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Trailer research

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Trailer research

  1. 1. What makes an effective trailer
  2. 2. How does the trailer communicate Narrative? The strangers ◼ Narrative – A young couple are randomly selected by three unknown killers in their house and are traumatized. Conventional narrative. ◼ The trailer starts off with the equilibrium, the sound is calm and romantic. A mixture of establishing shots of where the movie is going to be set, along with montage of romantic shots of candles and flowers and the man proposing to the lover. Then suddenly the music gets interrupted by a loud bang (the disruption). The trailer fades to black with words on the screen ‘inspired by true events’, a common enticement. As soon as the trailer turns scary, there’s low key lighting used for the majority of the trailer.
  3. 3. How its going to influence out trailer ◼ Just like in the strangers our trailer will fade to black quite a lot and include low key lighting and both non and digenetic sounds. The fade to black will scare the audience as it will show the mysterious unknown character briefly throughout the trailer and keep the audience guessing.
  4. 4. Characters ◼ Character – White young couple and unknown killers. ◼ Setting – The film is based in the couple’s house and the scenes were were filmed mostly in the dark. The house is located in a secluded area in the woods. ◼ Our trailer will also be based in a secluded area in the woods with no other houses nearby and no signs of normality just like in the strangers.
  5. 5. Editing  I Know What you did Last Summer:  Establishing and tracking shots with long edits with transitions to show the equilibrium is used effectively (Young people having fun). A convention of horror trailers.  When the accident takes place (the complication/disruption) the editing is replaced with hard fast cuts which is reflected by the non-diegetic soundtrack.  The scenes shown reflect the characters terror and creates enigma.
  6. 6. Editing
  7. 7. Editing Flashbacks has also been used in “I know what you did last summer” for example it shows scenes from what happened last summer and also shows scenes from the present and this is really effective because time in manipulated through editing. This demonstrates how what the teens done in the past is affecting them in their present lives which portrays to the audience that both the past flashback scenes and the present scenes are linked. We are not planning to use flashbacks in our trailer however we are planning to use sudden flashes/ scenes fading to black throughout our movie because it is a good technique like mentioned before to engage the audience. Flashbacks inspired us to use this method of editing as we want to scare the audience using our editing techniques.
  8. 8. Sound ◼ In an effective trailer diegetic and non-diegetic sound is used to build tension and scare the audience. ◼ For example in, I know what you did last summer, In fear, Scream and The Strangers” screaming is a signifier of the expected content. ◼ Silence is used when characters are alone and vulnerable, particularly in Scream. ◼ Lastly diegetic sound (windows/mirrors smashing, car beep) are effective because noises they make also gets the audience scared ◼ This portrays that if we want to scare the audience we must use diegetic sound in our trailer and specific soundtrack and sound effects.
  9. 9. Sound Window smashing Character screaming I know what you did last summer
  10. 10. Title and Text ◼ Title and text makes an effective trailer because they portrayed a lot about the trailers we picked and watched. ◼ For example the ‘In fear’ trailer enables us to fear terrifying scenes in the trailer. The texts actually portray that the trailer is “gripping and terrifying” and obviously we expect that in the actual movie. In Fear
  11. 11. Enigma ◼ Between the three horror films, all three of them have complex enigma's. However, the most intriguing enigma out of the three films has to be “In Fear”. Compared to the other two “In fear” Doesn’t show who or what the killer is. It rather wants the audience to question who the killer is. ◼ The other movies already show who the killer is therefore this does not create suspense making. A scary movie without Enigma is not effective enough.
  12. 12. Excitement ◼ “I know what we did last summer ” creates a sense of excitement by using fast paced music, jump cuts ◼ Compared to the other two film trailers; " I know what you did last summer" creates a better sense of excitement because of how the trailer has been edited and the type of soundtrack they played. It makes us feel as if you're amongst the the characters.
  13. 13. Engage the audience ◼ In the "Scream" trailer the main question the filmmakers wanted the audience to ask is " why is this killer murdering these teenagers"? This engages the audience because it does not portray the trailer’s motive at all. It creates suspense and keeps the audience guessing.
  14. 14. Why we chose these trailers? ◼ We chose these trailers because our film is based on teenagers and all four films have teenagers in them. This gives a better understanding on how to develop our film because it has the same elements as we intend to portray. As well all them have unknown suspects which is similar to ours.