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Mobile Trends & Creativity | Nimbletank @ Mobile Convention London 2015

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Mobile Trends & Creativity | Nimbletank @ Mobile Convention London 2015

  1. 1. +44 (0) 207 079 2457 info@nimbletank.com www.nimbletank.com+44 (0) 207 079 2457 info@nimbletank.com www.nimbletank.com Mobile Trends & Creativity David Skerrett, Managing Partner @Nimbletank @Skegz 26 March 2015 #MoCoLondon
  2. 2. 02/ Creativity: Experiences Nike 03/ Mobile Trends To Watch 01/ Quick Quiz Mobile Is…
  3. 3. First a quick quiz
  4. 4. UBER | FACEBOOK | ALIBABA | AIRBNB Q: What do the following brands have in common?
  6. 6. UBER | FACEBOOK | ALIBABA | AIRBNB The world’s largest taxi company owns zero vehicles The world’s most popular media owner creates zero content The world’s most valuable retailer has zero inventory The world’s largest accommodation provider owns zero real estate A: Zero
  7. 7. Each innovates in different ways Each has disrupted/ define their industry Each has a product/ model that is mobile centric
  8. 8. Q: The value of zero ? UBER | FACEBOOK | ALIBABA | AIRBNB
  9. 9. A: The power of zero = UBER | FACEBOOK | ALIBABA | AIRBNB $41 billion $184 billion $20 billion$210 billion $455 billion c. HALF A TRILLION
  10. 10. Mobile is…
  11. 11. There are now more  mobiles in the
 world than toilets Ubiquitous
  12. 12. 70% 63% 33% Alcohol Chocolate Sex What people would rather give up for a week than their mobile… 22% 21% 20% Toothbrush Shoes Computer More important to people than alcohol Source: TeleNav
  13. 13. About now, all day
  14. 14. 4h 31m 1h 26m 2h 21m 2h 19m 2013 1h 36m 0h 24m 2h 22m 4h 24m 2010 Transforming Channels Source: eMarketer, July 2013
  15. 15. What people would rather give up for a week than their mobile… Changing the FTSE, rapidly Source: TeleNav
  16. 16. Sitting (at a desk) Walking Standing Mooching Travelling Mapping posture to device Evolving
  17. 17. 02/ Creativity New experiences Nike Case Study
  18. 18. Designing for Wrists Will Apple add rocket fuel to the wearable category? The best apps will be quick & glance-able Achieve a task in less than 11 seconds Augmenting the mobile not replacing it Tasks: triage, way finding in the rain, extending mobile battery life, notifications, showing off
  19. 19. Donating time mysmarteye
  20. 20. Case Study in Creativity
  21. 21. Nike’s Mission If you have a body, you are an athlete
  22. 22. Nike’s Core Management Values Coach Manage InspireLead “What you stand for is more important than what you sell.”
  23. 23. Nike’s Innovation Culture Master the fundamentals Remember the man On Offense Always Do the right thing The consumer decides Be a sponge Simplify & go Nike is a company/brand Evolve immediatelyOur nature is to innovate Enter to dominate
  24. 24. Platforms deliver ongoing business value Campaigns build noise & increase scale Nike’s Campaigns & Platforms
  25. 25. Ads as tools = service ecosystem Wearable App Hardware SocialMobile App
  26. 26. Nike’s creative advertising excellence TV Outdoor Ambient
  27. 27. Nike’s creative social excellence
  28. 28. Nike’s Mobile advertising excellence: realtime
  29. 29. Mobile advertising excellence
  30. 30. Contextual Weather Ad Driving to Commerce Nike’s Mobile advertising excellence: context Full screen ad on Pandora Driving to Commerce
  31. 31. Nike’s App Constellation Strategy « SB Training Fuel Nike+ Running « « « Football « Move «
  32. 32. Summary Mission Values Culture Campaigns & Platforms Tools Creative everywhere - from park benches to TV ads Social scale Mobile leadership
  33. 33. 03/ Mobile Trends
  34. 34. Do Less, Not More 2 TAP RULE 5 POINT RULE 98% RULE App Advice from Marrisa Mayer, Yahoo CEO Experience Design Simplicity: with Apps, less is more. Don’t recreate your website in an App “It should only take two taps to do anything” “Count a point for every different font, font size, & colour. Redesign if it’s more than 5 per screen” “Design for the way it will be used 98% of the time”
  35. 35. Be Delighted I think every App should do at least one thing brilliantly. Once that’s sorted you should move onto delivering something delightful. Research, and empathy are the best ways to get there. For example our OVO Energy App has a torch function to help light the way whilst their customers submit meter readings. And because more and more people use an app to manage their energy it saves OVO time and money.
  36. 36. Beautiful Seams The seams between digital and physical experience are unavoidable. Instead aim for beautiful seams; it’s okay to be useful, just don’t be creepy. Realtime data, hyper accurate proximity via sensors & beacons can help us solve in-store pain points. For example ASDA’s innovation mobile App has an in-store mode. There is no point selling to someone like they are on a sofa when they are in a store. Instead thanks to geo detection and WiFi - busy mums see wish lists and contextually relevant information when they are in a store
  37. 37. Messaging apps will overtake social networks in global popularity by end Q1 2015 2,500 2,000 1,000 1,500 500 0 Monthly Active Users, Millions of Users Q4, 2014Q4, 2013Q4, 2012Q4, 2011 Social Apps: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram Messaging Apps: WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, WeChat Messaging Overtakes Social Networks There will soon be over 2 billion monthly active users of messaging apps Source: Bi Intelligence 84% of Millennial’s would rather contact brands via an app rather than calling
  38. 38. Better insights through technology
  39. 39. RTP = Realtime Personalisation
  40. 40. Dynamic Pricing Algorithms, mobile, geo-location and real time data will power more start-up services along with traditional players into the Uber and Amazon world of dynamic pricing. This means when demand is high, pricing increases, and when demand is lower, pricing decreases - all in real time and in Uber’s case depending on where you are. The price isn’t going to be the price for long.
  41. 41. Trends Summary Less Not More | Be Delighted | Beautiful Seams Messaging | Better Insights | RTP | Dynamic Pricing 2015
  42. 42. Thank you #MoCoLondon David Skerrett | @Skegz | David.Skerrett@Nimbletank.com