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Creating Custom Newsletter Assignment

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Provided by Professor Matthew McCutchin at the University of Texas at Austin. In this assignment students learn how to utilize tags and searches on the Meltwater platform to create their own newsletter

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Creating Custom Newsletter Assignment

  1. 1. PR 317 Owned Media Assignment: Create A Custom Newsletter With Meltwater. You'll demonstrate the power of Owned Media this week with another Meltwater tool, Newsletter. Newsletters have long been a staple of PR efforts. But instead of printed and mailed pieces, you'll create custom-content newsletters based on tags and search terms, then e-mail them to a customized list. In other words, you'll learn how to let the robots do the work. For this assignment, you'll create a custom newsletter for a non-profit organization of your choice, based on topics relevant to that organization. 1. Create 2 Tags For Topic Searches After logging into our class Meltwater account like we have before, you'll start your newsletter by creating a couple of TAGS for a search. Think of two different tags/terms or phrases that are relevant to your non-profit. Here are detailed instructions: https://support.meltwater.com/hc/en- us/articles/115007287287-Source-Selection You'll want to try different combinations of words, dates, and other parameters to get a good variety. You'll eventually want to include THREE articles for each tag/term. So, if you're getting hundreds of matches, you may need to narrow it down; getting only 1-2, then it's too narrow. For the DEMO newsletter, I chose two terms: "Stan Richards School" (SRS), and "Longhorns." From these, I chose three articles each to include in the actual newsletter. Feel free to open these up and see what they look like. 2. Create Your Newsletter Once you've saved your two tags, here are detailed instructions on how to use Meltwater's Newsletter: https://support.meltwater.com/hc/en-us/articles/219133617-Getting-Started-with- the-Newsletter?flash_digest=309d73f2d970cbdc0914fa55d6a0bacf26e197b1
  2. 2. Create 2 sections, with 3 articles each. Note: It's not always easy to get back to the various pages as you go through the steps. When in doubt, go back to the "Outputs" tool in the main Meltwater toolbar, then click on your newsletter, then click the "Edit" tool--looks like a pencil. Go ahead and use the "Default" template, also. Save your Newsletter Name with your last name: "PR317 Lastname" 3. Send Your Newsletter Choose the "PR 317 Project 3: Newsletter" list under "To:". Then hit the green "Send Now" button, and you'll send your newsletter to the TA and I. Here's what the last screen looks like:
  3. 3. Here's what the DEMO Newsletter looks like in your inbox: ###