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From destructive competition to constructive competition

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The speaker, Chaitanya Charan, is a monk, mentor and spiritual author. He has written 20 books and writes the world's only daily blog on the timeless spiritual class, Bhagavad-gita, at gitadaily.com

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From destructive competition to constructive competition

  1. 1. From destructive competition to constructive competition
  2. 2. Where competition helps – and where it hurts Competition brings out the best in things and the worst in people. Does it have to be like that?
  3. 3. Constructive Competition example Djokovic: Federer and Nadal have made me better players
  4. 4. We are meant for more than competition Competition is a fact of life, but it is not the only fact of life From animals to humans: from survival of the fittest to sacrifice by the fittest
  5. 5. You are unique – like everyone else Focus on what your contribution is, not on what your competition is We all can contribute to shaping a better world if we can focus on how we can do better, not on how we can do better than others
  6. 6. Expanding our consciousness Scarcity mentality: “There is only so much pie" vs Abundance mentality: “There is enough pie for me; I just need to discover it”
  7. 7. Look inwards What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us - Oliver Wendell Holme
  8. 8. Our attitude matters more than our competition What holds us back is not what we are, but what we think we aren’t
  9. 9. Our attitude matters more than our competition Creativity is not a competition. Eg flower just blossoms, doesn’t seek to be better than an adjacent flower
  10. 10. Focus on what you can bring out We have talents and capacities we don’t know about Eg Inheritance with buried treasure in backyard
  11. 11. Thought-exercise Think of a time when you discovered that you could do something you had thought you couldn’t
  12. 12. Destructive Competition’s destructive results “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Attributed to Einstein
  13. 13. Destructive competition -> Disaster Growth is natural & desirable Cancer also features growth, but it is disharmonious & destructive
  14. 14. Destructive competition In action: We sabotage others so that they don’t succeed Eg. Crabs in well keep each other down
  15. 15. Destructive competition In intention: We sabotage ourselves by our negative comparisons Eg. Ant moving south on an elephant moving north
  16. 16. Towards constructive competition See others as spurs, not threats Compare yourself with yourself
  17. 17. Spiritual perspective We have been provided what we need for our existence, why not for our success? Eg. Food & Digestion
  18. 18. The power of conscious intention When we exert our full power with positive intent, we attract powers beyond ours to cooperate
  19. 19. Thought-exercise Think of a time when factors beyond you facilitated you in achieving something important
  20. 20. Achievement & Fulfillment We may not achieve all our dreams, But when we focus on contribution, not competition, our achievement brings fulfillment