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Business in Transition?
Business in Transition?
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  2. 2. WELCOME TO WELCOME TO WELCOME TO PACIFIC LION LLC PACIFIC LION LLC PACIFIC LION LLC Growing startups without venture capital for a more equitable future. https://pacificlion.llc/
  3. 3. ABOUT US ABOUT US ABOUT US Investment. Growth. Equity. Founded by seasoned entrepreneur and startup funding expert Jacob Fernane, Pacific Lion invests in early-stage technology startups seeking to increase shareholder returns through a liquidity event in 12-18 months. Whether you're looking to scale your business, implement AI or have a specific issue within the business that needs to be resolved, Pacific Lion are here to help every step of the way.
  4. 4. SERVICES We provide direct investments and hands-on consulting to early stage technology companies. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://pacificlion.llc/services/
  5. 5. WEB & APP WEB & APP WEB & APP DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT An effective app and web presence are building blocks of any modern business. We assemble scalable teams to deliver high- performance apps and websites driven by strategy, design, and technology that look and feel exquisite across any platform or device.
  6. 6. GRAPHIC DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGN A glance at your website, logo, and visual identity gives prospects the first impression of your brand. We want it to be a good one. We partner with talented, efficient designers to create scalable, on- demand design teams for our clients. No ineffective processes. No unreliable freelancers. Just convincing design at its finest.
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT We leverage our network of talented partners to arrange scalable teams that provide results-focused social media strategy, community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and more. Our teams create custom social material that increases sales, attracts new leads, and speeds up business growth, taking the updates off your plate.
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & WHITE PAPERS WHITE PAPERS WHITE PAPERS An executive summary is a succinct introduction and overview of your business plan, including financial highlights, the target market, and the problem your startup solves. A white paper further details your solution, establishing you as a thought leader in your industry. Our partners are white paper veterans skilled at finding the perfect language to describe your vision and persuade readers.
  9. 9. CORPORATE STRATEGY CORPORATE STRATEGY CORPORATE STRATEGY We provide full-service corporate strategy services that provide you with a roadmap to the realization of your vision. Our experience-backed corporate strategy services help with talent acquisition, board assembly, and creating a roadmap to growth in your first year as a public or acquired company and beyond.
  10. 10. INVESTOR INVESTOR INVESTOR RELATIONS RELATIONS RELATIONS The period before a liquidity event is a sensitive time for founders and companies. Luckily, we have a network of third-party investor relations (IR) experts who are well- versed in the area and are skilled in overseeing the process and its strategy. We ensure that you make the right IR investments that get the word out in investment-related media, generating significant public equity financing with better terms for founders.
  11. 11. ONGOING CONSULTING ONGOING CONSULTING ONGOING CONSULTING We work closely with you throughout our engagement to ensure that you hit every milestone on the road to a liquidity event with flying colors, followed by a successful first year as a public or acquired company.
  12. 12. DEVELOPMENT OR DEVELOPMENT OR DEVELOPMENT OR OPTIMIZATION OF OPTIMIZATION OF OPTIMIZATION OF OPERATING OPERATING OPERATING PROCEDURES PROCEDURES PROCEDURES Operating procedures for most aspects of the business operations to ensure efficiency and also have a foundation for training new hires quickly.
  13. 13. AUTOMATION & AUTOMATION & AUTOMATION & MACHINE LEARNING MACHINE LEARNING MACHINE LEARNING During our detailed analysis of the companies business model, operations and day to day tasks we evalaute where any machine learning methods or automation may be able to assist with creating scalable or more efficiency.
  14. 14. ESG AUDIT & ESG AUDIT & ESG AUDIT & INCORPORATING INCORPORATING INCORPORATING CORPORATE ESG PLAN CORPORATE ESG PLAN CORPORATE ESG PLAN ESG audit of the business to determine carbon footprint and establish opportunities and governance that the company can implement to make an impact on social and/or environmental causes.
  15. 15. DEVELOPING DEVELOPING DEVELOPING INTERNAL KPI INTERNAL KPI INTERNAL KPI REPORTING REPORTING REPORTING Identifying the key performance indicators for each department of the company. Once agreed upon, creating quantitative reports that assist the operators to make data driven decisions with their business.
  16. 16. TALENT ACQUISITION TALENT ACQUISITION TALENT ACQUISITION Head hunting" Talent acquisition for most positions within an organization. Csuite members, to software engineers, to medical doctors there's no boundary to the type of talent we can filll for our partners
  17. 17. BOARD OF DIRECTOR BOARD OF DIRECTOR BOARD OF DIRECTOR ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY Locating strategic individuals who align with the businesses philosophies and have relationships that can assist with expansion or impact. Helping portray the companies mission to the individual in why they'd be a good fit. Full service introductions and interviews for potential additions.
  18. 18. PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY Reviewing operations and cash flow statements of companies to enable allocating funds to areas of the business that are more scalable and develop an ongoing strategy for
  19. 19. M&A STRATEGY DEFINITION M&A STRATEGY DEFINITION M&A STRATEGY DEFINITION Corporate strategy. Define your optimal portfolio of businesses and an effective corporate growth strategy Acquisition strategies. Enhance your M&A capabilities through acquisitions with greater value creation potential, at the right price and with the right deal structure Post-M&A integration management. Design a post-M&A integration approach that fits your strategic objectives, while taking human constraints into account.
  20. 20. TARGET TARGET TARGET IDENTIFICATION IDENTIFICATION IDENTIFICATION After identifying key revenue streams and business operations we evaluate target industries that can impact the companies overall valuation multiple or provide a product or service that has overlap with their current customer base and can quickly amplify their current revenue. Often for public companies acquisitions can be completed with common stock in which allows the pubco to increase shareholder value without deploying cash reserves.
  21. 21. DUE DILIGENCE DUE DILIGENCE DUE DILIGENCE Deep due dilligence in the potential acquisition target - cap table analysis, review of financials, debts, civil liabilities, and any other risks that may impair the acquiring company.
  22. 22. INTERNAL M&A INTERNAL M&A INTERNAL M&A CAPABILITY CAPABILITY CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT Outlining internal M&A procedures for bringing the bulk of identifying strategic partnerships and acqusition targets.
  23. 23. SYNERGY ANALYSIS SYNERGY ANALYSIS SYNERGY ANALYSIS Review of both business operations and determine where the maximum value can be extracted and utilized.
  24. 24. PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY MANAGEMENT STRATEGY MANAGEMENT STRATEGY DESIGN AND DESIGN AND DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION Review of the synergy analysis and create detailed operating procedures that aid in the integration of the acquisition to maximize value and avoid operational errors
  25. 25. CAP TABLE CAP TABLE CAP TABLE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT Initial review of cap table and create a forecast for anticipated subsequent raises and stock issuances. Also strategize utilizing prefered class of shares for special purposes
  26. 26. CAPITAL MARKET CAPITAL MARKET CAPITAL MARKET INTRODUCTIONS & INTRODUCTIONS & INTRODUCTIONS & STRATEGIC PLANNING STRATEGIC PLANNING STRATEGIC PLANNING Introduction to securities counsel, introduction to PCOAB auditors, introduction to exchange listing department, and introduction to Investment Banks that can facilitate your IPO.
  27. 27. WEB DESIGN WEB DESIGN WEB DESIGN Initial Discovery of clients goals - followed by a proposal pricing contigent upon complexity of website and functionality needed. We cover everything from an Investor Relations Sub Domain, Corporate Website, Large Ecommerce Platform and Payment Integrations.
  28. 28. WEB HOSTING WEB HOSTING WEB HOSTING Basic and upgraded web hosting to host a website on including options for AWS, WordPress optimised hosting or VPS hosting.
  29. 29. DOMAIN DOMAIN DOMAIN NAMES NAMES NAMES Purchase a domain name (URL) either for building a website on or for owning a whole brand i.e. .com, .co.uk, .io and other TLDs
  30. 30. UX/UI UX/UI UX/UI DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN UI/UX Redesigns, customer feedback, traffic monitoring and conversion rate optimization
  31. 31. GRAPHIC GRAPHIC GRAPHIC DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN Logos, Style Guide, Stationary Kits, Social Media Kits
  32. 32. APP DEVELOPMENT APP DEVELOPMENT APP DEVELOPMENT Google Play Store / iOS Apple Store app development
  33. 33. MACHINE LEARNING MACHINE LEARNING MACHINE LEARNING INTEGRATIONS INTEGRATIONS INTEGRATIONS AI intelligence which use algorithmns to achieve a business purpose.
  34. 34. BRANDING BRANDING BRANDING Logo design, colour pallettes, fonts, graphics, style guidelines, letterheads
  35. 35. INVESTOR INVESTOR INVESTOR RELATIONS RELATIONS RELATIONS WEBSITES WEBSITES WEBSITES Designed to give access to key financial information, including financial statements, annual reports, and earnings releases. This also provides information about upcoming events, such as earnings conference calls and investor presentations.
  36. 36. PRESS RELEASES PRESS RELEASES PRESS RELEASES Distributed press releases across 400+ news outlets.
  37. 37. EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Get professional and branded emails for your business with our Emails Business branded emails service. Our solution is based on domain, which allows you to use your own domain name in your email addresses. This provides a more trustworthy and reliable impression for your customers, partners, and stakeholders.
  38. 38. PHONE NUMBERS PHONE NUMBERS PHONE NUMBERS Digital business phone numbers that can be utilized for analytics tracking and privacy
  39. 39. CRM SETUP CRM SETUP CRM SETUP At Pacific Lion, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system in place for your business. Our team of experts specializes in setting up and customizing CRM systems to fit the unique needs of your organization.
  40. 40. VOIP SYSTEM SETUP VOIP SYSTEM SETUP VOIP SYSTEM SETUP Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a revolutionary technology that allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet. With VoIP, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced calling features, lower costs, and increased productivity.
  41. 41. WEBSITE WEBSITE WEBSITE MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE Weekly Maintenance (Plugin updates, security checks, PHP updates, website backups, review website access logs, enhanced security) + Addon for blog posting service
  42. 42. PAY PER CLICK (PPC) PAY PER CLICK (PPC) PAY PER CLICK (PPC) Initial Discovery of clients goals - followed with full service campaign management, creative development (Including video ads), hooking up API integrations with CRM's for lead generation campaigns.
  43. 43. SEARCH ENGINE SEARCH ENGINE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) OPTIMISATION (SEO) OPTIMISATION (SEO) Our process begins with an Initial Discovery and Website Audit, followed by a proposal that outlines our recommended strategy. Our services include both On-page and Off-page optimization, as well as a wide range of additional services to help you achieve your goals.
  44. 44. TIKTOK TIKTOK TIKTOK Our team will handle all aspects of your TikTok campaign, from setting up and optimizing your account to crafting engaging content and running ads. We’ll make sure your brand is represented in the best light, and that your content is being seen by the right people.
  45. 45. EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING Our email marketing experts understand the importance of an effective email system for businesses and are dedicated to providing top-notch email auditing and automation services.
  46. 46. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & WHITE PAPERS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & WHITE PAPERS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & WHITE PAPERS Expert level content clearly defining your bussiness or white paper and structuring under industry best practice
  47. 47. EDUCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL COURSES COURSES COURSES Our online course curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, from technology and business to creative arts and humanities. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population, including both beginner and advanced learners.
  48. 48. GHOST WRITING ACADEMIC BLOGS GHOST WRITING ACADEMIC BLOGS GHOST WRITING ACADEMIC BLOGS High authority, academic style thought leadership blogs on various topics, typically used by founders branding themselves
  49. 49. SALES COPY SALES COPY SALES COPY Ad Copy, Pitch Decks, Corporate Decks, VSL Scripts, Long Form Sales Copy
  50. 50. EMAIL SEQUENCES EMAIL SEQUENCES EMAIL SEQUENCES Our email sequences are designed to be both informative and engaging, with carefully crafted subject lines, attention-grabbing visuals, and compelling content. We also employ A/B testing to optimize the performance of each email, ensuring that you get the best possible results.
  51. 51. SEO OPTIMIZED SEO OPTIMIZED SEO OPTIMIZED CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT SEO Friendly content created to optimise solely for the purpose of ranking well in organic search engine rankings (SERPs)
  52. 52. CONTACT US CONTACT US CONTACT US Send us a message at info@pacificlion.llc Or visit our website pacificlion.llc