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From Ricardo Bonifaz

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From Ricardo Bonifaz

  1. 1. St. Paul Minnesota, November 15th 2012 To whom it may concern: Hereby Iwould like to mentioned my recentexperience working with Carlos Rodriguez-Guerrero in the 3M Collision.com/es project. Carlos has shown a high level ofprofessionalism regarding technical translations. He was capable to translate difficult technical terms at a level easy to understand in Spanish. Compare to the past, texts were translated by word instead ofbeing translated by content. Carlos changed that having as a result a very comprehensible result. I would recommend Carlos to work in more projects related to translations to Spanish for Hispanic markets in the US and Latin America region within the company. Please, don’thesitate to call me or contact me for further information. Sincerely Ricardo Bonifaz | Global Marketing Manager 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division 3M Center, 223-6N-01 | St. Paul MN 55144 Office: 651 733 1238 | Mobile: 651 263 9404 rbonifaz1@mmm.com | www.3Mcollision.com