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Bawse legacy 2.2!

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Spares Yo.

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Bawse legacy 2.2!

  1. 1. Hello! And welcome to the Bawse Legacy: Spares Yo!Last Time: Hailey married Zack, one of her lovers from college. Togetherthey had two girls: Kristen and Gabby.Adam met Zack and after a rough beginning the two became goodfriends, even competed over who would care for Kristen, the shiny baby.The elders, Adam and Tara, reminisced on their life and accomplishmentsand looked forward to the rest of their lives.That’s about it, on with the show!!
  2. 2. Here we see Tara cuddling with Gabby which is a shocking sight as thebabies are generally monopolized by Zack or Adam.“Well they’re at work and I figured I’d get some time with my non shinygrandbaby.”There isn’t much of a rush because she’s normal.“Normal isn’t so bad! We love her just the same.”Oh Tara. Silly silly Tara.
  3. 3. “Hmm… So she came out shiny?”“Yup. We’ve never seen a skintone like it! It’s definitely never been usedin the family before, Chan says she doesn’t think she’s used it in general.”“Well, have you gotten her checked out for like rabies or something?”
  4. 4. “Hahaha rabies? She doesn’t have rabies. She’s just unique.”“We could still run tests on her. Maybe see if she’s an alien. If she hassome super powers or something. David and I always love a goodmystery.”“Absolutely not! You can not run tests on your niece. She’s a healthybaby, she’s just shiny.”
  5. 5. “Alllllllllllllllright…. But if you ever want to figure out why she’s reallyshiny, just give me a call. I’ll be right over to find out the truth.”“I’ll keep that in mind honey. I’m sure that you mean that in the best waypossible and it’s said with your niece’s best interest at heart.”“Um… right, of course it is.”
  7. 7. “Umm… What?”“Oh.. Nothing honey. I just had a nightmare about… Never mind. I choseyou. I chose you.”“…Uh… Alright.. You chose me.”
  8. 8. “You’re not shiny… Why is that? Tell me your sister’s powers and wherethey came from.. Oh no reply huh? Maybe this bottle will coax someanswers out of you.”She’s just a baby Amanda.“Oh no. There’s something more going on here and I’m going to figure itout.”
  9. 9. “So how about that game huh?”“Right? 45 points man!”“And half that many assists. He was on fire!”“Hey… You think we’re forgetting something?”“…Gravy. It’s gotta be extra gravy.”“Gravy! You’re a genius Adam.”
  10. 10. “Dad, I don’t live here anymore so when I beat you at chess I’ll be beatingyou in your domain.”“Oh silly girl. You can’t beat me at chess anymore. I stopped letting youwin ages ago.”“And you also stopped winning ages ago too.”
  11. 11. “Oh hush and just move, pup. I’ve been being nice. I see that kindnesshas been mistaken for failure.”“No, that failure has just been recognized for what it truly was.”“You know, I’m trying to remember a day when you weren’t as mouthyas a teething toddler.”“There never was one. I was saucy from the womb.”
  12. 12. “But you always knew who was boss. Who made the rules.”“Yes, but I also knew what I was better than you at.”“Nothing.”“Everything.”“Kid, you couldn’t beat me at swimming If you were a two pound guppy.”
  13. 13. “Ugh, your metaphors are throwing me off.”“No, that’s just the loss kicking in. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.Cause that’s all you’re gonna feel from now on.”
  14. 14. “I graduated honors from college, Father. There’s no way you’re going tobeat me.”“Keep talking. Keep talking.”Um. I don’t know who won, but I feel like Adam should so let’s just sayhe did.
  15. 15. Neighborhood update!Left to right: Laura, Dennis and Ivy, David and Amanda, and Legacy.In the back the one furthest to the right is the Ottomas’ I think.
  16. 16. “That’s what you get for trying to steal Adam!”“Steal him?? I don’t even want him!! He tried to hit on me once and itwas totally lame!”“So what are you doing in here alone with the babies??”“Um.. I was just… They’re… ONE DAY!!!!”
  17. 17. They just went around the house fighting each other! I have no ideawhat their beef with each other is but things got a little heated!The blonde didn’t even go home because she stunk because shewanted to fight the old lady. It was awesome.
  18. 18. “Grr Adam! I want her attention.”“Well I finally got here first!”“I wanna tell her a dirty joke!”“We’re playing red hands!!”“Guys… There’s enough of me to go around…”They do this a lot. This family is so bored they just go around tellingdirty jokes and playing red hands. They upgraded from kicky bag.
  19. 19. It’s double birthday time! Kristen is going to be transitioning to childand Gabby to toddler.Guests from left to right: Zack, Amanda, David, Hailey, Davin, andDanner.
  20. 20. I think she got the nose too. Darn you Tara!“What? It looks good on me!”Yeah yeah yeah. Stats: 4/10/4/8/6. Yay! Keeping the neat points andoutgoing points alive!
  21. 21. Well, this picture doesn’t really show it but she’s a little cutey!Who ALSO got the nose.
  22. 22. “So Dream Dates huh? Those have got to be a riot.”“Aren’t you a little young to be talking about those kid?”“Young? Age ain’t nothin but a number. Say, you think the maid is seeinganyone?”
  23. 23. “I mean… She’s got a nice shape. She’s not fat like a sumo wrestler. Nottoo skinny. She already knows how to clean, huge plus. Red head, myfavorite.”“If you have a crush on her, why don’t you go talk to her?”“Hmm… Well, I don’t want to be forward and she may be a little put offby the whole child thing, but one day Uncle Zack. One day.”
  24. 24. ….What’s there to say?
  25. 25. Your son is a weirdo.“Which one?”Both of them.“It’s not weird, it’s unique.”
  26. 26. Now that she was a child, Kristen wasted little time making friendswith her cousins.“Dude your brother is weird. He’s helping our maid clean up!”“Yeah… He’s… He’s something for sure. I think he said he wanted tomarry her.”“But he’s just a kid!”“He’s an odd one. But we have to keep him.”Amanda: Well we don’t really have to…
  27. 27. “You want to marry the maid??”“Yup.”“Why?”“She’s hot. Duh. Why else?”“Shouldn’t you marry her because you love her with all your heart?”“Pft no, that’s stupid. I love Power Rangers with all my heart. But I’dshare my Power Rangers with her.”“Whoa… That’s deep man.”
  28. 28. “Your son is on a mission to marry Lucy.”“The maid?”“Yup.”“He’s picked someone already? Can’t say he doesn’t have goals forhimself.”“It’s a scary thought that we’ll have to give him up some day though.”“Don’t worry, we’re spares. We can always have more kids.”
  29. 29. I set to teaching Gabby how to walk. Now that she’s a toddler we can puther down and leave her alone until she’s hungry or tired.I think it’s funny how she has Laura’s old haircut. Dad said if she’sanother Romance sim she’s getting kicked out.
  30. 30. “He never called. That will teach that Dennis.”
  31. 31. Laura is surprisingly helpful with little Gabby.I think it’s because she grew up with her haircut.“I’m gonna teach you all I know kid. You’re going to be awesome, justlike me. Boys will just be begging you to f-”Laura!“Figure out how to beat a game for them! Sheesh, cut me some slack.Anyway kid, they’ll also want your-”You’re incorrigible.
  32. 32. “So headmaster. My wife looks smoking in a pair of heels and when shehits the juice a bit, she’ll do just about anything.”“Hmm, that’s interesting Mr. Devereaux. Do, tell me more.”“ADAM! MR. RYAN! I’ll have you know that that is not true! …I look awfulin heels!”
  33. 33. “Well Mr. Devereaux, you almost lost me when your wife said she lookedawful in heels, but I’m willing to make an exception.”“Because of the juice? Yeah, you’re a smart man, just remember-”“Oh dear lord no. Because we can always learn how to style in heelstogether! I’ve always wanted a heel wearing partner!”
  34. 34. Adam teaches Gabby to poop.
  35. 35. “Hey kiddo, I heard you can use the potty by yourself!”“Gabby poopy!!”“Right! High five!!!..... Oooor not.”“Peek-a-boo!”“Sure, let’s play peek-a-boo buddy.”
  36. 36. “Alright pup, you may not be as shiny as your sister, but I think I love youthe same. You’re a cute kid, none the less. As if I expected anything elsefrom my family!”“Granpop! Love Gabby.”“D’awwwwwwwwwwww!”
  37. 37. “So I threw a ball at him and mud got on him. I totally apologizedafterwards but it was really funny!”“Man, I wish I could do that, but my little siblings are too small. All theydo is poop.”“Well you could still play with them. I play with my little sister all thetime. She’s fun!”“Really? I’ll give it a try then!”And thus Kristen put another best friend under her belt.
  38. 38. “You guys remember college?”“Of course. Those were the golden days.”“Hell yeah, David. That’s where I fell in love with Ivy. And I earned lots ofmoney too!!”“I got a lot of studying done and finally found love.”“I went streaking.”
  39. 39. “Whaaaaaaaa?? You went streaking in college Ivy??”“Well, yeah. It was fun!”“Haha looks like you still have a bit to find out there, Dennis.”“Hey if your boys are anything like we think they are, you’ll have a lot tofind out too David.”“Ugh, don’t remind me. Davin is already making plots to lay the maid.”“He aims high that one.”
  40. 40. And if you’re asking: Chan, why are all these people just randomly atthe Legacy house?Well, I’m glad you asked kind viewer, it’s because it’s……
  41. 41. PARTY TIME!!!!!! Gabby is FINALLY going to become a kid!
  42. 42. It’s not what you think… David’s not checking out his wife.From here it doesn’t look like Gabby got the nose. But from the sides, itcompletely disappears.
  43. 43. Aaaand just like all other Devereaux parties, this one boils down to anautonomous kicky bag competition.It’s ok though because we got a roof raiser without a visit from thecops.
  44. 44. “So you’re a kid now… Does that mean I have to share my toys?”“Well… Yes, but not if you don’t want to. I’m sure Dad will buy me myown.”“No way, I want to share! Sharing is awesome.”“Really?? I love to share too!! Being nice is awesome!”“Dude… You’re my best friend.”“Dude…… You too.”Oh nice sims. Gotta love em.
  45. 45. So I think she takes after Zack. I don’t really see a lot of Hailey in there.Maybe in her mouth but everything else looks like Zack.And I gave her a bit of a makeover but kept the Laura hair.
  46. 46. “You’re so pretty mommy.”“Aww thank you sweetheart.”“I hope I look like you when I grow up.”“Well, besides being so shiny, you look a lot like me.”“Really??”“Really.”
  47. 47. “And that’s how you’re going to make money in the world. Just keep thatpretty face of yours and you’ll be rich.”“Whoa… I never knew that.”“Not many do. I just put you ahead of the game kiddo.”
  48. 48. “This does not please me.”Why not?“People don’t like you if you’re smart Chan. I want to make lots offriends, with everyone. But if I’m a brainiac they’ll hate me!”Well that’s not true. Bill Gates has lots of friends.“Bill Gates is rich. He was a total nerd in high school! I’m gonna bepopular. Just you watch.”
  49. 49. Ok boss. So I couldn’t get that face you wanted. But I found us somelovely apartments in the city. I was thinking we could-You imbecile! You can’t store a snowman indoors!But boss hear me out. They have great deals on AC, so we could keep theplace cold all the time! And this would be a perfect place to host ourmixers.Ooo… AC huh? Well that does sound pretty- NO! FIND ME A FACE!!!Fine fine!.. But at least keep the deals in mind. They’re a steal!
  50. 50. “Yay! She’s making friends!”“Hold on Dav, Grandma’s being kinda weird…. I don’t know man, she’sjust cheering me for being on the phone… No the maid isn’t here.Grandma, do you think you could not cheer as loud? It’s hard to hear.”“Sorry sweetheart. I’m just so proud of you!”“Thanks Grandma. No Davin, I will not check for the maid! Sheesh!”
  51. 51. “So Kristen has like 10 best friends, and I only have 5. How come?”“Well, your sister is just more outgoing than you are Sweet.”“That’s not true dad, I have 10 points and she only has 9.”“Yes, but she puts them to use more than you do.”
  52. 52. “I think she’s an alien.”“Gabby! Don’t call your sister an alien.”“I didn’t Grandma. I just think she’s an alien. That would be pretty cool.”“Your sister’s skin tone doesn’t make her an alien. Just a little different isall. But that’s no reason why she makes more friends than you. Ifanything that makes it harder to make friends.”“So I should pity her?”“What? No, that’s not-”
  53. 53. “Got it! Thanks Grandma.”“Sweetheart, don’t pity your sister. Just.. Don’t call her an alien.”“Yeah, like your father says, your sister just puts her outgoing points touse more than you.”“Hmm… Ok… I still think she’s an alien.”“That’s fine. Just don’t pity her for it.”“Adam!”“What? She doesn’t listen to us anyway.”
  54. 54. “I feel like someone is going to have another baby…”“Who do you think it is? Hailey was pretty adamant about not havinganother kid.”“I know.. I’m not sure who, but I know we’re going to have a new familymember. And they’re going to be very different.”“I think that’s kind of the theme of this generation.”
  55. 55. “Sweety, I’m cooking.”“Hungry now.”“Go sit down.”“Ughhhhhhh my stomach is eating itself, I’m starving!!”“If you would just give me 5 seconds, I’d have the pancakes done.”“UGH FIIIIIIIINE!”
  56. 56. “That was more than 5 seconds.”“Oh hush, I had the food done before you even sat down.”Reminds me of Adam in the first chapter. What’s with the males in thisfamily eating when the women are already cooking?
  57. 57. Aww look at them. Peacefully gardening together.
  59. 59. You’re just glutton for punishment. What’re you gonna do next? Start afire? Kill the plants? Death by bees??“Nope! This time will be different! I know it!”He left early due to starvation.
  60. 60. “Dude, your face is weird. You have like a beak nose.”“Wow kid, at least my nose shows up when I turn sideways.”“Shows up? Your nose takes up the screen when you turn sideways. Whydo you think all the pictures of you are either full on or of the back ofyour head?”“Because too much of my sexiness will break the computer.”“Sooo… Because you’re ugly.”
  61. 61. “*whisper* your turn *whisper*”“*whisper* kinda ugly”“*whisper* mess with *whisper*”What’re you guys doing?“Nothing!”
  62. 62. “HAW HAW! YOU SUCK!”When they aren’t being evil and tormenting the neighborhood kids, theeldest Ottamas, they’re cute! Prepare for cuteness in three.. Two..One.
  63. 63. See? Aren’t they, Kristen, just adorable??
  64. 64. Mmmm… Davin grew up hot. His brother’s ok too, I just love the kindof bad boy appeal Davin has.
  65. 65. And it’s birthday time!Left to right: David, Davin, Zack (purple pjs), Mona (pink shirt), Hailey(pink pjs), Lisa, Bernard (David’s alien spawn), and of course, Adam.
  66. 66. Then Gabs and Danner.
  67. 67. Introduce yourself little one.“Hi! I’m Benny and I have two dads!”And you’re a total little cutey!“And I’m a total little cutey!”
  68. 68. “Yay! I’m a teenager.”Great what’s the first thing you’re gonna do?“I could get a job. Apply for scholarships. Go on a date. Hm.”Well you have lots more options and all those things are prettyproductive.“Yeah…All that does sound pretty great but I know exactly what I want todo!”Yeah? What’s that?
  69. 69. Well… It didn’t hurt the party score but it does delay her makeover.I feel like the curls are a little young.
  70. 70. The maid cleaned and faced innuendos from Davin.Parents caught up with their children.
  71. 71. Grandparents met sorta-grandchildren..“You’re eyes.. They’re huge!! And shiny!!!”“Well… I’m an alien Sooo…”“Can we keep him?”‘Fraid not Adam. And we don’t have any knowledge sims so no alienbabies any time soon.
  72. 72. Davin stayed sexy.And in the end everyone had a great time.
  73. 73. “Why am I doing this?”Umm… I’m not sure. You’re a popularity sim, no shock there, and yourLTW has absolutely nothing to do with this.“Well… I could write an article about whether aliens really exist. But mylittle cousin is an alien so there’s no mystery there.”You could write a paternity article and try to figure out who his realdad is?“That’s a great idea! Then I’ll make friends with him!”
  74. 74. Here’s Kristen’s make over. I stayed basically curly, but it looks muchmore mature now.Official Stats: Popularity SimLTW: Media Magnate4/9/4/4/6Turn on: Blonde and Custom HairTurn off: Red Hair
  75. 75. And look! She has a nose ring on her visible nose! And I’ve never usedthat eyeliner before but it looks good on her.We get it Chan… I’m hot.Well I never said that.But you totally thought it.Nope. I just think you’ve grown up.Hotly. It’s ok, I agree.
  76. 76. “So your grandfather still has handcuffs you know!”
  77. 77. “To catch criminals right??”“To catch you if you bring a boy home.”“But dad, I’m gonna bring lots of boys home. How else will I makefriends?”“That’s all you want, is friends?”“For now, sure. Unless something more comes up with one of them. Butonly one of them, don’t worry.”“Hmm… Ok… We’ll see.”
  78. 78. “Wappah!”“Ayeeee!”
  79. 79. “So Dav, when do you guys think you’re going to be going to college?”“Uhh, not sure really. Chan wants us all to go at the same time so as soonas you’re done skilling, I think we’ll be on our way.”“You guys don’t have to skill?”“*scoff* No, we’re spare kids. We cheat for everything.”“Yeah, we haven’t studied a day in our life. I actually think our life hasonly been a day.”
  80. 80. “Ugh, how unfair. Chan is working me like a mad woman. I haven’tthrown a single party since I grew up!”“Le gasp.”“Shut up Danner. You Knowledge sims need to learn how to let loose andparty sometimes!”“Reading is my party, thank you.”
  81. 81. “Ugh, you’re so stubborn. I’m telling you, one day, I’m gonna turn youinto a wild child.”“I think Davin’s wild enough for the both of us.”“Dude, I’m not wild. I just have a bit of fun… Sometimes… Often..Everyday..”“Oh whatever, the only fun you have is watching the maid from yourwindow.”
  82. 82. “Your brother’s a weirdo.”“Yeah… I know.”
  83. 83. “I resent that! I’m not weird. I just know what I want.”“But dude, if you take our maid-”“Lucy.”“Whatever. Who will clean our house??”“There are other maids in the world Kristen. And she’s gonna be mine soyou’d better get used to the idea.”“Yeah yeah yeah. We’ll see. Now come on, Mom maid sandwiches.”“Haw haw.”
  84. 84. “I had to claw you up from the floor one day with a spatula you know…”“You’re still on about this whole BPS thing, huh?”“Yup. The cause shall live forever!!! I will make sure no more babies getmade at this house.”“Well you know Lucy. We would always make babies at my house…”“Wellp, looks like it’s time to get back to cleaning! The sandwiches weredelicious.”
  85. 85. She maxed…. Something… Maybe Creativity.
  86. 86. “Hey, I’m Sharla.”“Kristen. You’re one of the Ottomas kids aren’t you?”“Yup. You’ve met my brother.”“Yeeah… We’ve met… He was quite a character..”
  87. 87. “Ohmigawd, you’re so right… Nobody else in my house understands me.You actually may be the first person who does… You’re my best friend.”“WHOA WHOA! While I love making new friends, we usually have aconversation first! And they don’t try to hug me within 5 minutes ofmeeting!!”“Oh, right. Sorry. I don’t know where that came from. I’m not usually so..Aggressive.”“Yeeeah… Let’s just hang out.”
  88. 88. She tried to hug me… Nobody hugs me so soon.
  89. 89. “So Sharla, tell me a bit about yourself.”What is this, a friendship interview?No… She already failed.“Well… I think your mom is hot!”“Well uh… Thanks I guess…. My mom is a pretty woman.”“Beyond pretty. I mean-”“Oh would you look at that. My sister’s growing up.”
  90. 90. Sharla: Well, I see where you get your good looks. Your grandmother’shot too.Kristen: Gawd she’s so weird.Gabby: Mmmm cake.Tara: YAY! BIRTHDAYS!
  91. 91. I wish… that I always have my family.
  92. 92. This picture was just so awesome to me. I’ve never seen such an epictransition.It’s as if she’s flying and gracefully turning into a pixie of some sortthat’s going to rid the world of all evil.
  93. 93. “Wow… You guys are so hot…”“Umm… Who are you?”“Oh, I’m Sharla! You sister’s best friend!”Aside from Kristen: “She is NOT!!!”
  94. 94. “So grandpa, you really struck gold with this family. I mean, the secondgeneration already! I’d be really proud.”“I am proud. I didn’t think I’d even find such an amazing wife to help mestart off this whole thing.”“Wow… I hope I get to have that some day.”
  95. 95. “I’m sure you will Gabs. I’m sure you will.”Official Stats for Gabs: Family simLTW: Hand of PoseidonTurn on: Fat and Make-upTurn off: Stink4/10/4/8/6
  96. 96. “I’m hideous! Gimme my old hair back!”Sorry Gabs. That hair has been used already. It was cute when youwere a kid, now you’re just a copycat.“Hey people thought it was adorable that I wanted to take after myaunt.”Yeah, when you were 5. You’re the total opposite of a Romance Simnow. It wouldn’t make sense to take after her.
  97. 97. “Eh, I’m hot anyway!”
  98. 98. “Hey Chan!”What’s up?“What’s that noise?”What do you mean?“I hear a whooshing noise. I’ve never heard that before. It feels differenttoo.. Colder.”Oh… that’s just… *sigh* It’s gonna be a rough night for you kiddo.
  99. 99. How you feeling?Pretty good. I got to see my youngest grandchild become a teenager. Myother grandchildren are happy and healthy. My husband loves me. I knowit’ll be tough, but you’ll take care of him for me, won’t you?Of course.Then I have all I ever wanted.
  100. 100. “OMG I get a suitcase???”Yup. Pure faux leather!“No. Way. HEAVEN HAS IT ALL!!”Wait til you see the shoe department…“Saddle up Grimmy! There’s no time to waste!!!!!!!”I’m gonna miss you Tara.
  101. 101. And the first hit is from Adam… It goes downhill from here.
  102. 102. Then Gabby…“UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT OF HERE MATCHMAKER!!! I DON’T WANT TO FIND ANYONE! LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS!!”“Hmm… I can see where I’m not wanted… But I’ll return.”
  103. 103. Then Kristen…
  104. 104. Adam…What?Adam. Look at me.Leave me alone Chan, I’m fine.Adam…I’m fine Chan.
  105. 105. I’m fine…. I’m totally fine. I can handle this. I can………I can’t… I can’t handle this at all…I know buddy..
  106. 106. Alright chap. Pull yourself together. Tara would call you weak for cryingso much when you still have a family to look after. You have to staystrong. For your family. You’ll see her again. I know it. Don’t worryanymore. Stay strong. It’s ok. This is only temporary. The girls need youto be tough for them.
  107. 107. “Grandpa… You ok?”“I… I’m not sure sweetheart. I don’t exactly know how to handle thisexcept to keep on living. That’s what the family needs me to do. That’swhat I’m going to do.”“Well grandpa just know that we love you. And we love Grandma too.”“I love you as well, Sparky. Run along now. Grandpa needs rest.”
  108. 108. “*sigh*”Your dad needs you. He’s taken to the bubbles.
  109. 109. He’s taken to the bubbles and you have to stop him before it gets bad.But my dad’s tough. He’ll be fine.Your father just lost the woman he loved. More than anything in theworld. He needs you now more than he ever has. I could turn this into aplot… but I love Adam too much.
  110. 110. “Dad… Leave those alone.” “They make me feel good Hailey.”“I know… But they’re bad for you. Come inside. Or go for a walk. But justknow we’re here for you.”“I feel so alone…”“Don’t. I know I broke one promise to you. But the other has alwaysbeen kept. I told you when I was a kid I’d love you forever. And I do. Yourwhole family does. Now come inside.”“…Thank you Hailey.”
  111. 111. But… It’s my birthday…. This isn’t what I wished for… I.. I wished forfamily…
  112. 112. UGH! Tara. You were wicked. I was so happy that you called and Iaccepted your Random Downtown Invite. I couldn’t believe I’d luckedup so much.You were hella fun to play and I’m gonna miss you.She left money to 10 people including: Adam ($20,000), Hailey ($6,300),Amanda ($5,400), Dennis ($7,200), and Laura ($7,500).
  113. 113. That’s Gabby’s transition to toddler. She was a little camera shy.Next time: How does Adam hold up after losing Tara? Does Amandafinally get to run tests on Kristen? Does Davin finally get the maid? DoesKristen make more friends? Does Sharla become Kristen’s best friend??Find out all this and less, next time!Thanks for reading!