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10 Reasons to Use WordPress

Are you using WordPress yet? Here are 10 reasons why you should get started now!

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10 Reasons to Use WordPress

  1. 1. 10 Reasons to Use WordPress
  2. 2. WordPress is Established and Trusted WordPress over 10 years old and isn’t the latest thing. Starting as a simple blogging system, but has evolved into a robust, sophisticated and flexible framework for developing websites of all kinds.
  3. 3. WordPress is Super Easy to Install and Use Not only is WordPress super easy to install, it is also very straightforward to use and manage. It is not surprising that 22% of all new websites run WordPress as well 15% of the top 1 million visited sites.
  4. 4. WordPress is a Free Platform Being “Open Source”, you can download and install WordPress for free. This is one of the reasons for the success of WordPress.
  5. 5. WordPress is Easily Customizable With just a click of a few buttons, further customization on the design and installation of applications can be accomplished. With an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation, no technical knowledge is required.
  6. 6. WordPress is Super Flexible With WordPress you can design your website to look exactly how you want it to be. With a huge number of third party themes for you to choose from, the possibilities are endless.
  7. 7. WordPress is Future Proofed With the huge number of WordPress developers around the world, this means that there are constant updates to themes, plugins and the platform itself.
  8. 8. Unlimited Functions with WordPress Plugins With the vast amount of plugins available, the number of functions you can add to your sites are limitless. Photo galleries, maps, shopping carts, forms and so much more.
  9. 9. WordPress is Easy to Secure WordPress being already essentially secure, constant updates help minimize security issues such malicious attacks. You can also further secure your website by installing the many security plugins available.
  10. 10. WordPress is SEO Friendly WordPress by itself is already SEO friendly. And if you would like to supercharge your website’s SEO, there is a huge selection of plugins to choose from both free and paid.
  11. 11. Google “Loves” WordPress Well… literally that is. This is what Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team said "WordPress is a great choice. WordPress takes care of 89-90% 0f (the mechanics of) SEO."
  12. 12. Are You Using WordPress?