) How does your media product represent particular social groups? By Christopher Osbyrne
  2. 2. Social Groups  The social groups presented in our film seem to only be male and female genders, due to none of our characters being of a different race, religion, sexuality or ethnic background. However, we have subverted traditional genre conventions by having female characters having more authority over the male characters, unlike other action films were women are conveyed as damsels in distress.
  3. 3. An example of this subversion of gender stereotypes could be in this scene from the film. From the first shot here, a high angle is used to convey each of the characters as being vulnerable and weak. This shots mise-en-scene also establishes the room as being an office of some kind; a place of authority and power. Only diegetic sound is used to hear so that the quietness increases the tension and suspense in the room. With the use of a match on action cut, you are then introduced to a medium shot of Brittany’s character sat in the chair and explaining what the plan is to the rest of the crew. She takes up the most prevalence in this scene, conveying her dominance over the other characters. If you then compare the previous shot with the current medium shot of T’yan and Dale’s characters, there is a clear juxtaposition of the powerful vs. the weak. Both these two characters seem intimidated equally, therefore not conforming to gender stereotypes where the male character would always establishes power over female characters.