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A lone woman driver! Know how to Protect yourself!

Being a lone woman driver can have its own share of risks besides car crashes. You are vulnerable and can become a victim of a car hijack, a sexual predator, police impersonation and abduction. These are some common hazards on the road that women tend to face. According to the Ron Ruecker who is the International Association Of Chiefs Of Police, he states most of the car crimes circling women take place when they leaving or going to their vehicles in the parking lots. These are risky places as there are thieves that are on the lookout to steal property and cars. This does not mean that as a woman you have to be very scared. The solution is to be smart and keep a lookout for trouble. Being aware and prepared also keeps you on your toes in case you are confronted with suddenly.

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A lone woman driver! Know how to Protect yourself!

  1. 1. Are You A Lone Woman Driver? Know How To Protect Yourself!! RISK: • Car Hijacking • Sexual Predator • Police Impersonation • Abduction
  2. 2. Check Where You Park The Vehicle! • Parking Lot Should Have Good light • Avoid Spots Which Have Less Number Of Cars Parked • Stay Away From Commercial Model Vans • Use Payable Parking Lots PRECAUTION
  3. 3. Keep Your Car Keys In Hand! RISK: • Criminals and Wrongdoers can mug you. • They can hijack the car or abduct you. • Do Not Keep Keys In Your Handbag • Consider Keeping A Pepper Spray With The Key Chain • Lock The Car Properly PRECAUTION
  4. 4. Look At Other Vehicle Near Yours! • Check if the car beside your car has any passenger and whether the car is pulling out or idle. • If latter happens, it is better to flee PRECAUTIONS
  5. 5. Do Not Be Deceived By People Who Ask For Help! • Lone Man In Remote Location • Call Police or 911 and ask for help if you assume a car breakdown PRECAUTION
  6. 6. Unmarked Police Car Pull Over! • Call 911 if you feel that the patrol officer is suspicious, ask for his identification. • Drive off to a well populated place. PRECAUTION
  7. 7. Keep Directions At Hand! • Keep Directions Handy • Keep A GPS Device in Your Vehicle • Install A portable Navigation System Which Are Available for Less Than $200 • May Use Sports Watch Too PRECAUTIONS
  8. 8. Service The Vehicle Well! • Maintain Your Engine Well • Check Your Car Batteries • Ensure That You Have A Well Serviced Car PRECAUTION
  9. 9. • Read Your Car Manual Thoroughly. • Service It Properly, Maintain It. • Check The Car Properly Before Going On a Long Drive. PRECAUTION Safety And Security Features Of A Car!
  10. 10. Have A Plan When You Sense Trouble! • May Be A Carjacker Or A Potential Abductor • Run If You Are Near Your Car • Call 911 Or Nearest Gas Station • If You Sense That Abductor Is In Your Backseat Slam Your Brakes To Disbalance Them PRECAUTIONS
  11. 11. Inform Someone Where You Are Going! • Plan Your Driving Course And Overnight Stops. • Inform Your Trip About A Person You Trust. • Keep A Mobile Phone With You. PRECAUTION
  12. 12. Email: info@carservicing4less.co.uk Carservicing4less Ltd 104-106 Newlands park, Sydenham, SE26 5NA For more such articles: Visit http://www.carservicing4less.co.uk/blog/