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Auditorium case study kamani auditorium (new delhi

  1. AUDITORIUM CASE STUDY KAMANI AUDITORIUM (NEW DELHI – NET CASE STUDY) Submitted by: Samiksha Askar Chandrika Rajaram
  2. INTRODUCTION  Kamani Auditorium, a unit of the Bharatiya Kala Kendra Trust, is the most prestigious Theatre Hall of Delhi.  The Auditorium has been a host to some of the best National and International Theatrical, Dance and Musical Performances.  The Auditorium building is an elegant structure with aesthetically designed Public Areas, Main Hall, Green Rooms, etc.  The Auditorium is strategically located in the Mandi House area of New Delhi at 1, Copernicus Marg.  The Auditorium has one of the finest stages in the City of Delhi with a width of 15 meters and a depth of 14 meters.
  3. Auditorium Ground Plan Wings Corridor House with 516 seates
  4. Balcony Seating of 144 seats Entrance to Balcony Stairs towards Balcony Control Room Toilets Balcony Plan
  5. Cyclorama Wings Space Wings Stage Tormentor Orchestra Pit Stairs for the stage Stage Plan
  6. Ladies Green Room Multipurpose Hall Common Room Gents Green Room Stairs going to the house level Green Room
  7. Lighting on Stage Lighting on House area Lighting Control Room in Balcony Lighting Plan
  8. PHOTOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS Foyer Auditorium Seating View from the Stage View from Balcony
  9. Control Room with lighting and sound controls
  10. Lighting PARCAN lightsFresnels (halogen and spotlights) The ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS)
  11. Acoustics Auditorium Seating acoustic material Acoustic fabric panels are used as sound absorbers Wooden Wall Panels Acoustic Wall Panels