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Social Media Playbook

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Here's how I use my social media accounts and the previously unsaid guidelines I subconsciously follow on my digital channels.

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Social Media Playbook

  1. 1. Image: janeb13, CC0 SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK A condensed version Cecilia Distefano
  2. 2. E-mails Texts Facebook Instagram Neko Atsume (Japanese cat collecting game) Snapchat YouTube LinkedIn, WordPress, Weatherzone, misc. apps One morning, as I woke up I decided to record all of the apps I used in order on my smartphone before even getting up. I thought it was interesting to see that I watched a few YouTube videos before checking the weather. I use the weather app to decide what I’m going to wear that day – so getting up simply wasn’t on my mind until I had checked all of my social media channels. Further proof that digital media is such an entrenched factor in our lives!
  3. 3. These are some of the ‘guidelines’ for my personal accounts that I subconsciously follow (keep in mind I use Instagram as my dog). Facebook Instagram Snapchat Intended audience Friends/family. Other dogs, dog lovers. Friends. Purpose Keep up with latest news and share my own in my friendship circles. Share photos with filters in square format. Share ten second informal pictures/videos. Can include filters & geolocations Content Interesting links (often relating to feminism), memes, status updates. Goofy pictures to disprove the stereotype that Rottweilers are a vicious breed. Images of studying, going out with friends, my dog (as always).
  4. 4. These are some of the ‘guidelines’ for my professional accounts that I subconsciously follow. Twitter is in between the professional and personal. LinkedIn Wordpress Twitter Intended audience Potential employers and professional networks. The world wide web, particularly those with shared interests (food, digital media). Classmates, professionals. Purpose Scout job opportunities, make connections with companies I’d like to work for. Build a portfolio of written work on topics I enjoy. Share 140 character tweets on what’s happening right now. Content Industry news, latest career updates. Share posts on both my blogs: Melbourne Kebab Quest and Cecilia Writes. Links to relevant articles relating to the course, what I ate for breakfast, short rants.
  5. 5. Less Less Less More More More Formal language Sense of humour Emotionality The tone I use when I conduct myself on social media. Twitter is quite neutral, sitting mostly in the middle.