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Travel Photography 101

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Going somewhere? Get travel photography tips from Cameta's experts and avoid the disappointment of coming home with a head full of memories and a camera full of blurry, uninspired photos.

For more photography tips, visit our blog: http://www.cameta.com/blog/

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Travel Photography 101

  1. 1. Travel Photography 101 Tips for Everything You’ll Want to Shoot
  2. 2. Been There, Done That Have you ever had an amazing time on vacation – shooting to your heart’s content – only to come home and find that you’re disappointed with your photos?
  3. 3. That’s Probably Because… You didn’t have the necessary equipment, time or patience to recreate what you saw with your eyes. In this post, we’ll offer some of our favorite travel photography tips to help you capture great vacation photos.
  4. 4. Bring Your Best You might not want to carry every single lens in your arsenal. Instead, pick the best everyday lens you have and make sure its clean and ready to go. Really serious about your travel photography? Bring two lenses. For example, you may want to carry:  A standard lens and a telephoto lens.  A standard lens and a wide angle lens.  A standard lens and a zoom lens.
  5. 5. Carry a Tripod Sure, you’re traveling and tripods can be bulky and cumbersome. But they don’t have to be. Pair a compact travel tripod with a versatile camera bag, such as this one from Clik Elite.
  6. 6. Still Not Convinced? A tripod will help you:  Capture excellent nighttime shots  Slow down enough to compose your image  Jump into family shots – avoiding an entire memory card full of “selfies.”
  7. 7. Travel Well-Prepared All of your equipment will mean nothing if you don’t bring your camera charger, or enough memory cards or batteries to get you through your trip.  This is especially important when traveling to foreign countries or particularly touristy destinations, which may have a practice of charging tourists extra for forgotten items.
  8. 8. Practice Patience When you’re traveling, it can be difficult to slow down enough to compose a scene just right. But challenge yourself to do just that – taking the time necessary to get a shot you’ll love once you get home.
  9. 9. About Cameta Cameta Camera is a true brick-and-mortar camera store in Amityville, NY. We’ve been selling photography equipment and distilling advice to professionals and hobbyists alike more than 25 years. For more photography tips, visit our blog at Cameta.com/blog.