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Y-Que Trading Post Breakdown

  1. Retail Store Scavenger Hunt Y-Que Trading Post Los Angeles, CA Los Feliz By Charlie Bolling
  2.  Y-Que Trading Post  Y-Que is a record store and screen-printing store  Y-Que specializes in older unique vinyl records  Often the vinyl selection draws in customers, and their eclectic designs encourage the customer to spend more time in the store  Y-Que also offers cheap screen printing with no minimum purchase, which can offer a great resource for indie artists
  3.  The Extended Play Album This album is considered an extended play because it is longer than a single, but shorter than an album. Typically, EPs feature around 2-5 songs and play for less than 30 minutes (Marshall, 2019).
  4.  The Long Play Album This album is considered a long play because it is longer than the traditional EP. Though it is shorter than some LPs, it still features over 5 songs and is considered an album. Many critics argue that an LP must be longer than an album, but the general consensus agrees that an album constitutes an LP (Marshall, 2019).
  5.  Do they offer consignment to artists? Y-Que is pretty selective about the artists that they allow consignment. However, people that support the store and become friends with the owner can quickly find a way to sell their merchandise in the store. Featured in the photo is a Zine created by a local artist who is friends with the owner.
  6.  Record Store Day While I was unable to find any current vinyl records from Record Store Day, the clerk let me know that they participate in the event every couple of years. Since the store focuses on older unique records, one would not typically expect to find traditional Record Store Day vinyl at this store. The clerk mentioned that they plan to participate in Record Store Day in April 2023. Image from Music Connection Magazine
  7.  Events While Y-Que does not hold traditional events, they often open their doors for poker night. Every now and then the owner will have a free record day, where he rolls a record cart outside and allows customers to grab what they want. The owner is all about sharing art and allowing others to enjoy great music. Image from Y-Que Trading Post’s Facebook
  8.  SWAG  Y-Que often tries new ideas for SWAG.  Last week, they were offering these pins for free for anyone who made a purchase at the store. The P-22 Mountain Lion is special to those living in Los Feliz because it is the only mountain lion to travel from the coast all the way to Los Feliz.
  9.  SWAG (continued)  Last time I went to Y-Que, they had this wheel out to get free stuff. The owner would offer free tote bags, t-shirts, sunglasses or a discounted purchase.  Y-Que is also quick to give away free items for no reason. I bought two shirts when I went today and came out with a free hat. They even gave me the Quincy Jones album for free.
  10. Lack of Promotional Materials & Reflection Unfortunately, I was unable to find any promotional material at Y-Que Trading Post. The clerk mentioned that they will occasionally promote local shows in the area with flyers. Ultimately, this store would not be ideal for a local indie artist’s album release. However, I see potential in the store. Perhaps with a lot of discussion and planning with the owner, this store could act as a proper venue. They have enough space for live music in the back, and after building a bond with the owner, it is likely that he would allow consignment and promotional materials.
  11. References  and- mixtapes#:~:text=EP%20stands%20for%20'Extended%20Play,unde r%2030%20minutes%20in%20length.   years/ 