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  1. Chapter 5 Medical Studies at the University of Santo Tomas (1877-1882) PREPARED BY: GROUP 4
  2. . (1887-78)- Rizal finishing the first year of a course in Philosophy and Letters. - He transferred to the medical course.
  3. . MOTHER’S OPPOSITION TO HIGHER EDUCATION .-Rizal had to go the University of Santo Tomas for higher studies. .-The Bachelor of Arts course . Don Francisco and Paciano – who wanted Jose pursue higher learning in the university
  4. .RIZAL ENTERS THE UNIVERSITY . April 1877- Rizal who was then nearly 16 years old, matriculated in the University of Santo Tomas, taking the course on Philosophy and Letters. . Rizal enrolled in this course for 2 reasons: 1.His father liked it. 2.He was “still uncertain as to what career to pursue”.
  5. Fr. Pablo Ramon- Rector o the Ateneo, who have been good to him during his student days in that college, asking for advice on the choice of a career. (1877-78)- Rizal studied Cosmology Metaphysics, Theodicy, and History of Philosophy in the University of Santo Tomas during his first-year term. (1878-79)- Rizal took up the medical course.
  6. .FINISHES. SURVEYING COURSE IN ATENEO (1878) .(1877-78)- Rizal took vocational course leading to the title of perito agrimensor (expert surveyor). .November 25, 1881 – At the age of 17 Rizal passed the final examination in the surveying course.
  7. . Dominicans – who loves and inspires Rizal to ascend to greater heights of knowledge
  8. . Leonor Valenzuela – Rizal’s met her when he was a sophomore student at the University of Santo Tomas -she was a charming Manila girl who was living next door to Rizal’s boarding house. -Romances lasted one year
  9. Leonor Rivera – The beautiful daughter of his landlord Antonio Rivera -Rizal’s fell in love with Leonor. -Sweetheart of Rizal -Tender romances lasted 11 years (1879-1890)
  10. . Juventud Filipina (To the filipino Youth) – Poem entitled by Rizal -The price winning poem .1879- Liceo Artistic- Literario(Artistic-Literary Lyceum) of Manila-held the literary contest.
  11. .VICTIMS OF SPANISH OFFICER’S BRUTALITY . Rizal was a freshman medical student at the University of Santo Tomas when he experience Spanish brutality. . General Primo de Rivera- Spanish governor general of the Philippines .March 21, 1887- a letters to Blumentritt.
  12. . Literary contest to commemorate the 4th centennial of the death of Cervantes. . Don Quixote- Spain’s glorified man-of- letters and famous author . EL consejo de los Dioses (the council of the Gods
  13. THE COUNCIL OD GODS Was based on the Greek classics. Aided by Fr. Rector of the Ateneo Winners: 1st place: Jose Rizal (19 years old) Prize: Gold Ring engraved the bust of Cervantes 2nd place: D.N. del Puzo(Spanish)
  14. .OTHER LETERARY WORKS - Poems and Zarzuela (December 8, 1880) - Junto al Pasig - Sonnet entitled A Filipinas(1880) - Poem entitled Abd-el-Azis y Mahoma (1879) - Poem entitled AL M.R.P. Pablo Ramon
  15. . RIZAL’S VISIT TO PAKIL AND PAGSANJAN . Rizal still study in University of Santo Tomas. . Vicenta bardolaza- who skillfully played the harp at the Regalado home . Noli Me Tangere
  16. CHAMPION OF THE FILIPINO STUDENTS . Rizal was the champion of the Filipino student in their fights against the arrogant Spanish student. . In 1880, Rizal founded the secret Society of Filipino student in the UST called “ Compaῆerismo” (Comradeship) , whose members were call “Companions of Jehu” , after the valiant Hebrew general who fought the Amaeans.
  17. . UNHAPPY AT THE UST 1.The Dominican professor were hostile him 2.The Filipino students racially 3.The Filipino students against by experience 4.The method of instruction.
  18. DECISION TO STUDY ABROAD . After finishing the fourth year of his medical course, Rizal decided to study in Spain. He could no longer endure the rampant bigotry, discrimination , and hostility in the UST. . He dis not seek his parents permission and blessings to go aboard because he knew that they, especially his mother, would disapprove it.