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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

  1. 1. Welcome to Professional Supplier of Printed Circuit Copyright @Agile Circuit Co., Ltd
  2. 2. Professional PCB supplier in China  1 to 26 layers varies type of boards  Prototype, short-run or high volume production PCBs  High-Tech & Environmentally Friendly PCBs Copyright @Agile Circuit Co., Ltd
  3. 3. Product PCB Products  Conventional PCB  HDI  Flexible  Quick Turn Value added services  Printed Circuit Assembly Copyright @Agile Circuit Co., Ltd
  4. 4. Our Advantage  On Spec, on Time, on Budget….  Fast Quotation, Cost aggressive  No MOQ, No order is small order  Flexible tackle and quick operation on urgent issue  High & advanced production capabilities  Technical and professional support  Net Payment terms available  Adequate capacity for large demand, up to 500,000sq.ft per month  Long-time partnership with professional facilities  Integrated supply service, One stop PCB solution Copyright @Agile Circuit Co., Ltd
  5. 5. Capabilities  3/3 mil line width and space  0.2mm min mechanical drill size, laser drill available for smaller holes  Heavy Copper:105um(3oz) for inner layer and 140 um(4oz) for outer layers max  Selective gold plating, gold thickness up to 3um(120u”)  Lead free,RoHS compliant surface finish:Leadfree HAL,OSP/ENTERK,Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver…  Carbon Ink Printing, Peelable Mask  Blind & Buried Via holes, HDI, Microvias  High Tg,High Frequescy,Halogen Free Materials  Aluminum Substrate  Back Panel, Chip on Board for Wire Bonding Copyright @Agile Circuit Co., Ltd
  6. 6. Quality & Engineering Quality system and standards  ISO9001:2000,ISO14001:2004,ISO/TS16949:20002 approved and UL certified facilities  100% check, acceptance standard IPC-A-600-F Quality Goals  Outgoing qualified productivity rate:  Double sided: 98% Multilayer:96%  On time delivery:100% Process first pass:90%  Engineering manufacturing first pass percentage :95%  CPK (Statistical Process Control) >1.67 Engineering  Acceptable File: Gerber file(RS-274X or RS-274d With aperture list and drill files),Protel,PADS,POWERPCB,AUTOCAD  CAM Software: Genesis,CAM350 Copyright @Agile Circuit Co., Ltd
  7. 7. Cooperation  Dedicated & specialized production  Upholding your quality  Competitive price  On-time delivery  Always satisfy you more than you expect Sincerely to become your offshore partner Copyright @ Agile Circuit Co., Ltd