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Enhancing a Modular Redesign with Enhanced WebAssign

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Recording Date: 2/6/14
Presenter: Luke Walsh

A modular approach to redesign is a perfect fit for the tools and features found in Enhanced WebAssign (EWA). In this session, we will explore the powerful resources found in EWA, showing how simple they are to implement for instructors and keep students engaged and elevated in their thinking. Come learn how to harness the power of EWA and get your developmental math students learning math, not just doing math.

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Enhancing a Modular Redesign with Enhanced WebAssign

  1. 1. Welcome! A Few Items… • Share in the Chat Box (on the right of your screen): Name, Title, School, and Courses you teach • Please direct questions to the Chat Box • Today’s presentation is being recorded • We will begin shortly!
  2. 2. Enhancing a Modular Redesign with Enhanced WebAssign Luke Walsh Full-time Mathematics Instructor Catawba Valley CC Hickory, NC lwalsh@cvcc.edu Twitter: @lukeselfwalker
  3. 3. Outside of education redesign means...
  5. 5. More REDESIGN Information REDESIGN Mathematics: Revisiting Expectations for Developmental Education while Siting Information and Guidance for Navigation View Recording>> Presentation Slides>> Dr. Rochelle Beatty Peer-to-Peer Programs Faculty Advisory- Program Manager, Cengage Learning Adjunct Professor, Johnson County Community College and Kansas City Community College
  6. 6. More about redesign http://www.amatyc.org/?page=Webinars
  7. 7. What do you see in redesign? REDESIGN
  8. 8. Is there a hidden message here? REDESIGN
  10. 10. A product that fits right in. REDESIGN W A
  11. 11. What a difference 3 letters can make!
  12. 12. Go Ahead With Enhanced Web Assign REDESIGN W A
  13. 13. Paperwork, it does not go away.
  14. 14. 16 Week Seated Course VS 2 Day Transition • Enrolling students happens 4 times a semester • Courses need to be set up 4 times a semester • This potential chaos is a smooth transition because of EWA
  15. 15. Blackboard & EWA
  16. 16. Logging into EWA with one simple click
  17. 17. Great for teachers and students • EWA can save time for teachers but what can it do for students? • How can EWA enhance a module course?
  18. 18. Quality Screen Time? Online math, really?
  19. 19. Quality Class Time Umm, I’m not in 5th grade any more!
  20. 20. The Power of Enhanced WebAssign • Enhanced WebAssign is a tool that engages students in and outside the classroom. • EWA gets students learning math not just doing math.
  21. 21. How does EWA engage? E W A EWA EASY
  22. 22. http://webassign.com/cengage
  23. 23. Sweet Carolina, oh, oh, oh.
  24. 24. Provide More, They Do More
  25. 25. EWA Efficacy Study Noteworthy Results: • Students overwhelmingly indicated they valued the Watch It component as the most important learning tool. • 7 out of 10 students using EWA said they were more motivated to learn and completed practice problems on their own even if not assigned or graded.  cengage.com/engagementcenter
  26. 26. EWA Efficacy Study Noteworthy Results: • Students using EWA received higher final course grades than students in similar courses without access to EWA. • Twice as many (50% more) students using EWA received a final “A” grade for the course as those without access to EWA.  cengage.com/engagementcenter
  27. 27. Take EWA to the limit! EWA has thousands of pre-programmed questions but you can easily add your own if you want.
  28. 28. Creating your own.
  29. 29. Easily Personalize Your Course
  30. 30. Learn the math, not just do the math • Provide developmental students other opportunities to explore math, so that they can see that just doing the math is not the main goal. • Challenge myself: “How can EWA motivate and engage students to learn the math?”
  31. 31. “Be all you can be in the PSP!”
  32. 32. Inside the Personal Study Plan
  33. 33. Personal Study Plan Settings
  34. 34. Personalize Instructions
  35. 35. The PSP is more than just math. • The study plan can help a developmental student – build their confidence of math – create a positive learning experience – help reduce their math anxiety
  36. 36. The Power of Reports
  37. 37. Search and See How Others Use EWA After setting up my WebAssign to take attendance, I no longer have to ask my students about their absences or being late and the majority of my students approach me to explain the situation and inquire about the work they missed. Dale Dawes – The City University of New York (CUNY): Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) Attendance Case Study
  38. 38. Why did I choose EWA?
  39. 39. Digital Solutions Coordinator You may never know what to expect, but expect the best from your DSC!
  40. 40. Digital Course Support  www.cengage.com/services
  41. 41. Summary • EWA is a powerful tool for teachers and for students inside and outside of the classroom. • EWA is an engaging resource for developmental math students. • EWA has the potential to get students learning the math not just doing the math. • There are plenty of people to support you.
  42. 42. Join Us! Upcoming Webinars  www.cengage.com/services Click on Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development & Consulting  Flipping the Mathematics Classroom with Enhanced WebAssign March 6, 2014 @ 3:00 PM ET  Flipping the Developmental Math Classroom with Enhanced WebAssign March 13, 2014 @ 4:00 PM ET  Modifying Student Behavior for Improved Outcomes March 20, 2014 @ 3:00 PM ET
  43. 43. Enhancing a Modular Redesign with Enhanced WebAssign Luke Walsh Full-time Mathematics Instructor Catawba Valley CC Hickory, NC lwalsh@cvcc.edu Twitter: @lukeselfwalker