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Charley Hernandez Cover Letter

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Charley Hernandez Cover Letter

  1. 1. To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing this letter to inform you of my great interest in a Paraprofessional / Teacher Assistant position within your institution. I’m confident that with my personal and professional experience I will be a great asset to your team. I have always been passionate in helping others, whether it would be with emotional distress or academic difficulties. Because of this passion, I’m attending a secondary institution where I obtained my Associate of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and will continuing to pursuit my Bachelors of Science degree with a double major in Human Development with a concentration in Psychology and Cultural Studies with a concentration in World languages and Literature: Spanish. I’malso working on my 7-12 Spanish Teacher Certificate with a Pre K-12 Bilingual Education Extension. I believe that the most crucial stage in life of an individual is childhood through adolescence. At this delicate stage, changes occur both positive and negative. During times like these, adolescents need the extra support and trust from a role model that will understand their situation with a non-judgmental atmosphere. My welcoming personality has given me the privilege of advising young children and adolescents when they are having difficulties at home or school. In my personal experience I can relate to scholars that are English language learners. I have been through life changes such as moving to a new country where I was required to learn a language other than the one I was accustomed to. Only being knowledgeable of the Spanish language, I attended middle school and had my barriers with language differences. I applied myself to learn English by having a Spanish- English dictionary on me at all times, and studied after school for at least 3 hours a day. After residing eight months in the United States, I was able to communicate with my teachers and fellow classmates in English. During the years many people have asked me how I was able to learn English in a short period of time and my reply has always been that you can do anything you put your mind and heart into. If you’re passionate and give dedication, one day those goals will become those achievements. I can also be a great addition to institutions that have limited funding, because I was a pupil in one of them. There, the teachers instructed classes with book materials because the school did not have the resources necessary to enable the classes to have a hands -on teaching experience. Because of this experience I have witnessed that there are many ways to learn different subjects without having to spend money, that curiosity and interest will void all the other disadvantages. Four years ago I began to be passionate in teaching and started to pursuit my new love. I started working at 4 Angels Daycare Inc. Where I had the opportunity to work as a teacher assistant in a pre- kindergarten classroom and also worked at the institution’s after school program, where I helped scholars from elementary and middle school with homework and tutored them in the subjects where they needed more strength. While working at the institution my love towards teaching grew more when I helped my students study for a test and days later they could not wait to show me their test grades or report cards. Those grades did not only supply the pride and satisfaction to my students, it was brought to me as well because it represented that I had made a difference in someone’s life, whether it was academically or emotionally. While working as a teacher assistant I received my paraprofessional and adult education certificates. I worked at a middle school named New World Preparatory Charter School for the last three school years in the Social Studies, English Language Arts, and the Spanish departments. While working as the Spanish assistant, I was the staff in charge of the school's elective department. I also substituted as a paraprofessional and teacher when coverage was needed. I worked with scholars that had limited knowledge of the content, Individualized Education Program, English Language Learners, and that had just relocated to the country with no knowledge of the English language. Last summer I worked at the institution’s summer school helping scholars with classwork or any extra support needed for the new school year. The previous year I worked as a teacher‘s aide at a non-profit summer program named Union Settlement Association / Rising Stars, where I worked with scholars from Spanish Harlem on their emotional and academic well being. These experiences have given me the opportunity to be knowledgeable of how to teach within a classroom and many forms of approaching a scholar when they are having difficulties within a lesson. It would be a pleasure to meet with you to discuss a future opportunity in being a part of your team. I have enclosed my resume. I will be glad to forward more references and recommendation letters upon your request. Sincerely, Charley J. Hernandez