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  1. # trends: technology, design, life # Carlos Cuadrado Branding & Digital art director, Perspectiva midtalent 2019, BCD
  2. Two decades of rapid technology growth and innovation has generated enormous physical (environmental and individual) and digital clutter (fake news, privacy and data selling scandals…). Value creation will not come from simply growing bigger, but by being better. In busy lives and on a crowded planet, only the relevant will remain.
  3. We are not judging, just showing.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, Pareto and Inclusiveness As users we expect organizations to see and engage with us as individuals. But there is a risk that by trying to be more inclusive, organizations inadvertently exclude others. And by trying to speak to the individual, organizations risk saying something not quite right. An important challenge is to find ways to be inclusive on a massive scale, not only for underrepresented groups who speak, but for others who have not yet raised their voices. It is one thing to listen to diverse voices and another to design products and services that include them.
  5. # = digital speaker Facebook and motherhood, the Gillian Brockell case Digital technologies have given many underrepresented voices, previously ignored by mainstream media, the tools to unite and be heard through popular activity, opening the door to organizations wishing to connect with them. But while we can now quantify the voices of those who have decided to unite in the streets of the city, in red carpets and around hashtags, how can we quantify those who are still hiding outside the Big Data? Big Data = False Still too many organizations develop and design their products and services based on quantitative perceptions and Big Data. Big Data isolates variables to identify patterns. And although the numbers don't lie, they don't always tell the whole story because they are blind to human behavior in its context. advertising "Please, Tech Companies, if you’re smart enough to realize that I’m pregnant, that I’ve given birth, then surely you’re smart enough to realize that my baby died, and can advertise to me accordingly, or maybe, just maybe, not at all.” Subsequently he began to receive ads about adoption.
  6. Gillette Gillette's latest ad shows Samson, a Toronto transgender artist, shaving for the first time under the guidance of his father. The best way to find it on You Tube is on the Tea Party channel. "The Best Men Can Be" campaign launched in January 2019. Leverages the brand's best line to address negative behavior among men, including harassment, sexism, sexual misconduct, and toxic masculinity.
  7. Gillette Persado is an IA-optimized marketing language provider. By means of predictive language it shapes all the contact points of a user with a company/ service. In the case of Persado has helped to shape all the messages of the brand, especially in the mails sent to their customers.
  8. 01 New tools The use of new frameworks, c o m b i n i n g B i g D a t a (quantitative), Thick Data (qualitative and contextual data) a n d W i d e D a t a ( t re n d s , contextual perspectives and industry perspectives). 02 New segments Moving away from traditional demographic approaches to marketing. The traditional labels of age, geographical location, social income... no longer serve to define users. Instead, we should look at the mentalities that group people based on their motivations, attitudes, and behaviors. 03 Be water People demand personalized services that adapt to their needs in real time. To be able to deliver them, a rewire is needed by putting human beings at the center.
  9. The dopamine hit: uncluttered We’re seeing a dramatic escalation in the rate at which people disconnect, unsubscribe and opt out to stem the barrage of content and messages that clutter daily life. As consumers, we’ve come to realize that it’s no longer simply a lifestyle choice, but a serious mental health issue.
  10. A study published by Stanford and NYU researchers has concluded that logging out leads to greater subjective well-being, less loss in attention span, and more time spent with friends and family. facebook-mental-health-study-happiness- delete-account The Welfare Effects of Social Media Center for Humane Technology Founded by Tristan Harris (former project manager at Google) and a group of Silicon Valley technologists from large technology companies, they describe the situation as follows: A study conducted by the University of Ottawa found that spending more than two hours a day on recreational screen (games...) were associated with poorer working memory, worse processing speed, lower attention levels, as well as how a deterioration of language skills and executive function. Lancet Child and Adolescent Health
  11. The smart telephone occupies more and more space in our lives hijacking our minds and society. Digital Addiction Mental health There is a constant battle to c a p t u r e o u r a t t e n t i o n w e increasingly engage in practices such as social comparison, bullying and FOMO. Rupture of the truth It's harder than ever to separate facts from truth. La société du spectacle. Superficiality A social system based on likes in s h a r e s g i v e s p r i o r i t y t o superficiality over depth.
  13. As we put more barriers between ourselves and digital technologies, organizations must learn to offer value to users who yearn for silence in a noisy world. Beyond the user experience, companies are designing devices that offer more control over digital exposure. There's a renaissance of simpler technology that captures less of our attention.
  14. Punkt Light Moment Calling SMS Notes Calculator Clock Alarm Calendar Black-and-white interface (occasional red alerts) based on text. Stand by: 12.5 days, charge time: 2.5h, calling time: 4.2 h. Like punk but with a t.
  15. Punkt Light Moment Calling & SMS Ride sharing Moice memo Directions (like maps but text) Alarm Calculator Music Player Black-and-white text-based interface. Stand by: 1 to 3 days, call time: 49 - 50 minutes. Size similar to a credit card. Oled screen with e-ink
  16. Punkt Light Moment Moment app. and Moment Coach, an application designed to stop using applications.
  17. 01 Be quieter Non-response as an insinuation to be quieter, not noisier. Rethink metrics and find new ways to measure the performance of services that are not purely addiction-related. 02 Invest in content design When the number of interactions you have with consumers is minimal, each one counts. You have to change the tone of the messages frequently until you find the right one. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it.
  18. WeApp Screens taught us how to work and shop in a flexible world, adapted to our needs. Now it is the turn of the physical world, in which it will be necessary to find solutions that interconnect the digital experiences with the physical ones. This will require a fundamental rethink of space design approaches and tools to meet users' expectations for greater flexibility and customization.
  19. After believing in the digital utopia that led us to think that everything in our life would happen from the comfort of our homes in front of a screen, we have returned to physical space. From screen to coworking À la carte The previous model, based on the screen and its flexibility, has shown us a selectable à la carte, social and community world, in which the distinctions between play and work fade away. The best of both worlds Today there is an increasingly integrated approach to both worlds, led primarily by retail, but migrating to the spheres of work and public space. Convenience powered by seamless connectivity depends on data, and there’s been a further shift amongst retailers to gather, use and act on customer data both more effectively and creatively.
  20. Hema market Nike flagship WeLive MINI Hema app linked to account in Alipay or Taobao. The supermarket also functions as a logistics distribution centre. The 30-minute service, aimed at people living within a radius of 3 kilometres, aims to solve deliveries of needed products such as medicines or batteries. Physical: usual interaction, users can pay at a self-service checkout through the supermarket application, linked to Alipay. Online: place your order and within 30 minutes receive the purchase at home. Combined offline-online: customers visit the physical supermarket, choose the products they want, scan each one's code and complete the purchase via the mobile application so that a deliveryman can take it home.
  21. Hema market Nike flagship WeLive On the first floor are the community's favorite shoes and outfits, and is updated as customers' tastes evolve. Nike Speed Shop, an entire floor that uses online data to stock its shelves, and replenish them based on what the community wants. Insights collected by the online data. Store walls can be rearranged to accommodate new spaces and configurations; as selection evolves, the store design can also evolve, making it a responsive store. Since the Nike application can be paid anywhere in the store, there are mailboxes where you can pick up previously placed orders online or scan the barcode of a mannequin to buy the complete outfit.
  22. Hema market Nike flagship WeLive Small dwellings, housed in buildings in which shared spaces such as laundries, gyms, bars, dining rooms and a huge kitchen. All inclusive. The model is similar to student residences, but for people taking their first steps into the professional market. Oriented to be a transitional housing and networking. Other WeWork projects include Rise by We, WeLive and WeGrow.
  23. 01 Let online behaviors inform offline People´s digital behavior can give powerful insights to what people want and value. Using this behavior properly is synonymous with triumph, just like Amazon did with the four- star physical store that only stocks products that have been given four stars or more in their online reviews. 02 Link space and business strategy Define a business strategy and design the physical space around it. 03 Create a connected ecosystem Look at the ecosystem of services and experiences offered in the space, and link those to the customers’ mindsets. This is what should drive all design decisions.
  24. Just around the corner Our cities have evolved. Around the world, the differences between public and private transport, passenger transit and item delivery are increasingly blurred. Insufficient regulation and lack of centralized planning have led to disorder in the urban mobile service and a fragmented user experience.
  25. Rural exodus upgraded Is there room for everyone? As population displacement to urban areas continues, new needs and behaviours emerge. Ex: the use of delivery services is changing the displacement needs of some people. Different modes of transport have begun to overlap or become multi-purpose, creating a playing field for anyone interested in meeting the growing demand for new models and services. But the large number of actors and the lack of centralized mobility systems have led different providers to hack/patch the old models. And with the arrival of too many new actors, chaos has arrived. For example, the streets of Paris have become so crowded and dangerous due to hundreds of electric scooters from operators like Lime, Bird... etc that the government banned scooters in October. electricos-aceras-7112014 Conmute The average San Francisco resident spends 230 commute hours, so half a million hours lost each day. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine has published a study revealing that those who commute more than 10 miles are more likely to have high blood pressure. “I get everything delivered as I don’t wanna drive to the store, which is 20 miles away.” John, 49, UK
  26. UPS Gacha by Muji Siemens MOIA Flying cars Collaborative project between UPS and Arrival (UK technology company). Team made up of experts in engineering, software, artificial intelligence and robotics. Everything is designed from 0: engine, battery, software and interface. ConceptType=PressReleases&id=15590573 22173-933
  27. UPS Gacha by Muji Siemens MOIA Flying cars It can operate on a fixed, predetermined route, "like an invisible railroad," or it can respond to user requests by app and choose an optimized route to them. Shared mobility. Seats are benches that promote conversation and interaction between passengers. Several utilities: mobile pharmacy, mobile library... which allows services to be brought closer to under-communicated areas or areas with special needs (reduced mobility, elderly people...). Developed together with Sensible 4 self driving software company specialized in extreme weather situations.
  28. UPS Gacha by Muji Siemens MOIA Flying cars mobility/rail-solutions/rolling-stock/trams- and-light-rail/autonomous-tram.html Presented at InnoTrans 2018 and tested with real traffic in Postdam, improving its driving algorithm. There is no commercial version, it is only being used to meet the challenges of an open infrastructure based on algorithms that evaluate driving and can predict the evolution of traffic. The goal is to react in real time to the needs of users.
  29. UPS Gacha by Muji Siemens MOIA Flying cars Start up of shared mobility by Volkswagen. Through the MOIA application you can book a trip and pay. Sharing the trip reduces the number of displacements, all vehicles are electric. Partners: they have acquired part of Gett (MyTaxi kind off application that works only in the UK for electric taxis). Its goal is a new range of autonomous and electric vehicles, both for mobility purposes and for other scopes (trucks, conmuter, vans...).
  30. UPS Gacha by Muji Siemens MOIA Flying cars Uber Markets: Australia, Brazil, France, India and Japan. The goal is to launch test flights in several cities in 2020 and the first paid operation in 2023. It will also launch the home delivery programme with drones, which is already being tested in San Diego and will soon reach new regions. Uber has evolved into a complete range of urban mobility: scooters (Lime), Uber eats, bicycles, UberCopters.. EHang EHang 184 fully autonomous and electric air taxi, drone type. On April 4th they held a premiere in Vienna. The service is requested by application that calculates the route and inside the taxi there is only one take-off button. Together with DHL it has already started the delivery service with drones..
  31. 01 From A to B 02 Expand business models 03 Not start from 0 The user will stop thinking about the means of transport and will begin to think simply about going from A to B. Therefore it is necessary to meet the needs of customers in real time. It is necessary to think beyond the classic market segmentation and address use cases that share the same mobility characteristics - beyond borders. You no longer need to be a mobility provider to integrate mobility into your service. Consider new business models that take advantage of the benefits of adding mobility to the service layer. Mobility as a service solution. A s m o b i l i t y b e c o m e s a n ecosystem, many aspects will connect or merge. At this point, the main economic and social value lies in the intelligent management of the system. It will be essential to connect this mobility system to the existing infrastructure, manage access to it and allow expansion to other adjacent service areas. 04 Partners Many of the necessities are not yet covered. Discovering and solving them will require collaboration and white- label platforms, consolidation of APIs and partnerships, both public and private.
  32. From the shower to the ocean Our concern for global warming, pollution and sustainability has changed. Where it used to be "too big to do anything about it", it is now an individual action. Justin Hofman, on Instagram 12 de Septiembre de 2017
  33. NASA scientists published a study showing that the average surface temperature of the Earth in 2018 was the fourth highest in nearly 140 years of record and a continuation of an unmistakable warming trend. year.html
  34. Secondly, after oil, the (fast) fashion industry is the world's biggest polluter. The fashion industry contributes 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its long supply chains and energy-intensive production. Nearly 20% of the world's wastewater is produced by the fashion industry. 20,000 liters is the volume of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton; equivalent to a single T- shirt and a pair of jeans.
  35. 253 tonnes of textiles sent to landfill daily in Hong Kong.
  36. Rana Plaza April 24, 2013 Daca, capital of Bangladesh 1127 dead 2437 injured Benetton Group, The Children's Place, DressBarn, Mango, Monsoon, Inditex and Primark, as well as for distribution companies such as El Corte Inglés.
  37. DON´T BUY
  38. Keeping clothes in use for just nine months longer can reduce carbon footprints, water and waste by 20-30%. It’s Black Friday, the day in the year retail turns from red to black and starts to make real money. But Black Friday, and the culture of consumption it reflects, puts the economy of natural systems that support all life firmly in the red. We’re now using the resources of one-and-a-half planets on our one and only planet. REDUCE WE make useful gear that lasts a long time YOU don’t buy what you don’t need REPAIR WE help you repair your Patagonia gear YOU pledge to fix what’s broken DON’T BUY THIS JACKET water, enough to meet the daily needs (three glasses a day) of 45 people. Its journey from its origin as 60% recycled polyester to our Reno warehouse generated nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, 24 times the weight of the finished product. This jacket left behind, on its way to Reno, two-thirds its weight in waste. Worn Wear Patagonia Nike Grind Terra Cycle Loop US iFixit TooGoodToGo anuncioBlackFridayenNYT,2011
  39. Flyknit reduces waste material by an average of 60%. Since the technology was introduced in 2012, the dumping of 182 million plastic bottles has been avoided. Worn Wear Patagonia Nike Grind Terra Cycle Loop US iFixit TooGoodToGo Waste of sneakers turned into athletics tracks in the most deprived places.
  40. Worn Wear Patagonia Nike Grind Terra Cycle Loop US iFixit TooGoodToGo If the waste material is not thrown away, it is one more raw material. Eliminating the Idea of Waste® Upcycle and recycle multi-source materials
  41. Worn Wear Patagonia Nike Grind Terra Cycle Loop US iFixit TooGoodToGo The consumer enjoys the product, but the packaging belongs to the distributor. Product as a service (netflix paradigm). The shine new product.
  42. Worn Wear Patagonia Nike Grind Terra Cycle Loop US iFixit TooGoodToGo iFixit has created a community of makers in its fight against programmed obsolescence. Open Source Knowledge. Now, it has become a brand of tools and gadgets for anyone to do it.
  43. Worn Wear Patagonia Nike Grind Terra Cycle Loop US iFixit TooGoodToGo ##Lacomidanosetira born in Denmark in 2016 with one goal: to combat food waste. The application allows establishments from supermarkets to restaurants and hotels, can reduce their excess daily food, selling it at a lower price. It also allows direct donations to Action Contra el Hambre. Spain, the seventh country in the European Union to waste more food with more than 7.7 million tonnes of food thrown away each year.
  44. 01 Selecting low-impact materials that use pre- & post-consumer recycled feedstock. 02 Designing with the end in mind; thinking through how a product will be recycled at the end of use. 03 Minimizing or eliminating waste in the product creation process.
  45. 04 Products that can easily be taken apart; recognizing the value of each component. 05 Chemical products & processes that reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances. 06 Prolonging the use of a product through repair of component parts or materials.
  46. 07 Products that easily adapt to growth, style, trend, gender, activity and purpose. Timeless 08 Products made stronger by method of make and durable material choices. 09 Purposeful packaging, made of materials that can be repurposed, recycled, or biodegrade.
  47. 10 Establishing new service and business models to extend product life cycle.
  48. 01 Inclusivity 02 Digital Detox 03 Online-Offline 04 Shared Mobility 05 Circular economy
  49. To the infinity and beyond Buzz Lightyear MUJI creates a mobility service, WeWork new ways of living and Siemens traffic algorithms. Design is not an activity or practice but a way of thinking, a framework for problem solving. Ideation, prototype, validation.
  50. But at the centre of everything is the human being, design can not change the world, designers can. Hartmut Esslinger