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Ed tech story book community.1

  1. Community Centre Our Community
  2. Hello, my name is Sam and this is my friend Jada. This is our community. Community is just a fancy way of saying this is where we live. Our community is located by the ocean. Can you see us?
  3. Our community has lots of mountains also. Do you have mountains in your community? Mountains are high peaks of land that are mostly cold or cooler on top!
  4. Our favourite part of the community is the beach. It is fun to play in the sand and in the water. It is leather back turtle season. This is when the turtles come to lay eggs on the shore.
  5. One day, a turtle was trapped in a fishing net while trying to come ashore to lay her eggs. People from the community, turtle watchers and life guards were all running to help free the turtle from the net.
  6. Everyone in the community worked together to help free the turtle from the net. They assisted her on the shore where she was able to lay her eggs. They all hugged, smiled and thanked one another for their job well done.
  7. Community Centre
  8. We love being a part of this community.