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KS4 information evening year 11

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Information for parents of Year 11 students from the KS4 information evening at Chew Valley School, October 2015

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KS4 information evening year 11

  1. 1. Year 11 The Year Ahead
  2. 2. Tutor Team Head of Year: Miss A Hellier Assistant Head of Year: Miss L Gillespie • 11C Mr Walford • 11H Mr Baxter • 11E Mr Cordle • 11W Mr Joyce • 11V Mr James • 11A Ms Wilcox • 11L Mrs Hayes/Mr Rees • First point of contact/support. • Rounded picture of pupil progress. • Communication – diaries/email. • Three tutor periods per week that focus on private study and tutor activities.
  3. 3. Expectations Academic • For all pupils to achieve the best possible grades at GCSE. • To have aspirations beyond Year 11 and to work hard to achieve them. Social • Pupils to become responsible ‘well rounded’ citizens. • To make the most of every opportunity that Chew Valley School offers Sentimental • To be happy and confident!
  4. 4. Pupil support • Mrs Rowlands – Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral) • Mrs Taylor – Home/School Liason. • Megan Harris– Pastoral Support. • Mr Edwards – Behaviour Support • Literacy and numeracy intervention. • Outside agencies. • Provide specialist intervention beyond the role of the tutor. • Communication between tutor/head of year/pupil and parents.
  5. 5. Year 11 Mentoring Support • ‘In school’ specialist mentors to provide individual support for pupils that have been identified for specific academic/organisational reasons. • Reaches out to around 40 students. • Meetings take place fortnightly during registration. • The mentor works behind the scenes to help with issues such as homework, organisation, class room confidence etc.
  6. 6. Standards • Be prepared to learn! • Uniform • Phones • Make up and Jewellery Rewards Green Slips / commendations. Attendance Privilege Pass
  7. 7. “The beginning is always today” – Mary Shelley October 6th to March 24th 2016 to
  8. 8. Passport to the Prom Applications are currently being looked at! You have to earn the right to go to the Prom! Key Criteria - • No more than 10 Behaviour Points within each defined period • 5 Late marks at registration/lessons or no more than 25 minutes in total of lateness • 95% attendance between October 6th and March 24th 2016
  9. 9. Success starts at home! • Insight Portal • School website • Calendar dates • Communication • Reinforce expectations • Support the school YEAR 11 STUDY CLUB – EVERY TUESDAYS in the LIBRARY until 5.30pm
  10. 10. Calendar dates • Weds Oct 15th - Entry to Sixth Form assembly • Thursday 22nd Oct – M1 published • November 2nd English and MFL CA • November 9th Drama CA • November 19th Entry to Sixth Form Evening • Tuesday 8th Dec MOCK EXAMS BEGIN • December 14th WEX week for Child Care students • January 5th MFL Speaking Assessments • Tuesday January 12th – Year Group Photo • Friday January 22nd – Year 11 full reports published • Thursday February 4th – Year 11 Subject Evening
  11. 11. Believe in yourself, work hard and inspire yourself to exceed expectations! No regre