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Mozilla Project and Open Web

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Mozilla Project and Open Web

  1. 1. 오픈소스 컨퍼런스 2007 Mozilla Project & Open Web Seokchan Yun Mozilla Korean Community http://www.mozilla.or.kr
  2. 2. Agenda History of Mozilla and Firefox • Mozilla Community and Development • Effects of Firefox’s Success • Mozilla Manifesto • Focus on Open Web • Future of Firefox • How to do for Open Web • 2
  3. 3. First Iteration • 1998- Open Sourcing the Browser Established Mozilla.org community • 1999- Communicator Transformed Gecko, XPCOM and XPConnect developed XPFE, XPAT XML, Netlib, XSLT, mathML, and more arrive in Mozilla code-base • 2000- A Breakdown : Netscape 6 Based on Mozilla 0.6 Suffered in performance, stability, heavy-weight advertising, and even standards compliance. 3
  4. 4. Second Iteration • 2001- Mozilla 1.0 Menifesto API compatibility, Library version identification, Enough modularity, Good performance and memory footprint, Better-than-any- competition standards compliance, Usability • 2002- Mozilla 1.0 “The Mozilla project has quietly become a key building block in the open source infrastructure.” – Tim O’Reilly • A Breakdown : Netscape 7 Based on Mozilla 1.0.1 “Don’t switch browsers” reads headline as reviewers learn that Netscape removed Mozilla’s popular pop-up blocker for Netscape 7. 4
  5. 5. Why Birth of Firefox During the same year that Mozilla 1.0 and Netscape 7 were released, development began on what would become the Firefox web browser. This splinter project was started by a small group of disgruntled Mozilla developers who were extremely disappointed in the Netscape browser and not satisfied with Mozilla's mediocre successes. We believed in the technology that Mozilla had built in the last 4 years, but we knew that commercial organizations like Netscape and Microsoft did not care about making a better browser because it was not in their financial interest to do so. • In 1999, the IE team was more than 1,000 people and it crushed Netscape removing any commercial incentive in web browsers and in 2001, after the release of IE 6, the IE team was disbanded. • With no money to be made from the browser itself, the Netscape.com portal, which was still generating revenue, took over the development of the Netscape browser. 5
  6. 6. Early Firefox • Phoenix 0.1 to Firebird 0.7 Phoenix 0.1 - September 23, 2002 by young volunteer group Successful updates and development model • Firefox 0.8 Firefox 0.8 was the first Firefox version that received a lot of press notoriety and even some early mainstream adoption. • Successful Standalone Web Browser By this point, Mozilla Firefox based on Mozilla 1.0 was seeing stronger adoption than the Mozilla Application Suite.Based on Mozilla 0.6 6
  7. 7. Firefox 1.0 • November 9, 2004, Firefox 1.0 was released First month downloaded by 10 million people 100,000,000 downloads in the first year! • User-focused Features Tabbed browsing, Pop-up blocking, Toolbar and Sidebar Easy data migration from IE, RSS feeds Extensions and Themes Localization over 20 languages 7
  8. 8. Mozilla Roadmap 8
  9. 9. Firefox 1.5 Gecko 1.8 (aka Mozilla 1.8) update, Customer Extensions Security and Privacy User Experience Open Standards • Automated Update • Tabbed browsing • Improving already best • Clear Private Data in class standards enhancements support • Architectural changes • Performance and development • <CANVAS> (think of it • Accessibility process improvements as “programmable • Usability improvements <img>” ) and SVG • User Preferences support Extensibility • RSS Discovery • Enabling next • Extensions allow users • Improved pop-up generation web to customize their blocking applications browser to fit their • New search options - needs e.g., Answers.com • Over 700 extensions. 9
  10. 10. Firefox 2 No Gecko update, Front-end features added and improved User Experience Benchmarking Open Standards • Tabbed browsing UI • Resume data when • JavaScript 1.7 enhancements crash and restart • Support SVG:textPath • New Theme • Inline spell checking • Microsummaries • Better support for • New windows installer • Open Search previewing and (NSIS) • DOM Stroage subscribing RSS feeds • Enhanced Preferences • Phishing Protection Extensibility • Enhanced search • New add-on manager engine management and update system. 10
  11. 11. Firefox Market share 11
  12. 12. Firefox 3 Gecko 1.9 update, Graphic Experiences and Web Application Platform • New Features Various Patches for Gecko Engine’ bug and functions SVG, Canvas 2D (Completed Cairo Graphics) Offline Web Applications Open Standards Microformats, Javascript1.8, SVG: Foreign Object Cross-domain XMLHttpReauest and WHATWG things Pass Acid2 (CSS Standards Test) Places : New bookmark and Cache Storage with SQLite Switching to Cocoa Widget in Mac • Release on Q4, 2007 12
  13. 13. Mozilla Products 13
  14. 14. Development Tools 14
  15. 15. Mozilla Ecosystem 100- Full time developers elsewhere 300 - Contributors with CVS-write access 150,000 - Testers with Bugzilla accounts ~100,000,000 – Mozilla product users
  16. 16. Mozilla Developer • Engineers 100 at the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation Others full time from Sun, Oracle, IBM, Redhat, Novell, Google, and others; still more contributing patches • Localizers Official 30 languages releases Over 100 languages translation teams • Testers 50,000 pre-alpha testers file 70 to 100 “bugs” a day, more than 100,000 beta testers • Extension/Theme developers Over 2,000 extensions for Firefox http://addons.mozilla.org 16
  17. 17. Mozilla Community • Documentation Mozilla Developer Center 13 localization teams http://developers.mozilla.org • Support Help, usages, troubleshooting and products guidelines http://support.mozilla.org • Advocates Over 100,000 advocates of our products http://spreadfirefox.com • Local communities Excellent in Japan, German, Polish and Korea 17
  18. 18. Effects of Firefox • IE7 Reorganization of IE team • Web Standards Spreading Open Standards Penetration WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology W/G) W3C New HTML W/G • Browser Improvement Opera with Free Safari with Iphone • Best Practice for Open Source User-participated Innovation Good Business Model based on User’s needs 18
  19. 19. Why Firefox succeed? • For the users 무료, 웹 표준, 보안, 크로스 플랫폼 • By the users 확장 기능, 테마, 그리스몽키 • Of the users 탭, 팝업 차단, RSS, 검색 툴바 19
  20. 20. User-driven Innovation • User-participated Marketing New York Times Advertisement Firefox Flicks SpreadFirefox.com • User-driven Development Extenstions Theme • Firefox could be an alternative for healthy internet world! 20
  21. 21. Mozilla Manifesto : Keywords Focus on Web as an Alternatives • Choice Internet is public resource. Choice makes it healthy • Security Individual’s privacy must be protected • Interoperability Open standards for communication • Decentralization User driven innovation in world-wide • Transparency User participated community based on responsibility, accountability and trust 21
  22. 22. Mozilla Manifesto : Principal 1. 인터넷(월드와이드웹)은 현대인의 삶의 중요한 영역이다. 특히 교육, 커뮤니케이션, 협업, 비지니스, 오락 및 사회 전반의 영역에서 핵심 분야이다. 2. 인터넷은 누구나 공유하고 접근 가능한 전 세계적 공공 자원이다. 3. 인터넷으로 개인과 인류의 삶을 더욱 풍성해져야 한다. 4. 인터넷에서 개인 정보 및 권리의 보호는 기본 사항이며 선택 사항이 아니다. 5. 개인은 인터넷에서 스스로 경험들을 만들어 나갈 능력을 가지고 있어야 한다. 6. 공공 자원으로서 인터넷의 효율성은 통신 규약, 데이터 포맷, 컨텐츠 등의 상호운용성과 혁신 및 전 세계적 분산 참여 활동에 의해 좌우된다. 7. 자유 S/W와 공개 S/W는 인터넷을 공공 자원으로 발전 시키는데 기여 하고 있다. 8. 투명한 커뮤니티 기반 활동은 참여와 책임과 신뢰를 촉진하고 있다. 9. 인터넷의 발전에서 상업적 기여 역시 많은 이익을 가져오고 있다. 상업적 목표와 공공의 이익간의 균형은 매우 중요하다. 10. 인터넷에서 공적 측면을 증대 시키는 것은 하는 것은 공헌, 참여, 시간의 가치와 중요한 목표다. 22
  23. 23. Mozilla Manifesto: Pledge • Mozilla 재단은 Mozilla 인터넷 헌장과 그 활동을 지원한다. 앞선 원칙을 지원하기 위한 공개 SW 기술 및 커뮤니티 생성 및 유지한다. 앞선 원칙을 지원하는 양질의 사용자 제품을 만들고 배포한다. 인터넷을 공유 플랫폼으로 유지해 나가기 위해 모질라의 지적 재산권, 저작권, 상표권, 인프라 시스템 및 자금 및 명성 등 모든 자산을 활용 한다. 공적 이익을 위한 경제적 가치를 창출하기 위한 모델을 적극 알린다. 인터넷 산업과 공적 담론에서 이 헌장의 원칙들을 적극 알린다. • 몇몇 사용자 제품의 제작 및 홍보와 배포 등의 재단 활동은 원칙적으로 Mozilla 재단이 전적으로 소유하고 있는 Mozilla 주식회사를 통해 진행한다. 23
  24. 24. Choice and Concentration • Mozilla Application Suite – SeaMonkey Divided to community project • Thunderbird Divided for Innovative Internet Communication New MailCo with $3 Million investment • XUL Runner Induced to community for desktop integration c.f. Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe AIR • Others Minimo – Stopping mobile support 24
  25. 25. New Prototype for Open Web • Joey Web service that allow you to pass data from Firefox to your mobile phone • Operator Combine pieces of information on Web sites with Microformats, an emerging standard for injecting semantics into HTML. • The Coop Keeping tracks and sharing contents of online friends 25
  26. 26. Desktop Integrations Gecko based Desktop Applications • Web Runner Desktop Platform for Web Applications Built on XUL Runner • Prism (on going) Web Runner on Firefox (Dedicated Applications) 26
  27. 27. Open Web Ecosystem • 과거의 유산 ActiveX, NS Plugin, Flash AIR/Flex, Silverlight “proprietary vendor plugin”? • “Open” Rich Web Applications URI-addressble (accessable) Search-indexable (based on document) Readable and editable (extended HTML) Open Web based Rich Web 27
  28. 28. Future of Firefox(1) • Graphics SVG Foreign Objects : http://starkravingfinkle.org/blog/2007/07/firefox-3-svg-foreignobject/ Canvas3D http://people.mozilla.com/~vladimir/canvas3d/ • Multimedia <video /> and <audio> http://www.double.co.nz/video_test/ • Offline Web Applications DOM Storage (Cookie++) with SQLite File upload queuing and caching 28
  29. 29. Future of Firefox(2) • Advanced programming on Javascript Cross-domain XMLHTTPRequest JSON parsing object New Version Javascript 1.8 (Firefox 3), Javascript 2.0(Firefox 4) New Virtual Machine Tamarin based on Adobe’s Action Script Engine • http://www.mozilla.org/projects/tamarin/ ActionMonkey (Firefox 4), ScreamingMonkey(IE), IronMonkey (Ruby, Python) • http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/roadmap/archives/2007/07/new_projects.html Server-side Javascript Rhino: Javascript implementation in Java • http://www.mozilla.org/rhino/ 29
  30. 30. How to do for Open Web • 모질라 사용자 커뮤니티 http://forums.mozilla.or.kr • 모질라 부가 기능 (Mozilla Addons) http://addons.mozilla.org/ko/firefox/ http://update.mozilla.or.kr/ http://groups.google.com/group/kmozup • 모질라 개발자 센터 (Mozilla Developer Center) http://developer.mozilla.org/ko/ http://groups.google.com/group/mdckorea • 모질라 한국 공식 홈페이지 http://new.mozilla.or.kr/ko/ http://groups.google.com/group/mozillakorea 30
  31. 31. From Mitchell Baker’s Presentation in OSCON 2007 31
  32. 32. From Mitchell Baker’s Presentation in OSCON 2007 32
  33. 33. nity for Open Web Global Commu 33
  34. 34. Thanks for Attention : Q&A Seokchan (Channy) Yun • channy@mozilla.or.kr • http://channy.creation.net • http://l10n.mozilla.org/~channy