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The importance of physical realm in a digital world

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The importance of physical realm in a digital world

  2. 2. While we spend more time in the digital world, it is the time spent away from our screen that we always appreciate more - time spent with real people and real things. *Access the study: http://bit.ly/NwFftq Frank Rose, JWT « Embracing Analog : why physical is hot »*  
  3. 3. IN A WORLD, MORE DIGITAL THAN EVER, EVERYTHING IS DEMATERIALISED From currencies to cultural products, up to invoices, everything is digitalized. As our data is stored in the Cloud, we realize how less control we have over what belongs to us.
  4. 4. HOWEVER, WE REMAIN CLOSER TO PHYSICAL THINGS The digital world is functional by essence. The physical one, affecting our senses, our bodies and our humanity, is more alive. Far from mere fetishism, what is real remains key in people’s experiences, due to emotions attached to it.
  6. 6. What we can see, feel, touch and test is reassuring. All that is material, palpable and real gives us the impression of having more influence and control on what surrounds us. What we experience seems more authentic. “ Reason no.1 A FORM OF REASSURANCE
  7. 7. For favouring in-store purchase, 61% of French quote the fact of seeing the real product and 50% talk about being able to touch and feel it Study "Web-to-store" Livre Blanc Mappy / BVA / Novedia Group (September 2013) "In streaming, there is no physical trace of the product which is to be consumed. The evanescent cloud is against the need for reassurance. This need is similar to partial source of pleasure that one experiences in contemplating his library: ‘I read it all, I am not uneducated’ " Translated from Cyrille Frank – Mediaculture.fr Read article: http://bit.ly/1llfVFc   2 ILLUSTRATIONS
  8. 8. “ Reason no.2 INCREASE IN VALUE The digital world allows to access anything without effort, but with mechanical sharing and buzz, we are all exposed to the exact same content. In addition, a digital experience is easier than a physical experience, which requires commitment, effort and involvement. Thus, the uniqueness of physical experiences is what brings greater value to it.
  9. 9. 2 ILLUSTRATIONS Over 90% of British youth aged between 16 and 24 reported that eBooks should be cheaper than their physical equivalent, because a book has more value (Real object, trophy, physical link) Voxburner « Buying digital content » Access to the study: http://bit.ly/1etPERy Masato Yamamoto – Fujifilm Executive Read the article: http://on-msn.com/1fqEfNV « People crave something real, a physical object that is unique and that you can hold in your hand »
  10. 10. Reason no.3 MORE HUMAN CONNECTION “ The digital does not allow us to satisfy our almost compulsive need of human exchange. Sometimes, frustration arises from the distance it creates between people. We are physical creatures and need to see people and objects for ourselves. The physical world brings what the digital one doesn’t: personal attachment, which gives more meaning to our experiences.
  11. 11. 2 ILLUSTRATIONS 84% of respondents say Internet lacks human warmth Survey on the physical trade, IPSOS April 2013 IPSOS, about a survey on the physical trade in April 2013 Read the article: http://bit.ly/1mHbO85 "The French fear living in a dehumanized and disembodied world (...) They seek to be increasingly supported in their purchasing activities, especially when the price is affected and they "remain very attached to the experiences of real life which can be more intense, more surprising, more humane"
  13. 13. MUSIC AND THE RETURN OF THE LOST MEDIA Even if the contraction of the music market is undeniable, it may be surprising to notice that the majority of sales are still physical1. Among them, purchases of revived old physical media bring about a vintage trend. They also allow us to rediscover a real quality of listening and the pleasure of living a different experience. VINYLS If gastronomes can say you eat with your eyes, music fans will tell you that you also listen with your fingers. The touch of the cover, the very specific rough disk and the use of the record player give a new value to the practice which was said to be lost. Vinyl has progressed in recent years (sales have more than tripled in the US2) and may not stop there. Good news for record stores! K7 The "Cassette Store Day », a festival celebrating the return of K7 in France, took place in Paris in September 2013. Better sound quality, cheap format, childhood memories: the retro design and ultra-flexible packaging of this format gently returns to the landscape of the music industry. We sell 2 millions of these per year in the UK3, a figure which is constantly increasing.
  14. 14. FILM CAMERAS, REVIVED BY DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY At a time when we post more than 55 million photos per day on Instagram4, we love photographic effects more than ever. Real enthusiasts return to processes that require technical skills and time for the sake of the art. POLAROÏD While the "Impossible Project" sells old equipment listed from the now shut-down Polaroid company, Fujifilm sells millions of instant cameras per year (2M between March 2012 and 20136). These devices are still popular because we like the filter effect, vintage format and ability to instantly share a memory with our friends. LOMOGRAPHY TREND If its pure technical quality may be questionable, lomography, with its retro vignetting, its saturated colours and very specific devices, is a trend that heralds the revival of film photography. Its current symbol: the Lomography company and its filter effect devices (re-popularized through apps like Instagram), which grew at an average annual growth rate of 30% between 2007 and 20125.
  15. 15. ONE LAST CHANCE FOR PRINT MEDIA? The written press is in a very bad position at this moment: a 90% decrease in sales7. To reverse the trend, new titles and formats are emerging. ON-DEMAND PRINTING Meganews, a Swedish company, is testing on-demand printing press kiosks, offering 200 different titles. This device allows one to consider innovations in the press distribution system for a more environmentally friendly and less expensive model to print discounted titles several times a day. THE « MOOK » Between the magazine and the book, these magazines create a new craze around paper publications. These formats take the time to process the information and deliver innovative stories quarterly. Their media mix, editorial quality and design are often advantages, in the face of a dying press and publishing groups rooted in the time and current events.
  16. 16. THE PAPER, ALWAYS POPULAR At a time when many web applications facilitate note taking and communication, posts-its, paper, cards and books are still selling billions each year. Paper remains popular because we love to write, scribble and maintain written material that we receive, along with the more intimate and personal documents. LUXURY AND PREMIUM STATIONERY If Moleskine, sector emblem with $ 13.7 million in net profits in 2011, continues to attract a wide clientèle for its papers products, it is due to the premium and luxury stationery market which is growing. End of 2012, Louis Vuitton launched into the sector by opening a writing firm, closely following other luxury brands like Hermès, breathing new life to the mill.
  17. 17. LOVE FOR POSTCARDS For the holidays, for vows or just for fun, postcards are very popular today and always shall be, with growth of 2.3% in value in 201210. With more value than email, we can now create them ourselves from our holiday pictures for an even more personalised effect. MAIL CRAZE 64% of the French like to receive mail personally11. We love it because we are directly addressed and these are consumables over a longer period of time while being non intrusive. Receiving mail says that people/brands think of us and that we are in a tangible relationship with another entity.
  18. 18. RITUAL OF PACKAGES With e-commerce, we have begun receiving more parcels. Our shopping, books, gadgets, gifts: everything is exchanged through impersonal packs, which are primarily functional in nature. But the packaging is as important as the content. The opening ritual is full of experience, the promise of a future discovery. THE BOX, A SUCCESS For the pleasure of testing products every month and the joy of surprise, boxes are becoming increasingly popular today. Hundreds of variations exist12 . For many e- shop or lifestyle sites, it is also an effective way to materialize their world, to make their mark in the real world, just like My Little Box or Fancy Box.
  19. 19. LUXURY PACKAGING For luxury brands, the quality of the packaging should be a reflection of the quality of their products: impeccable! It is an extension of the brand and a product in itself. Louis Vuitton, Hermes and even Apple are some of the many brands that are developing their packaging to offer a global experience. « UNPACKING », A GEEK PERVERSION? We all know the excitement of receiving something new and being torn between the desire to tear the package and the desire to enjoy every step of the opening. People rely on these universal feelings to create popular movies (some videos have more than 500,000 views13). People film the opening of a package and describe what they see and feel.
  20. 20. MORE EXPERIENCE, TO THE RESCUE OF PHYSICAL TRADE The point of sale remains the most influential contact for buyers (with an average influence index of 74. as against 56 for web and TV14). But today, the development of online retailers provides unparalleled shopping facilities and stores must rethink beyond sales targets, to offer real experiences to share. PREMIUM IN-STORE COUNCIL Nespresso offers its customers an exclusive and real expertise of its products. The store staff are trained to value the consumer, to accompany them in their purchases and to know the products like true experts. An advisory service that brings value back to your visit instore!
  21. 21. NEW STORES Faced with the decay of the physical model and the surge of e- commerce (11% S1 2013 FOR Darty15), Fnac & Darty have adopted a unique view of the customer to streamline the process to the maximum. They both include new sales practices (testing, mobile search, etc.) but do not forget to develop the complementarity of their touchpoints, thanks in part to the "Click & Collect". This withdrawal of store product is fast and reassures the customer about the ease of access and exchange. MOBILE SHOPPING, IN-STORE WITHDRAWAL Brands like Starbucks and McDonald's now offer ordering via mobile on the way to the store and receiving your order immediately upon arrival. A practice that reduces congestion in the stores while providing a real service to people in a hurry: a "win-win" for retailers & consumers.
  22. 22. GAMES CROSSING THE BORDERS At a time when more than 35% of gamers playing on smart phones16 , many games mimic their traditional model on apps (Monopoly, Playmobil, etc.). But game publishers go further and converge the real and virtual worlds. CONNECTED FIGURINES The Skylander video game figurines have features that directly interact with the game. By connecting the model to the console, the character comes to life in the game and the game is saved into the figure. Better, with the Swap Force version, you can combine the top and bottom of two different characters to play a character with unique attributes and powers. Over 19 million figurines have been sold since the launch in 201117 . Disney Infinity takes on the concept of connected figures, where each figurine is connected to the user and has its own backups.
  23. 23. CONNECTED BOARD GAMES ePawn and Game Changer are among those systems that provide dynamic new gaming experiences. They make the most immersive, audio, visual and instinctive games. Other systems, such as online dice (Dice) pawns, books or connected cards (Volumiques Editions) can be used to play multiple games, via any medium. LEGO LIFE OF GEORGE "Life of George" is a game that invites us to make LEGO constructions as fast as possible in order to pass the different levels of the mobile application. We can play alone or with other players.
  24. 24. WHEN OUR SOCIAL CONTENT COME TO LIFE We produce more and more content online which is quickly forgotten, to add more again and again (over 400M Snapchat a day18). To give life to the elements that really matter to us, we want to give them a physical existence to develop and to have in hand when a wave of nostalgia occurs. PRINT OUR CONTENT All of our content can become physical. Transforming your brief digital photo memoirs into a personal and intimate gift is a trend that appeals consumers to consider a Stitchtagram offers. We can now imagine to print our digital activities through services like Postagram and My Social Book.
  25. 25. SAVE OUR DIGITAL LIVES The Digital Slide Viewer is a kit consisting of an old projector and digital vignettes that make it easy to store our photos, transferred from a Flickr account. An old and technical retro object to preserve what is dear to us and give more depth and value to our viewings, whether alone, or with friends or family. INSTAGRAMMERS GALLERY Are our Instagram photos an art form? It is now; thanks to this virtual gallery, spreading over 25,000 pictures of users19 who in early 2014, opened a physical gallery exhibition, showcasing the most beautiful creations of the 17 instagrammers who are the most followed in the world.
  26. 26. MEETINGS: IRL, DOES IT MATTER? The digital allows us to get in touch with people that we could not have come across in real life. But it is not enough to deepen our relationship. Via social networks, video games, websites and forums: there always comes a time when we want to put a face to a name. So we meet, to experience real things together. SINGLES’ PARTIES The success of the Meetic evening meet is well proven: out of more than 16000 subscribers who participated, 89% say they want to go back20. In a world where everyone agrees that it is getting increasingly difficult to meet people, it is important to bring dating in real life. Many networks, like Smeeters, today make it possible to connect people to share a lunch or an evening.
  27. 27. « E-SPORT » The competition is at its peak when the best players of video games meet in real life, at events organized in true "arenas". The desire to meet and confront real people and the excitement aroused by the crowd of fans favour the return to this original physical universe over the digital world. These events were followed by masses, with a record of 32M streamers for the final of League of Legends 201321. FORUM’S MEETINGS Many forums give life to their community by offering real encounters, as Marmiton has done via meetings organized in cities by its members. To weld the community and put a face to the people with whom we interact online, these events are particularly important to create a dynamic, stimulating and durable world.
  28. 28. PURE PLAYERS INVESTING IN OUR CITIES At the time of cross-channel, anchoring of "pure players" and technology giants in the real world is as important as the digitization of outlets. To be closer to their consumers, they create points of physical contact, single showrooms or real shops, and disclaim "online" codes in real life. TOWARDS A PHYSICAL AMAZON ? Amazon is multiplying initiatives to enter our lives. After the declaration of Jeff Bezos stating his desire to open stores22 , we saw the emergence of lockers for quick and easy removal of parcels. But more recently, the former "pure player" was a sensation with the Kindle distributor set up at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas at the McCarran Airport.
  29. 29. "TECH GIANTS" ARE ESTABLISHING THEMSELVES In the line of Apple Stores (undeniable commercial success), many "tech giants" have created their brand spaces to make their world and activity more tangible. Google Chrome, Samsung, Microsoft, ... Many of them develop pop-ups and / or "concept stores" to bring their brand in the hands of consumers and build a stronger contact. ZAPPOS REIMAGINES THE CITY Always inspired by its "Powered by Service" promise, Zappos and its creator Tony Hsieh announced plans to build a city of innovation, which will be a place for technological emulation. Beyond a simple materialisation of the brand is the realization of an idea of life proposed by the leader of the brand that still bears its highest ambition of service.
  30. 30. OUR OBJECTS ARE ALWAYS MORE CONNECTED Our lives are ever more permeable and everyday objects are reinvented thanks to the digital. Today, everything is connected: from the house to the city, our cars to sunglasses in order to multiply the possibilities. At the end of 2013, almost 1/3 of the French were already planning to equip a connected watch, a car or a bracelet23. CONNECTED BRACELETS AND WATCHES Pebble, Nike FuelBand, Samsung Gear, Sony Smartwatch, etc. : Connected watches and bracelets are now legion. Over 1 million of these products were sold in 201324. Even if we are far from having seen everything, the enthusiasm for the sector is already present - and some objects are already a must for many people.
  31. 31. NEW EVERYDAY OBJECTS Our fork (Hapifork), our toothbrush (Kolibree), and also our pillbox (Imedimac): all the things that accompany us everyday become digital and help us to better manage our lives by simplifying them. They are simply objects which are our companions in real life. DOMOTIC Our House is also more and more connected and the solutions multiply so that it can self-regulate (use of electricity via Nest system) and watch over provisions via connected Samsung refrigerators. It can save us time to use a service which is constantly connected with us through our smartphones.
  32. 32. Time has come for an intelligent combination between digital and physical presence Quote from article: http://bit.ly/1jA0ohI
  34. 34. If you keep in mind that the digital is for efficiency and convenience, and that the physical is for feeling, depth and balance, at all times [...] you cannot go wrong. *Access the study: http://bit.ly/NwFftq Frank Rose, JWT « Embracing Analog : why physical is hot »*  
  36. 36. #1 REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY Brands bring their their community to life, through events, objects, creations, etc. They develop a concrete existence and help to create a stronger sense of belonging among their members. MARMITON & RECIPE BOOKS This cooking 'pure player’ has already challenged the universe by creating its magazine. But thanks to recipe books, it is its community that Marmiton highlights, by publishing a book composed entirely of best recipes proposed by its "marmitonautes".
  37. 37. BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT & BLIZZCON The editor of video games gives life to its community of players by creating a convention, the Blizzcon, organized every year since 2007 and which brings together active members and fans in a unifying event. VIRGIN RADIO LIVE To unite its community of fans, what Virgin Radio did was to give bracelets thereby connecting all participants during the live show at the Zenith of Paris in early 2014. During the concert, the physical connection of people and the dissemination of data collected via the bracelets of a souped-up crowd was in a manner unmatched for an event even for a tenfold human dimension. Every band vibrated with the others!
  38. 38. #2 GIVING LIFE TO YOUR BRAND’S UNIVERSE Through an object, an action, an event, or even a place, brands can demonstrate real commitment behind their brand promise.. They take their brand further to distinguish themselves through a constantly immersive experience. GQ OPEN A BARBER SHOP IN NYC Resurrecting an ancient practice, today associated with the beards of the hipsters, GQ offers an experience that enriches its image. Thanks to this physical offer, the brand (paper/ digital mix) proves that it is in phase with its readership (without falling into the gimmick).
  39. 39. INDOCHINO‘S « TRAVELLING TAILOR » Indochino, a top e-commerce 'pure player' for men costumes has exported its premium experience in physical through its « travelling tailor ». For pre-determined time periods in several cities in the United States, the brand offers the possibility to make an appointment with a tailor to have a suit tailored with unique experience and 100% exclusivity. A beautiful way to justify its high-quality promise! URBAN OUTFITTERS’ « FLAGCITY » Urban Outfitters has launched a project of a branded city, to allow its consumers to extend their experience into a physical location to create a real lifestyle experience25. The mini-city Urban Outfitters welcomes fans for a day or a short stay, to immerse them in a still stronger brand experience.
  40. 40. #3 SUPPORTING ITS CONSUMERS IN EVERYDAY LIFE Reintroduction of physical components in models that are fully digitized allows brands to be closer to their consumers by touching them in real life, on day to day basis. By better understanding their daily practices, brands can cheer them through a small attention and facilitate their life by placing themselves strategically in their life. WARBY PARKER & FITTING AT HOME One of the brakes of the online purchase can sometimes be the urge to try before you buy. This "pure player", which recently opened a few stores, offers a service to test their products at home. We can order up to 5 pairs to try at home for 5 days, before returning all for free.
  41. 41. INSIGER DE BEAUFORT’S « SHOE BOX » For $ 10,000 per year, each client can send all his papers related to movements of money (bills, leaf tax, fines, etc.) every month, through a "box". The BNP Group Bank processes and returns a detailed account to the client in the days following the reception of the box. It is a monthly link with the Bank, bringing still more services to its premium customers, so that their finances are not a major cause for concern. EVERNOTE INCLUDES PAPER NOTES The brand has understood that we do not use the digital technology to replace the physical resources and sometimes resorting to posts-it notes or paper notes is a good solution. Thus Evernote made its model compatible with these daily uses, enabling us to scan our paper notes to duplicate them on our user account.
  42. 42. 3D PRINTING, THE CULMINATION OF THE PHYSICAL/DIGITAL BALANCE? 3D printing will allow anyone to own any object, as long as they possess the necessary production plans. For brands, it means the possibility of proposing a totem product, that everyone can print at home. Better, assuming free 3D plans, any consumer can adapt and customize the object. Imagine the infinite potential which is open for the brands to tighten up the brand/consumer relationship.
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  44. 44. Document produced by Paola Craveiro & Mathieu Genelle THANK YOU .o/ CONTACT US Hélène Meinerad +33 (0)6 16 72 09 46 helene.meinerad@chemistry-agency.fr Mathieu Genelle +33 (0)6 19 76 11 95 mathieu.genelle@chemistry-agency.fr