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Celonis for S/4HANA Migration

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In this session we'll present how Celonis can be used to support your S/4HANA migration, including use cases for different the phases of your migration.

Dr. Pol Schumacher, Distinguished Data Scientist, Celonis
Peter Budweiser, Data Scientist | Solution Engineer, Celonis
Tina Menke, Data Science & Management Consultant

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Celonis for S/4HANA Migration

  1. 1. 1 S/4HANA Methodology Pol Schumacher, Distinguished Data Scientist, Celonis Peter Budweiser, Data Scientist, Celonis Tina Menke, Junior Data Scientist, Celonis
  2. 2. 2 MOTIVATION There is a three-digit million budget involved in system migrations. DEUTSCHE POST wrote off €308 million on their migration project and €37 Million in provisions for its reversalCOSTS TIME A system migration is a highly complex, long-term IT- project. The project at LIDL got cancelled after 7 years having sunk €500 Million into it RISK The failure of S/4HANA-project has a dramatic impact on corporate performance. HARIBO lost 25% of revenue in the year after the failed S/4 project
  3. 3. 44 VALUE PROPOSITION FOR S/4HANA MIGRATION Event Collection Offers an easy connection to the source systems within one week and thereby enabling an immediate process exploration Reduce Project Risk Get unmatched insights into your as-is processes to reduce the risk of overlooking key requirements Optimize Internal & External Effort Facilitate process analysis and documentation to deploy internal & external effort more efficiently Shorten Project Duration Accelerate template development by fast testing of blueprints Process Discovery & Analytics 100% transparency of your processes speeds up expert workshops and facilitates the analysis of customizations, transaction codes, system usage and so on App Store Over 55 out-of-the-box connectors and S/4HANA migration specific Apps allow for a fast reconstruction and analysis of the processes Action Engine Acts as a personal assistant for every user in the Hypercare period by sending signals whenever the system is not used in the optimal way Intelligent Business Cloud 1 2 3
  5. 5. 7 Template Development Roll-Out Post Migration Pre Migration USE CASES 1 2 3 4 • Document the as-is process from business and IT perspective • Compare customization, standardization and efficiency of source systems • Develop a blueprint based on best practices • Analyze the fit gap of the new template using machine learning capabilities • Speed up the Hypercare period by enabling of users to improve their user behavior by themselves • Prioritize changes based on fit-gap insights • Monitor standardization and efficiency of systems • Continuously improve the processes POST MIGRATION PRE MIGRATION Prioritize and plan change management based on Fit Gap insights Determine relevant source systems Reconstruct and document processes Quantify process costs and calculate ROI of S/4 migration Milestone 1: As-Is Analysis completedTesting of changes based on identified transaction sequences 1 ROLL-OUT3 4 TEMPLATE DEVELOPMENT 2 Compare systems w.r.t. standardization and efficiency Fit Gap Analysis: test first draft on current implementation Refine first draft based on identified deviations Develop first version of blueprint based on best practices Milestone 3: System migrated to S/4 Hypercare support and user enablement Continuously monitor and improve processes A A AConformance Action Engine Celonis Milestone 2: S/4 Template Design completed C C C
  6. 6. 8 APP STORE 25+ SAP PROCESS CONNECTORS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION MARKETING & SALES ORDER FULFILLMENT ACCOUNTING GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN S/4: Pre-Migration Ready4S4 S/4: Pre-Migration Process Documentation S/4: Pre-Migration System Customization S/4: Template Development Fit-Gap Analysis S/4: Roll-Out Hypercare Support S/4: Post-Migration Performance Monitoring The Celonis App Store offers you access to templates to kickstart your S/4HANA Migration, build on existing knowledge and create the foundation for objective discussions. 412+ANALYSES 30+ NON-SAP CONNECTORS PROCUREMENT
  7. 7. 99 Prepare for Continuous Improvement Support Stakeholder during Deployment Build the Digital Truth • S/4 migration only first step of a continuous improvement cycle • Monitoring of new system to ensure that promised advantages are fulfilled Ongoing Improvement • Every employee can track their actions in the new system • Employees learn how they need to use the new template • Employees are empowered to proactively self regulate their behavior User Adoption Jim Brady Schlumberger Vice President of IT Architecture and Governance “Celonis helps us to accelerate the transformation at SLB to introduce a better way of working.” • Improve process before the migration to enable a faster rollout Click for video S/4HANA MIGRATION @ SCHLUMBERGER 1 2 3 • Use conformance checking and user adoption monitoring for a shortened Hypercare period • Continuously improve in the post-deployment phase to ensure stable business TAKEAWAYS Click for video
  8. 8. 10 CELONIS IMPLEMENTATION IN AN S/4 PROJECT DescriptionMilestones Optional: Parallel user enablement via training cloud and on-site trainings Project Kick-off Go-Live Process Validated Results & Process Documentation Refined ProcessConnection to source systems set-up Effort Celonis Data Scientist  Goals and process definition  Process discovery Setup & Preparation 1 5 MD 3 MD 3 MD  Data model deployment and validation  Process visualization  Go-Live of S/4 migration apps from App Store Process Connection 3 5 MD 1 MD 1 MD  Analysis of the process from the SAP standard perspective  High-level standardization and usage analysis Workshop Preparation 4 6 MD 1 MD 1 MD  Update process reconstruction based on business input  Documentation of process and results Update and Final Validation 6 3 MD 4 MD 2 MD Set-up connection to source systems 2  Set up continuous data extraction from source systems to IBC  Validation of process data 5 MD 0 MD 3 MD  Workshop conduction on basis of previous results  Recording of customizations and system breaks Refinement with Business 5 5 MD 5 MD 2 MDIT Business One-Time Effort 19-29 MD 6-12 MD 11-14 MD Σ *MD = man day (8 hours)
  9. 9. 11 BUSINESS CASE OVERVIEW Optimize External Effort Celonis Process Mining provides better and more detailed results for assessing the as-is process leading to reduced consulting effort per process. 644 - 731 k€ (one time) Celonis Process Mining reduces the effort demanded from internal resources for data provision and project management, by providing data driven insights. 81 - 99 k€ (one time) Having full process transparency from the very beginning lets companies speed up all phases of their S/4 migration and benefit from improved processes earlier. 882 - 1.764 k€ (one time) Leveraging Celonis to standardise processes during the course of the S/4 migration results in significant savings in process cost. 1.764 - 3.528 k€ p.a. 1.6-2.6 M€ one time savings Accelerated Migration Optimize Internal Effort Increased Process Standardization Total Impact 1.7-3.5 M€ yearly benefits + * Based on a model company with €2.8bn revenue, 15k employees, 7 migrated processes and 450k cases per process per year
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  12. 12. 15 OPTIMIZED SPEND FOR EXTERNAL RESOURCES Description How much money do you spend on consulting fees and could these be avoided? ANALYSIS € 641k – 731k SAVINGS Consultants support nearly every migration and require significant financial resources. Especially in the pre-migration phase, high consulting fees occur for workshops to manually try to assess the as-is process and derive a to be blueprint. Workshops require preparation and follow and which involved costly consulting man days as well as internal resources. After the first rollout adoption needs to be monitored and templates need to be refined accordingly. Celonis Process Mining provides better and more detailed results for assessing the as is process subsequently monitor rollout and refine the blueprint. Time and money is specifically saved in reducing the effort for gathering data, doing manual process assessment workshops, identification of best practices and data analysis to monitor adoption. Assumptions # workshops for process assessment: 5 per process Consulting effort (assessment): 10 man days (MD) per workshop Consulting effort (template development & refinement): 40 man days (MD) per process TotalConsulting effort without Celonis: 90 man days per process External effort with Celonis: 19 – 29 man days per process Cost per man day: € 1.500 Core Processes in the migration: 7 (Consulting effort w/o Celonis – Consulting effort w/ Celonis) * Cost/MD * Core Processes Results
  13. 13. 16 OPTIMIZED INTERNAL EFFORT Description What’s the internal effort for employees that can be reduced? ANALYSIS € 81k – 99k SAVINGS In addition to external consultants, also the internal capacity is tied up. Especially internal IT and business process owners are heavily demanded for delivering input for the process assessment and attending workshops to discuss the future to be process. Furthermore, a dedicated internal project management team is required to coordinate the project with the consultant, support them by providing internal contacts etc. Celonis Process mining reduces the effort demanded from internal resources for data provision and project management, by providing data driven insights instead of FTE-heavy manual assessment and by accelerating the overall migration project. Assumptions # workshops: 5 per process # internal people per workshop: 6 Required time (incl. prep & follow up): 15h Internal FTE for project management: 4 man days per process Total Internal effort without Celonis: 60 man days per process Internal effort with Celonis: 17-26 man days FTE / man days: €80.000/ 235 man days = € 340 Core Processes in the migration: 7 (Internal effort w/o Celonis – Internal effort w/ Celonis) * Cost/MD * Core Processes Results
  14. 14. 18 INCREASED PROCESS STANDARDIZATION Description What is the value of leveraging Celonis to standardize business processes in the course of the S/4 migration ANALYSIS €1.8m - €3.5m SAVINGS p.a. The migration to S/4 offers the potential to review and standardize business processes. Especially, those items that do not follow a common standard require significant rework and often lack automation. Leveraging Celonis to standardise processes in the course of the S/4 migration results in significant savings in process cost.  40% of all cases (=180k cases) are not covered by the top ten process variants  Compared to standardised cases benchmarks have shown that those 180k non- standardised cases require 5-10 min of additional manual intervention  Assuming we can standardise 40% of its current non-standardised cases this results in an overall standardisation potential of $252k - $504k p.a. per process Assumptions Remaining non-standardised cases: 180k Add. invested effort per case: 5 min – 10 min FTE hours per year: 1,880 hours = 112,800 min Annual FTE cost: €80.000 FTE / min: €80.000/ 112,800 = €0,70 Standardisation realisation factor: 40% Core Processes in the migration: 7 Non-standardised Cases per process * Invested effort * FTE Costs * Realisation Factor * Core processes Europe North America APAC ? Results
  15. 15. 19 ACCELERATED MIGRATION Description What is the value of being able to move your processes to S/4 faster. ANALYSIS The execution of time consuming workshops and manual process assessment and template blueprinting activities prolongs the migration project timeline. Having full process transparency from the very beginning lets you speed up all phases of your S/4 migration and benefit from improved processes earlier.  Accelerated as-is assessment : - 3 months  Accelerated blueprint development: - 2 months (Less iterations & faster fit gap analysis)  Faster Rollout and final adjustments: - 1 month Assumptions Migration to S/4 faster: - 6 months Savings of running the optimized process after migration: € 252k - € 504k * Core Processes in the migration: 7 Faster migration [months] * Savings of optimised process per process * Core Processes Results $882k - $1.8m SAVINGS*See calculation for value of increased standardisation