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In-Flight Content Guide: Making the Most of Your Content Journey

  1. Peg Miller Arnie Kuenn Jessica Best Lee Odden Deana Goldasich Amisha Gandhi Maureen Jann Cathy McPhillips Pierre-Loïc Assayag Justin Levy Robert Rose Anna McHughZerlina Jackson Victor Gao Chris Buehler
  2. A MESSAGE FROM YOUR CONTENT CAPTAIN Congratulations! You’re nearly finished with your journey, and that much closer to being ready for CMWorld 2017. Now that you’ve overcome some turbulence by learning how to create impactful content with our In-Flight Content Guide: Creating a Memorable Content Experience, you should be ready to land your content on-target with influencer marketing and content distribution tactics. So is it finally time to hand the reins over to the “media peeps” and relax as you smoothly move on to your next content journey? No way. If you lost focus during the promotion phase, your target audience might never see all your brilliant work. According to our annual research, 89% of B2B and 84% of B2C marketers report their top paid content promotion method is “social promotion.” While the value of creating incredible content is self-evident, the path to understanding how to appropriately reach your audience through paid distribution does not carry nearly enough weight in content marketing circles. As we strive for creating new content types in this noisy time, we must likewise get hyper-targeted with our paid strategies. Sending the wrong content to the wrong person at the wrong time will result in a lost customer for life. But getting it right in today’s frenzied advertising-heavy world will pay dividends. In the following pages we offer tips from top experts on how to distribute content, and work with influencers to ensure you reach your target audience. Enjoy! Joe Pulizzi Founder, Content Marketing Institute & Content Marketing World
  3. Are you ready to start – or continue – your expedition? Join these speakers and many more at Content Marketing World 2017 this September. We’re ready to provide you with all you need for a successful journey. Register for CMWorld using the code TOPRANK100 for $100 off main event and all-access passes. Content Marketing Institute is the leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multichannel storytelling. CMI’s Content Marketing World event, the largest content marketing-focused event, is held every September in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and the Intelligent Content Conference event is held every spring. CMI publishes the bi-monthly magazine Chief Content Officer, and provides strategic consulting and content marketing research for some of the best-known brands in the world. Watch this video to learn more about CMI, a UBM company. To view all research and to subscribe to our emails, visit
  4. “Stay close to your customer and your sales team, and you'll never run out of great content ideas.” - @PegMiller
  5. STAY CLOSE & LEAD BY EXAMPLE Stay close to your customer and your sales team, and you will never run out of great content ideas. Lead by example for your entire marketing team. Join sales calls and talk with real customers. Yes, do customer research too, but make sure you talk with real customers on an ongoing basis. If you are short on ideas, talk with 3-5 customers. You will walk out of those conversations invigorated, inspired, and re-focused on the most effective content. Remember to include customers, your customer success team, and your sales team as part of your influencer and distribution strategy. When you develop great content that helps solve real customer pain points, you’ll notice your customers, and pre- and post-sales teams, may become your biggest, most trusted distribution channels. Why? Because you’ve created content that helps people be better at their jobs. Peg Miller Co Founder, B2B Marketing Academy @PegMiller Dream Travel Destination One of my favorite trips was hiking to Hanakapiai Falls on the NaPali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii. We liked it so much we decided to repeat the hike a few years later with our three children. Our 7-year-old (at the time) hiked until her feet bled. #parentingfail
  6. MAKE CONTENT SCROLLABLE Let’s start with engagement. Everyone will tell you to create useful, informative or fun content. So, let’s assume that is a given. But what about the look and feel of the content? We see many organizations missing it in terms of the layout of the content and the page it resides on. Want readers to engage? Then start by making the content “scrollable” – most people quickly scroll through a page to see if they want to spend time with it. To accomplish this, we recommend using headings and subheadings, short paragraphs, many images, video where possible, internal links, and sections that are bulleted or numbered. To improve reach, my recommendation would be to set aside a budget to amplify your content. Right now, we are seeing the very best value on Facebook. Depending on the content you are trying to amplify, programmatic or even influencer marketing might be the right play. Bottom line is, save some of your content budget to promote it via paid channels. Arnie Kuenn CEO, Vertical Measures @ArnieK Dream Travel Destination Good question. I would say right now it is Italy. I have never been there, but everyone who tells me it should be our next destination. My long-term goal is to travel as much of the Great Loop as possible.
  7. FIND WHAT’S TRENDING The most engaging content is a response. Think of your content, not just as what expertise you have to say and share, but as an opportunity to deliver someone answers. In order to respond, you have to listen first. Find out what questions people are asking in your industry. What's trending? Or, if you're stumped on where to start, ask your customer service team or call center what questions your current clients are asking most often. Finding trends in what your current customers need can help you answer questions that your prospective customers might be asking, too. Jessica Best Director of Data-Driven Marketing, Barkley @bestofjess Dream Travel Destination I'd love to travel to Morocco. It's a mix of exotic and established; of art, shopping, history, and landscapes. It's a vibrant and completely different life and experience from my everyday!
  8. “Engage prospective customers for their preferences and invite them to share topical expertise.” - @leeodden
  9. GET CREATIVE WITH CONTENT With consumer distrust of brand messaging and advertising growing more than ever, brands need to get creative about making sure content reaches, engages and inspires their customers. Here are three ways to do that: 1. Influence content promotion with content co-creation. If you want your content to have great distribution, then co-creation with influencers is the solution. Credible experts that invest time to contribute will also be inspired to promote the content they helped make with the brand. 2. Facts tell, stories sell. In B2B, there are few more powerful forms of content than case studies. Help buyers see themselves in brand content through customer stories and make it easy for customers to share those stories to build their own credibility. 3. Make content more relevant and reachable with prospects. Marketers are often puzzled about what topics or types of content work best. Why not ask? Engage prospective customers for their preferences and invite them to share topical expertise. Lee Odden CEO, TopRank Marketing @leeodden Dream Travel Destination My dream is to travel around the world because for me, the journey makes the destination even more satisfying.
  10. IMPROVE CONTENT RELEVANCE Improving your content’s reach means improving your relevance. This includes diligently seeking out the eyes and ears of those who not only care about your content – but genuinely need it. To truly reach your audience you must be committed beyond the simple “spray and pray” posting of content on a few boards and networks. You have to be tenacious and downright obsessed with connecting with the human beings behind your audience profiles and content. (Psst…You also must convey this to your executive teams who expect instant results.) As for engagement – be true to what engagement really means to your team. Step away from the shiny dashboard and metrics and get down to brass tacks. Don’t be afraid to get back to moving those basic needles like open rates, phone calls and traffic to page. As marketers, we sometimes like to over-complicate engagement discussions. Engaging with other humans isn’t that complicated. (Ask any sales person.) Wait. Look. I’m engaging you right now! Deana Goldasich CEO, Well Planned Web @goldasich Dream Travel Destination My dream travel destination is a mountain trail with only a single planned to-do item: to eat my bagged lunch. Why? My days are so crammed with agenda items, to-do’s, emails and a “ticking clock” of deadlines.
  11. WORK WITH TOP EXPERTS Work with a community of top experts and thought leaders to co-create content that will increase amplification and engagement with your brand. Think about building long-term relationships with these experts to create programs that will grow over time. Lastly, create memorable experiences with interactive content that has value to your audience and a relevant call to action (i.e., what makes sense next?). Amisha Gandhi Head of Global Influencer Marketing, SAP @AmishaGandhi Dream Travel Destination I'd choose the Galapagos Islands because it's almost like visiting a different planet. The flora and fauna that you will see there no longer exists anywhere else in the world.
  12. “The same message needs to be carved and crafted to fit both the mode of consumption and its place in your marketing funnel.” - @MaureenOnPoint
  13. ENTICE YOUR USERS The same message needs to be carved and crafted to fit both the mode of consumption as well as its place in your marketing funnel. Since mobile search overtook desktop search last year, it's clear that's not going away. Entice your users with a “micro- yes”, a low obligation way to dive a little deeper. If they're in the research phase of their hunt, tempt them with calls to action in a video that brings them to a blog article. Then take them from a blog article to a piece of content that features an in-house expert, then take them from that expert piece to a case study. They’re both building confidence in your brand, and ushering themselves through a critical path from your content to your product or service. Maureen Jann Director of Marketing, Point It @MaureenOnPoint Dream Travel Destination My dream travel place is Thailand! First, the food, second the fabric, and third, I’ve heard amazing things about the people. I’d love to dig deeper into their culture to better understand how kindness manifests on the other side of the world.
  14. HUNKER DOWN IN ANALYTICS Mine your data! Hunker down in Google Analytics or another tool so you can see which content, which topics and categories, which authors, what days of the week, etc. are performing best. Also keep a log of which content is being commented on and which content is being most shared on social. (Sometimes you’ll see these are two totally separate lists!) Use all of this determine the direction of your editorial calendar, your social and channel plan, and your outreach. Make it easy for your influencers, guest authors, and crowdsourced post contributors to share your content by giving them prewritten messaging. Dissect all your content to be used over and over. You spent way too much time on it to only be used once! Charts, quotes, graphs, questions and images are all great ways to distribute and discuss your content in new and exciting ways. Cathy McPhillips VP of Marketing, Content Marketing Institute @cmcphillips Dream Travel Destination Eastern Europe, to trace my maternal roots! Prague, Hungary and Poland would be tops on my list.
  15. ANSWER AUDIENCE QUESTIONS First, identify the most thought-provoking questions your audience is asking, and cross-reference against your organization’s expertise. Then, develop the best content you can imagine that answers those questions and helps your audience achieve their goals. Second, as you will typically not have all the answers, partnering with influential experts is crucial to creating engaging content. Most recently we partnered with Mark Schaefer, an influential expert for our community, on an authoritative white paper. He very eloquently described the value of influencer-supported content creation, “The economic value of content marketing does not come from content. It comes from the transmission of content.” Third, stop thinking about reach as a numbers game and approach it more as a selection game. How do you reach the people you truly want to reach? This probably first requires determining who you really care about reaching and, going back to the first point, making sure your connection addresses their burning needs or desires. Pierre-Loïc Assayag Co-Founder, Traackr @pierreloic Dream Travel Destination Japan. It’s a part of the world I’ve never visited. I would love to experience a place where tradition and modernity meet head on, and there is no in between.
  16. “When utilized appropriately, paid social can help marketers greatly improve their reach and engagement.” - @justinlevy
  17. CONSIDER PAID, TIMING & TRENDS Utilizing paid social media - Sponsored content and Twitter promoted tweets tends to leave a bad taste in people's mouths because of how it is often misused. But, when utilized appropriately, it can help marketers greatly improve their reach and engagement with their target audiences. Publishing content at different times - Often marketers are looking for blog posts that tell them what is the optimal time to publish content without actually testing what works for their audience. Furthermore, marketers should consider posting their content at times when their audience may be consuming content such as later at night or early on a weekend morning before they get their days started. Utilize Google Trends - Google Trends will help you to determine when the best time to publish content that on a subject when people will be searching for it. Therefore, if people are not searching for your topic in May but are in September, think about what content series you can publish in September to take advantage of that increase in search volume. Justin Levy Head of Global Social Media, Citrix @justinlevy Dream Travel Destination I have two dream destinations - Fiji and Nepal. Next year I'll be sailing the Seychelles with my family so I'd love to go to Fiji and have a room on stilts in the water. On the other hand, I'd love to visit Nepal with Mt. Everest as the backdrop.
  18. CREATE GREAT USER EXPERIENCES Create great content with great user experiences. With only 3 seconds to capture user attention, having content that is engaging and a layout that optimizes the user’s experience on your website is key. Develop strategies to deliver content beyond your website. Clients are looking for insights in convenient ways and technologies like Google Quick Answers, Siri, and Alexa are ensuring that clients receive that information without ever visiting a brand website. Identify measurement indicators to understand success. What gets measured gets accomplished. Understanding goals and measuring KPIs helps to optimize and quantify effectiveness of your content. Zerlina Jackson Director of Web Experience, H&R Block Dream Travel Destination I would love to visit Egypt and tour the pyramids. If I could do that with Oprah and Beyoncé that would be even better.
  19. TRADE QUANTITY FOR QUALITY The first - which may be obvious - is to focus less on quantity and actually reduce what it is they are producing in order to produce higher quality work. Better work inherently drives deeper engagement. For better reach, there are two suggestions. The first is to pay. There are increasingly interesting opportunities to promote content through social, mobile and other more traditional advertising networks that can help promote content. Now, this suggestion assumes we’ve focused on the first suggestion, and that the content is worth actually spending money to promote. The last is to (as a friend of mine used to say) “use your juice”. To whatever extent you have managed to create relationships with influencer companies, individuals or other content brands - leveraging those networks to share your content is key to achieving better reach. Robert Rose Founder, The Content Advisory @Robert_Rose Dream Travel Destination I have two on my bucket list. The first is I want to do an adventure type of expedition to Antarctica. It’s such an alien part of our world - and I’d really love to see the “frozen desert”. The second is I’d like to spend a good amount of time in New Zealand.
  20. MAKE YOUR IDEAS GO EVERYWHERE Be passionate about the content you're creating. There is no substitute for truly believing in the value of the things you create. Collaborate with other teams. Organizational blindness is the enemy of reach and engagement. Most of the time, the content that goes unused at my company is good - it’s just that teams who could use it aren’t aware that it exists. Build relationships where reciprocity around sharing and promoting content is an everyday practice. Don’t create pieces, create pillars. Make your ideas go everywhere. If you’re writing a whitepaper, ask your bloggers to cover it like it’s a news event. Share key insights on social media. Bust out the data visualizations. Take a stab and promoting that content on relevant pages of your website. Reach out to your supporters, both within your company and out, and ask them to share it with their own unique spin tied onto it. Anna McHugh Marketing Content Curator & Librarian, Red Hat @amchughredhat Dream Travel Destination Alba, Italy. I am passionate about hunting for wild gourmet mushrooms, and some of the finest white truffles in the world come from the Alba area. Truffle picking is serious business - they grow underground - and so my passion for it is like my passion for content curation.
  21. BE GREAT AT CONTENT Without doubt be good at distribution, but be GREAT at content. If your core message is weak, no distribution strategy can save it. Design and foster network effect in your content marketing strategy. What your audience says to one another will define your brand more than what you say to them. Travel…to China. Even if your company doesn’t do business there, the tech infrastructure and marketing ecosystem in China are so orthogonal to the West and the sheer scale of the Chinese market so unfathomable to the typical Western mind that you are bound to walk away with inspiration. Victor Gao Vice President & Managing Director, Arrow SAAS & Media Group @wvictorgao Dream Travel Destination My former life as journalist allowed me to see much of the world. Lately I’ve been intrigued by the moon base jointly planned by the European and Chinese space agencies that apparently will go online in the 2020’s, and the private sector initiatives in the US to get to Mars.
  22. USE SPONSORED CONTENT AS FUEL As an agency that works closely with the marketing teams at LinkedIn and Microsoft, we have found that campaigns fueled by Sponsored Content and Direct Sponsored Content media spends see a much higher return than just organic efforts. With Sponsored Content, you can amplify your company post to be seen by more of your followers and people outside your network. With Direct Sponsored Content you can build mini campaigns with a variety of headlines and creative and see what performs best with your target audience. From there, you can activate more ad spend based on which campaign variation is performing. I think three things Content Marketers can do to improve reach and engagement of their content is to leverage LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content and Sponsored Content combined with leveraging the best performing combination of message and visual to achieve higher return on their content with data backed targeted ad spend. Chris Buehler CEO & Co-Founder, SCORCH @chrisbuehler Dream Travel Destination Saint Tropez, France I was there for Summer Vacation when I was 18 and saw the yachts on the Mediterranean for the first time. I kept a promise to myself that I'd be there when I was 40 and decided to achieve that goal.
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