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Student work for photosynthesis

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  1. 1. Photosynthesis!!!!
  2. 2. The reaction begins with the sun, Which releases energy necessary for the process of Photosynthesis.
  3. 3. Sunrays The sunrays hit a plant which activate The chlorophyll located in the chloroplasts
  4. 4. Chloroplast The chloroplasts, once activated By the sun, release electrons Full of energy. Sunrays
  5. 5. H20 H20 H20 H20 Electrons Water is split By the released electrons. The oxygen Molecules are then released (which is what we breath).
  6. 6. H20 H20 H20 H20
  7. 7. H20 H20 H20 H20
  8. 8. H20 H20 H20 H20
  9. 9. H20 H20 H20 H20
  10. 10. H20 H20 H20 H20
  11. 11. H20 H20 0 H20 h h
  12. 12. o H20 o H20 h O h h
  13. 13. o H20 o H20 h h h h
  14. 14. o o o H20 h h h h h h
  15. 15. o o o o h h h h h h h h
  16. 16. The left over hydrogen is combined with the coenzyme NADP, using the electrons energy NADP H H
  17. 17. Anddddddddddddd……………
  18. 18. NADPH 2 Is formed!!!!! NADPH 2
  19. 19. The rest of the hydrogen is set aside and creates a H+ (again using electron energy). H+ Reservoir H+ H+ H+ H+
  20. 20. The coenzyme ADP goes through the H+ reservoir H+ H+ H+ H+ ADP
  21. 21. H+ H+ H+ H+ ADP
  22. 22. H+ H+ H+ H+ ADP
  23. 23. H+ H+ H+ H+ ADP
  24. 24. H+ H+ H+ H+ ADP
  25. 25. H+ H+ H+ H+ ADP This transforms the ADP into…….
  26. 26. ATP ATP!!!!!!! (this process is known as chemiosmosis).
  27. 27. Chloroplast Electrons The now low powered electrons Return to chlorophyll and are ready to start the process all over again.
  28. 28. Now its time for……………..
  29. 29. THE DARK CYCLE!!!!!!!!! YAY
  30. 30. NADPH 2 NADPH 2 looses its H+ to carbon dioxide, the leftover NADP is recycled to continue the light cycle again. The same happens to ATP which becomes ADP and is Recycled To… NADP H+ H+ ATP To… ADP
  31. 31. The CO 2 combines with RUBP and through many Complex steps, becomes PGAL. This cycle repeats 6 times. C O O RUBP PGAL PGAL RUBP THIS HAPPENS 6 TIMES!!!!
  32. 32. All this comes together in the last step when the Hydrogen from the NADPH comes in…. PGAL PGAL PGAL PGAL PGAL PGAL PGAL PGAL H 12 Equal to 6 molecules of carbon And six molecules of oxygen
  34. 34. GLUCOSE (C 6 H 12 O 6 )!!!!! This is the plants basic food, the Coenzymes ADP and NADP are Recycled to repeat The process from The beginning