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Weinstein mrpa 2011

Presentation to Minnesota Recreation and Parks Association 2011. Focusing on leading with a sense of purpose and defining actions in terms of core values of public service.

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Weinstein mrpa 2011

  1. 1. Framing the Value ofParks and Recreation MRPA Annual Conference 2011: Back to our Future September 22, 2011
  2. 2. “Business ethics is so…negative.”
  3. 3. Empower othersto improve the world
  4. 4. Learning across Contexts
  5. 5. Among my teachers…
  6. 6. Agenda• The Power of Purpose• Values for Public Service• The Ethics of Engagement
  7. 7. Way, way back to our future:Learning from Sisyphus • Sisyphus angered gods through a variety of antics. “Accounts vary.” • His sentence was the worst thing the storytellers could imagine for a smart, engaged person.
  8. 8. A virtuous cycle Purpose Pride Expectations Performance
  9. 9. Examples Abound
  10. 10. Aspects of our Purpose
  11. 11. ELA’s Foundational Values forPublic Agencies • Excellent Public Service • Sound Stewardship of Resources • Fairness
  12. 12. Excellent Public Service• Valuable contributions to the community• Attentive to community needs• Leadership in establishing community priorities• Pervasive professionalism: competence and service – External: Follow-up, appearance, etc. – Internal: Ongoing improvement
  13. 13. Sound Stewardship of Resources• Thoughtful expenditures: – Aimed at sufficiency. – Attentive to total cost and value• Investments and expenditures linked to mission and community priorities.• Maintenance and conservation.• Commitment to ongoing improvement.• Informing community of true value proposition.
  14. 14. Fairness• Consistent treatment• Safety, adequate materials and equipment• Honest and open information sharing• Appreciation for time and effort• Respect
  15. 15. Please share your thoughts. Current value set based on 50+ working groups and interviews. Do you have something to add? cweinstein@ethinact.com 651-646-1512
  16. 16. The Old Employment Model: “Master-Slave” Not all slavery structures were/are the same.Slavery didn’t pay off for anyoneSee Eugene Genovese, The Political Economy of Slavery: Studiesin the Economy and the Society of the Slave South, 1965.
  17. 17. Measuring Engagement• Retention• Safety• Customer Service• Productivity• Profitability Source: Gallup Q12 Summary
  18. 18. Employee Engagement Drivers • Clear expectations for performance • Adequate materials and equipment • Ability to succeed in assigned roles • A supervisor who cares about subordinates • Co-workers committed to quality work • Opportunities to learn and growSource: Gallup Q12 Summary
  19. 19. Best Practices from Hospice Care• Group sessions to process, share (and grieve).• Individual relationships pervade teams and enterprise.• Culture of mutual support and awareness
  20. 20. The oldest leadership seminar If we • Safety and comfort aren’ttellingstories, • Tactical informationotherssurely are! • Problem-solving • Strategic decisions • Who are we???
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention!Chad WeinsteinEthical Leaders in Action, LLCcweinstein@ethinact.com651-646-1512 “We enable ethical leaders to achieve extraordinary results”