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Jane contents page analysis

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Jane contents page analysis

  1. 1. Content page Analysis : From last year. This contents page I don’t really like very much however, I think the layout of it is good. Its got very clear writing and its easy to read the text and masthead. Although the masthead is very boring and so are all of the photo’s, In the photos the people posing aren't looking directly at the camera. This is bad as it doesn’t give the viewers a chance to really be intrigued and be interested by the page as the photos are very boring. The fonts on the page change this is bad as you need to really keep the same colours and text style throughout.
  2. 2. This Contents page is form last years work. This I think is one of the best examples I've seen. I like the colours she has used although I don’t think the red, yellow, and orange work and don’t really go with the grey scale design. Her outfit doesn’t really fit with colour schemes either. However I do like the layout of the text on my contents page and the collage of photos in the back. The pose she is pulling is good as it is a full body shot and she is facing the camera, the way she has cut around the body of the girl not to make her distorted is good too. As usually with Photoshop its hard to outline the body well. This contents page is one of the best amateur ones I've seen it keeps to a set guideline and has clear bold masthead and text overall. The reason I like tis contents page more because it has more pictures of different types which show the key stages in the magazine and shows the best features by giving this it shows more aspects of the magazine. On the left hand side of the contents page it has a more detailed planned of the ‘number 1’ pages that are the ‘need to read’ in this magazine by doing this it gives people a chance to skim read and find the parts they want to read in the magazine easier.
  3. 3. These are some good contents pages that I'm going to focus my contents page around.