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Content Marketing Predictions 2013

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Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2013.

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Content Marketing Predictions 2013

  2. 2. 2 1. The Rise of the Chief Content Officer - more and more organizations (such as Eloqua and Kelly Services) will hire a dedicated “chief storyteller” to work with marketing and PR departments to create a cohesive content strategy and unified customer experience around content. 2. The New Home for Journalists - In 2013, more journalists will be hired by non-media companies than media companies. 3. Content M&A - Google, like their purchase of Zagat, started acquiring smaller media companies over a year ago.  In 2013, we’ll start to see big brands in all industries start to purchase media companies.  While many will still opt to build, many will just buy the media brand and talent as part of their content marketing initiatives. My advice for 2013 - find your content marketing mission statement.  Less than 5% of organizations have a written content marketing strategy.  How can you develop winning content without a vision of what that content is supposed to do? Joe Pulizzi Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe) Founder, Content Marketing Institute Co-Author, Get Content Get Customers; Co-Author, Managing Content Marketing Here’s your chance to see if your predictions come true. Join us for Content Marketing World 2013! Content Marketing World • September 9-12, 2013 • Cleveland OH USA Content Marketing World Sydney • 4-5-6 March, 2013 • Sydney, Australia Click the logos for more information.#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  3. 3. 3 Unfortunately I think we will see many of the The way of the independent freelance writer same snake-oil social media consultants will become harder and jobs will be more of a few years ago call themselves “content scarce. Agencies and large businesses will marketers” in 2013 and push poor process, look to US writing services for the scalability products, and services into the marketplace. We and consistency. Unfortunately, international will have to be vigilant to guard against backlash. writing services will suffer even more than they already do Damian Thompson now because Google’s quality standards will scare away their Managing Director potential clients. Linchpin Amie Marse Founder, Managing Partner More time will be allocated towards re- Content Equals Money purposing content, allowing marketers to do more with less. With all the mediums I think the phrase “content marketing” will through which content can be distributed to become the accepted term for the majority an audience, making sure content is readily of businesses (over phrases like “business available in a variety of formats (visual, audio, and live blogging”) around the world, and will also be interaction) will be vital for a sustainable content strategy. viewed as the “ying” to social media’s “yang” This will add towards the demand for personalized content, from a strategic marketing standpoint. and benefit firms who can create an adaptive content Marcus Sheridan strategy. President The Sales Lion Jeremy Abel Digital Marketing & Content Strategist Mannix Marketing, Inc.#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  4. 4. 4 Content cooperations will become more and My prediction is that the “Content Strategist” more interesting. Why dealing with all the role will become an important part of the content-production alone if there might be marketing department in more than just a partners out there supporting your content handful of brands. Content Strategy will be seen strategy by developing mutual win-win-content. as an integral part of the marketing planning Smart crossmedia-content-marketing could also experience process as more marketing leaders look at their content a “come back”. marketing resources and ask if they are being deployed in Miriam Löffler the most effective way. Consultant and Lecturer for Content Marketing, Content Michael Brenner Strategy & Webtext Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing and Content Strategy Milo Medienmeisterei SAP More nonprofits will recognize the strategic Podcasts to explode in 2013! As more value of publishing online content as a way to consumers begin to discover their smart phones get the message out about their cause. can deliver on demand talk in the form of Geri Stengel podcasts, we’ll see a virtual land grab as more President Ventureneer experts begin publishing their own weekly audio shows. A number of key thought leaders in the world of content and social media have recently started their own podcasts. This trend will only grow. Michael Stelzner Producer, Social Media Marketing podcast Social Media Examiner#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  5. 5. 5 By the end of the year, marketers will start to I think in 2013 we need to redefine the words we realize they can’t do content marketing without use to describe what we do. It’s too fragmented integrating print. They will slowly, though right now, inbound marketing, content carefully and shyly, start incorporating it into marketing, social media marketing, etc etc. I their marketing activities, in the US especially find it hard for me to describe what we do to in smaller, local markets: magazines, magalogues, mag- the uninitiated, even in redesigning our website I struggle invitations. Content repurposed for online channels. By the with how to define what we do. It’s all integrated digital end of the year, we’ll enter the era of outernet for real, of marketing. It’s no longer one channel, it’s all of them. comprehensive content marketing. Finally. Justin Lambert Nenad Senic Freelance Content Creator brand journalist Words That Begin With You Disput Many marketers will begin to use more sophisticated Convenience and connectivity are driving new content marketing tactics in social media e.g. animation, behaviors and consumers tend to move faster infographics, ebooks. Many brands will understand that they than brands. They’re using a myriad of devices have to be real brand publisher. A blog or channel with mems in front of the TV to communicate with friends, is too shallow a way of creating of brand value. look up information about specific shows or Christopher Szczepaniak actors, or surf content that is completely unrelated to what’s Chief Content Officer Stratego Content House on the tube. Given the many devices and demographics that are converging, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to content... thus the year of the multiscreen focus. Arnie Kuenn Content in a Multiscreen World Vertical Measures#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  6. 6. 6 As the volume of content continues to grow, More B2B Marketers relying primarily on a good content marketers will place increased PR team to get the word out will also create emphasis on simplicity as a tool to cut through a content strategy involving articles with less the clutter and enhance message retention. formal engagement tactics aimed at addressing To achieve simplicity, there will be increased known pain points of their target “personas”, emphasis on simplicity tools like pre-writing (planning and will also connect up same with engagement tactics in your content before starting to write) and an increased social media. This is Content Marketing 101, but we still partnership between text and design. see some companies lagging at this vital “power of story” Roger Parker strategy. Founder Scott Frangos Published & Profitable President Webdirexion LLC Marketers will scramble to meet the mobile content demands of Sales teams, as tablets Content in conjunction with BigData and linked data are deployed in increasingly large numbers technologies will allow real-time prediction of broader and and Sales seeks tools to help advance buyer broader topics like economical waves, market evolution, engagement. Just putting the same old product trends, ... presentations and white papers on a Tablet will be short term Walter Wartenweiler solution, but won’t be enough to meet buyer expectations. Founder Financially focused buyers reign, making Financial linkonomics.com Justification content the #1 most value content to help frugal buyers make crucial purchase decisions. Thomas Pisello CEO and Founder Alinean, Inc.#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  7. 7. 7 As a content publisher/curator, I predict that the Investment by brands in video content will eclipse spending combination of video branding with gaming on words and images in the 2nd half of 2013. will be the biggest swing in delivering engaging Fergus Stoddart content. All content must be mobile compatible, Director Edge so desktop websites MUST be updated to either include mobile, or create a separate mobile site. The written Marketers will pay more attention and put word is well-received, but people learn more visually. Combine more funds to generating original content information and a fun atmosphere, and you have a home run. and developing a strategy for an augmented David J Dunworth Founder reality. Strategic content distributed through BlueStone Networks LLC targeted channels will elevate the holistic brand experience. Eye candy is food for the imagination. I believe 2013 is going to be the year of the web Cindy Denney journalist. Why? Businesses and brands are Owner High Hat Management waking up to the importance of creating their own content. Google is putting immense pressure on producing original, high-quality content. Who better to be on your payroll than someone who can tell a good story and crank out consistently good material? While traditional newspapers may be in trouble, journalists will easily transition to online, corporate environments. Sarah Mitchell Content Marketing Consultant Global Copywriting #cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  8. 8. 8 Podcasting & Audio Content will gain new life 2013 will be all about community managers, and become even more mainstream in 2013. on the wall, personally executing the mashup More companies will embrace launching their of organic and paid social content distribution. own “radio” stations by providing content The new hybrid community manager will run through audio platforms. With the leverage Facerbook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other organic capabilities audio provides(transcription, editing) along amplification units, following organic social broadcast with the strong mobility factor, agencies and companies will (like wall posts and tweets). Without totally understanding add this to their content marketing plans as a true content paid paradigms (like Facebook Page Post Ads & Promoted player. Tweets), most CMs will be blogging to nobody. In 2013 truly Pamela Muldoon mastering paid organic distribution will be essential. Principal Marty Weintraub Next Stage Media Group CEO aimClear® 2013 will be the year that video hits the mainstream for brand marketers. Video engages Organizations have data. Lots and lots of data. multiple senses and works well on mobile, Freakishly large amounts of data. But that data is so brand marketers will downplay print and seldom used in content marketing. Blame it on invest much more in video content. Buyers will organizational silos, overenthusiastic legal review also demand video content from brand marketers. And the or lack of accessibility, custom data is poised to ways brand marketers use video will get more creative and change content marketing in a big way. Smart marketers are imaginative (I hope.) already learning how to mine the organization for customer and Jeff Ogden industry data and, through content marketing, make it more President transparent to stakeholders. Find New Customers Nicholas Kinports Digital Strategy Lead, Founder lonelybrand#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  9. 9. 9 2013 will be the year that “content” marketing Brands will be socially designed before even becomes “valuable information” marketing. thinking their campaigns and routine activities. B2B brands will need to deliver information Brands marketers will work with integrated that has actual value in order to attract teams of planners and creatives, in a more customers. If Drucker is right, that marketing agile way. New monitoring tools, focusing on and innovation are a business’s two basic functions, then visual platforms, will complete the set of brand management here’s my warning for content marketers: marketing without capabilities. innovation is snake oil; innovation without marketing is a Laurent Francois hobby. Be sure your brands are focused on delivering value Managing Director French Ideas – then, write about that. Evan Scott Consultant / Owner Content marketing will start to be seen as a way to Terrain Strategic Integrated Marketing understand customers, as well as a way to engage customers. In order to facilitate this, Content Marketers will I think 2013 will be the year of the content be more data focused and Content and CRM teams will strategist. Brands will now start hiring them join forces. Lead scoring will move out of B2B Automation and content marketing agencies will need tools to become a more standard practice - EG interest data plenty of them to do all of the work. The and proximity to purchase will be calculated from content flow of journalists from traditional media consumed. companies to brands and content marketing agencies will Andrew Davies hit an all time high. Director idio Ltd Craig Hodges CEO King Content#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  10. 10. 10 An even larger influx of black-hat spam being 2011 and 2012 brought on organizational titles passed off as content marketing. More and more like CCO and Content Marketing Director. These people who thought they could unscrupulously leaders are now accountable for maintaining and link and keyword spam their way to success growing sustainable content marketing programs were stymied by Google’s P-animal menagerie, for their brand – and with aggressive schedules for and will adapt a new set of tactics. These include publishing and production. In 2013, I believe we will see more unscrupulously spamming thin, automated, or scraped companies internalize production-level content marketing content, selling this spamming service to the naive or equally personnel, adding titles like ‘production manager’, and unscrupulous, and calling themselves content marketers. ‘managing editor’ to the organizational chart. That’s great news JF Amprimoz for displaced journalists and producers looking to reinvent! Consultant Nate Riggs Small Web Strategies Director of Social Business The Karcher Group The percentage of videos distributed through email, blogs and social channels (particularly Twitter and LinkedIn) Local content marketing is something to watch for will increase 10%-15% by the end of 2013 as three trends 2013, with businesses using regionally-targeted take hold: 1) Continuing economic recovery at SMB level; content to compete in diverse geographic areas. 2) More B2B marketers investing in social channels; and, 3) This marketing strategy feeds several activities, B2B marketers seeking to differentiate, as the cost of video especially mobile, where brands seek to gain production continues to drop and network bandwidth share in long-tail search and local search for their services and continues to rise. products. Showing an understanding of local needs will become Bob Dirkes the defacto standard for anyone wanting to attract a strong Director of Account Services customer base in their areas of operation. Tech Image Derryck Strachan Managing Director Big Star Copywriting#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  11. 11. 11 We’re going to move away from thinking about The growth of brand-sponsored content will continue to websites; instead, we’re going to think about rise, and will integrate interactive elements for use on a 2nd content cornerstones, collections of content screen. There aren’t many content distribution channels created and curated in service to a topic. available for brands to distribute content to televisions; Delivery of digital content is going to change, however I believe this will change in 2013. Technology like and while it may not happen in 2013, marketers are going WiiU, Apple TV, and Boxee will make sponsoring content and to have to think about how to push content around the integrating interactive campaign elements possible. It’s likely Web without chaining it to a specific site. See flu.gov and that brands already sponsoring content will be the initial tablespoon.com for examples. adopters. Ahava Leibtag Jordan Julien President Freelance Experience Strategist Aha Media Group, LLC Content marketers will focus even more on Understanding how to align the right content for driving traffic to their own blog pages in 2013 each distinct point along the decision journey because this is where they ultimately exercise will be of increasing importance to both inbound the most influence over what gets viewed marketing and social teams. More brands will by their target markets. Facebook’s limiting go beyond digital user journeys and create uncompensated content distribution to fans is a wake up call detailed composite views of multiple decision makers and how to those who would prefer not to increase expenditures to each interacts with content along the buyer’s journey. Brands play in the major leagues. will create detailed content journeys that include a robust Robert Schrichte ecosystem that includes more than owned digital assets. Editorial Manager Kathy Baughman Rent It Today President ComBlu Inc.#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  12. 12. 12 B2B marketers will learn how to create content Infographics will be all over most sites and content platforms. that salespeople will actually be able to use We’ll wonder how we ever lived without them and wonder successfully to motivate and support buying why we didn’t have them 10 years ago, given so many preach conversations - and they’ll clamor for it. As “a picture speaks a thousand words” but still resort to word this happens, the industry will make progress documents and PPT for key communications. toward removing the obstructive divide between marketing Lisa Grantham and sales. VP Marketing stepIN Marketing Ardath Albee B2B Marketing Strategist Marketing Interactions, Inc. “Brand media strategy” emerges as a practice and the PR industry finally wakes up and takes I just got back from a major Automotive this on. Companies will set partnerships with tradeshow in Las Vegas and I spoke with one of compatible, yet separate, brands to get my the biggest paint manufacturers in the US. She content/story seen on their content marketing said they are aware of content marketing but are platforms. The second is that creative agencies will finally slow to get there. I predict that more “massive” realize that managing a brand’s blog and/or social channels US corporations will begin to seek content marketing providers is not content marketing strategy – and will adopt true to get on board. The proof is finally there, and now the big content marketing planning as a formal practice. slow moving corporations are starting to look into it. Robert Rose Thomas Zoebelein Lead Strategist Owner Content Marketing Institute Stratosphere Studio#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  13. 13. 13 This is the year everyone starts calling Images will be the “content du jour”, with themselves content marketers. SEO agencies Pinterest continuing its explosive growth. becoming content agencies while delivering the They’ll develop more new features and lucrative same keyword-stuffed landing page copy. Social partnerships to help its users share visual media gurus rebranding as content marketers content in creative ways. More new image- to grab some of the buzz while not actually doing anything sharing platforms will emerge to compete, and more and different. Just as the term ‘cloud’ became confused and more brands will hop on the bandwagon with image-based distorted under the weight of opportunistic IT marketing, it’ll content strategies and campaigns. become tougher to keep content marketing a clearly defined Kari Rippetoe and understood discipline. Content Marketing Manager Search Mojo Jonathan Crossfield Writer and content marketing consultant Self Employed Companies will struggle with understanding their audience and hire more journalists Creative agencies will hire journalists and editors because they can figure it out. Marketers to form new content teams who will focus on cannot. Most brands will continue to imitate creating content hubs for brands designed for other successful social media marketing and engagement and value-add. Media agencies content marketing success stories, but will fall flat and be will consolidate SEO and Social teams to form disappointed because they didn’t first identify what’s truly Content Amplification teams tasked with leveraging both free unique and remarkable about what they can offer and and paid tactics to effectively drive discovery and engagement instead are delivering someone else’s song to an audience with brands’ earned and owned content. that really wanted to hear the brand’s unique voice. Gilad de Vries Jason Falls SVP, Strategy CEO Outbrain Social Media Explorer#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  14. 14. 14 Earned media will become much more than Brands will start realising there is more to social just social. Marketers will turn to other highly engagement beyond a standard Facebook credible sources of content distribution, like page. Socially optimised businesses are the “wire” distribution to amplify their message in way forward. These are companies which use order to build authority and communicate their social technologies to effectively engage with value proposition. Communities as a content marketing customers to deliver real actionable service and product that channel will gain more consideration. benefit the bottom line. Bob Seiler Deb Wiseman SVP Senior Manager Social Business PR Newswire Ripple Effect There has already been a slow increase You may think this is facetious, but it really isn’t. in brands and agencies buying existing Now that the online world has went back to forums/blogs to ensure they have an instant giving people what they want and need, Google audience for their content syndication. But as included, just be honest, help with info or a measurability of content marketing improves problem. If you can’t help, shut up. You asked they need to ensure they have a guaranteed audience reach for my opinion, that’s it. Thanks. for their content and existing platforms are the only way they Dennis Smith can ensure success every time. CEO DennisDeanSmith David Iwanow SEO Manager Amnesia Razorfish#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  15. 15. 15 My prediction is that localized apps, gaming 2013 will be the year of going back to basics. and discounts will become even more popular Marketers have got enough of spending money as brands realize they can push content on buying fans and then needing to continue to individuals as they are watching TV, in a paying to keep being in touch with those restaurant or at an event- right on location. fans. Back to basics means owning your own The increase of impulse buys will also be seen through this platform and getting the eyeballs to come to you by creating channel. amazing things that people want to consume instead of Kim Kleeman spending money to get the attention. President Marko Saric Sunbeam Marketing Solutions Blogger We’ve only seen the start of the visual content Personalized Mobile Contents and Offers. It’s marketing revolution so far. In 2013 and no longer enough to ensure that your site beyond, brand marketers will get increasingly functions properly on mobile or build an app. creative with how they integrate elements As consumers adapt to living their lives from such as infographics, animation, video, memes their mobile phones and tablets, they’ll expect and photography in their content marketing strategies. It’s platform-specific content and offers that provide a better not enough to create smart content; it needs to be well experience, geography-specific content, location-based presented and beautiful to truly connect with audiences. offers and other elements that complement life on the go. Karen Webber Further, this mobile content experience can then be used to Head of Marketing and Creative NewsReach personalize the other marketing channels. Paul Dunay Global VP of Marketing Maxymiser#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  16. 16. 16 Smart Marketers will need to be on top of their More brands are going to take on board the game with fresh content on their website to Simon Sinek approach of “Start with Why” (Why build authority, active interaction on social > How > What) and create compelling stories to media, especially in terms of customer service connect to their consumers. Emotional selling and a continuous collaboration between these and bringing consumers on board with what elements. Everything needs to be mobile friendly. Customers your brand stands for is going to build more brand awareness will continue to expect higher levels of engagement than ever >> brand affinity >> brand advocates, which will lead to user before. Smart Marketers will also keep an eye on reviews on generated content/media. Social Sites such as FourSquare and Google+ in 2013. Kevin Dam Scott Howard Mr / Digital Marketing Strategist Founder EWMD ScLoHo Marketing Solutions Google devalues links to infographics; Slideshare romps; Lame infographics die back – backlash ensues, and the search company find new bandwagon • Facebook starts to slide; creates a process for “validating” high quality niche social networks rise – rethink social strategy infographics. Crowdsourcing may be an • Marketing automation market consolidates – option. prepare for content marketing platforms • Google Frank Strong sucked into world’s biggest anti-trust case – SEO playbook Director of PR Vocus changes • Internal content teams grow; skills gap widens – invest in talent • CMI bought by major player; Pulizzi buys NY Jets; orange retired as a color. Doug Kessler Creative Director, Co-Founder Velocity#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  17. 17. 17 Companies that do an intelligent job of moving 2013 is the year big data becomes big insights. their content to mobile-friendly formats will kick As social business technology continues to the living poop out of companies that do not. evolve, more marketers have access to tools Responsive design, apps, custom sites - doesn’t that provide great insight into the impact of matter. Smart mobile content strategy will win their content on customer perception, behavior the day. and attitudes toward their brand. Marketers who use big Ian Lurie insight to tailor their content to their audience’s interests will CEO be the biggest winners. Portent Bernie Borges Chief Find Officer I predicted a rise in mobile in 2012; and cloud Find and Convert computing, virtualization, and open source the year before. They remain important (Plug) I think more companies will move towards as organizations enter the cloud, design Cisco’s model at http://newsroom.cisco.com/take- cost-efficient tools, and cater to on-the-go share-engage where we produce great technology customers. To pick one item for 2013, I think there will be content from brand-name journalists about the less effort toward Facebook. With declines in F-Commerce topics we care about. We then ask other outlets and Zynga, Facebook’s end is beginning. I predict increased (bloggers, media and more) to syndicate this content on their mobile-friendly zero-friction photo/video sharing over the sites. We aren’t driven by eyeballs, but others are and we are next 12 months: Pinterest, Instagram, and more. happy to provide quality content (we only ask for citation). Ari Herzog Nissan is also doing great things at: http://nissannews.com/ Digital Media Strategist Intel at: http://www.intelfreepress.com/ Digital AH John Earnhardt Director, Corporate Communications Cisco#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  18. 18. 18 For marketers who haven’t made a robust We’re all going mobile. Say goodbye to rows commitment in terms of budget dollars or strategy, of cubicles and say hello to chillin’ at the content marketing will follow social media into coffeehouse creating content with tablets and the trough of disillusionment. Those that are streamlined apps that we’ll use to write, design, committed will continue to rev up their content publish, and share. There’s a difference between engines to churn out both more and more engaging content. creating for mobile and designing with mobile, and 2013 is Increasingly savvy customers will recognize the gaps between when we’ll know it. Tablets are already better for freehand organizations with winning ideas and reward them with sales graphics, so we’re going to see a lot more of that as well. and market share growth. It’s already happening, of course. Tom Bishop David Drickhamer Director of Marketing and Communications Principal KnowledgeVision Drickhamer Enterprises LLC Those who don’t understand how content Niche will be the name of the game in 2013. and search marketing fit together will miss out With content more voluminous and available on many opportunities in content strategy, than ever and search becoming more and more development and marketing, while those targeted, content will need to drill down to ever who are hyper-focused on search marketing deeper levels and require more specialized tactics without regard to the importance of the branded expert input. This trend will create challenges for outsourced content piece -- marrying content and the more “traditional” content “generalists” who will have to focus more closely marketing -- will miss the point. on very specific industries and technologies in order to Jessica Lee understand and write about them at a micro level. Content and Media Manager Bruce Clay, Inc. Joanne Morrison Manager, Marketing Communications Aditya Birla Minacs#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  19. 19. 19 Picture this: 2013 will be the year of visuals (but From 2008 to 2009, content marketing the end of infographics). From Pinterest and was a toddler. From 2009 to 2010, it was a Instagram to Slideshare and YouTube, visual scrappy adolescent. From 2010 to 2011, it appeal will rule content creation and curation. was a hormonal teenager. From 2011 to 2012, In an era of content overload, users will be content marketing went to college. In 2013, looking for a fresh face and innovative presentation. Creative content marketing will finish grad school and cement the graphics, photos and videos will capture imagination and professional recognition it deserves. Recognition will be tired infographics will be replaced with something better. in the form of increasingly larger budgets, or portions of Joellyn Sargent budgets, for the creation and ownership of content for Principal marketing brands. BrandSprout Advisors Russell Sparkman CEO In 2013, brands leveraging content marketing FusionSpark Media, Inc. will be focused on VOICE, and continue to humanize their messages, making their Three big trends: 1. More e-books, thanks employees and partners the center of to Apple’s iBooks. 2. More video, thanks to attention. Faces, not logos. You will also see increasing ease of production & distribution, more marketing tactics that focus on extreme authenticity, even to flat screens (e.g. Roku). sometimes to a fault. 3. More blogs - yes, I said it - because a solid Dan Blank blog with original, niche news is a centralized place for all Founder brand marketers to build their brand through content. WeGrowMedia.com Katie McCaskey Content Director Six Estate#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  20. 20. 20 Content marketers have mastered much of Brands will get serious about planning journalism: analysis, profiles, how-to articles, content marketing. At November’s Content etc. But no brand has attempted the most Marketing World Health Summit, just 10% of the sacred form of journalism – the investigative people in the workshop that I led had a written piece. That changes in 2013. Some brand will Content Marketing plan, even though 100% are do solid, hardcore investigative work – not of its industry, but doing content marketing. Brands will finally get serious on of a tangential subject of interest to customers. (Imagine a the strategy and planning side and end the current “ready, baby-food company, for example, investigating the dangers fire, aim” approach. to children of outgassing VOCs.) A Pulitzer, however, is still Will Davis years away. Managing Partner Right Source Marketing Paul Conley Owner Paul Conley Consulting In 2013, sponsored content will thrive as the #1 advertising engine. Content marketers will Print RIP? Not so fast. We believe there’s going to be a print continue to create compelling content, but renaissance. For just as Amazon didn’t kill bricks and mortar, focus more on distribution models that are we believe the IPad will not kill print. The world contains, and “integrated” with a user’s web experience. To needs, more than just digital. And global brands continue to drive more meaningful engagement, brands will leverage thrive in part through print channels, which remain part of “the social stream” via “promoted tweets” and “sponsored long-term content strategies to grow customers, loyalty, and stories” as their #1 way to serve content and connect with that coveted brand awareness. audiences. Photos will continue to emerge as a highly Eileen Sutton and Kevin Lund effective and popular content marketing medium. T3 Publishing Barbra Gago Head of Global Demand Generation tibbr | TIBCO#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  21. 21. 21 Marketing automation and content creation In 2013 content marketers will necessarily become platforms will continue to consolidate and choice-makers. Consumers will expect businesses integrate with one another, all leading towards to help them with cleaner content that is more the eventual existence of truly all-in-one thoroughly researched and tightly focused. This platforms where marketers can perform all will create opportunities for businesses with local their marketing in one place - including content marketing, knowledge derived from extensive experience with defined publishing, and distribution. communities. Their content will be more highly valued and Steve Lazuka sought after by consumers ready to make buying decisions. President Jeff Korhan Zerys Author True Nature Inc Content creation and distribution will certainly accelerate as companies realize they need to Tablets, smartphones, laptops make up the be first in their industry and overwhelming with buyer’s multi-device ecosystem. Responsive their content to create competitive advantage. Web design meets the challenge of not knowing Mark Schaefer which screen the user prefers by providing Excecutive Director optimal viewing experience: easy reading and Schaefer Marketing Solutions navigation with minimum resizing, panning, scrolling across a wide range of devices. Content needs to be structured in chunks that can be flowed into this architecture. Personalization addresses: 1) who I am – e.g., location, preferences; 2) what I’m doing – e.g., learning, buying. Valeria Maltoni Sr. Director of Strategy Empathy Lab#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  22. 22. 22 2013 will be about demand generation. Brand As a sports marketer based in London, I’m marketers will build content sites specifically conscious that we won’t have Olympic content to capture customer/prospect data which will to distribute in 2013. Sports content for 2013 will then be integrated with CRM and marketing- therefore be more about stimulating “social” automation systems to allow targeted and discussion - rather than managing and reacting intelligent content distribution. Beginner organisations to Olympic events. The roll out of 4G initially across London will either build complementary content sites that don’t and subsequently across the UK is going to speed up sit on their main domain, or purchase a ready-made mobile / tablet as the primary browsing device and focus site+community. Advanced organisations will use display marketing minds on video quality. advertising and SEM to help capture and nurture new leads Graeme Harrison with written and video content. Head of Digital Fast Track Alana Fisher Digital & Content Strategist Brand New Directions More CMOs will co-brand by co-creating content in 2013. Co-branding is becoming less I 100% believe this: “Free” becomes collateral about two companies sharing money and more damage in the war for budget. Increased about sharing value through co-creation of investment triggers heightened expectations, compelling ideas. spawning a new type of creativity. Content David Deal Vice President of Marketing marketers who find a way to introduce calls to iCrossing action that justify budget without blunting reach emerge as next year’s leaders.  Joe Chernov VP of Marketing Kinvey#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
  23. 23. 23 I think in 2013 we’re going to start seeing a 2011: Content marketing explodes greater shift from traditional blogging platforms 2012: Content marketing becomes a to customized publishing platforms (like marketing priority Medium). I think we will see a greater appeal 2013: Content marketing becomes more of small and medium businesses alike with targeted, contextual and interactive. Social platforms like these. Why? Both content readers and content media is providing targeting techniques to match to specific distributors have greater control. Also, all many of these user locations and preferences. Smartphone and wearable platforms will have themed content collections, so you won’t cameras continue to proliferate. Augmented reality, mobile need 1,000 fans to make your content successful. apps and geo-targeting are the predominant zeitgeist. Thus Elizabeth Miller in 2013, content marketers must weave content into new [A] Intelligence Agent frontiers in highly relevant, contextual and interactive ways. Simple [A] Sandra Zoratti Vice President, Marketing Although we have seen it emerging throughout Ricoh 2012, 2013 will be the year in which content marketers truly embrace visual content. We are the entrance of the Visual Era. Whether it’s always posting with an image to Businesses will begin to use the slogan. defeat Edgerank on Facebook, the creation Minimal text. Maximum pictures. of an infographic to lure in visitors from Pinterest, or Ambal S. Balakrishnan crowdsourcing hashtagged photos on Instagram as part of a Co-founder ClickDocuments campaign, an important trend in content marketing in 2013 will be all about leveraging visual content. Neal Schaffer President Windmills Marketing#cmi #predictions13 Get content marketing how-to advice, samples, case studies and much more at www.contentmarketinginstitute.com.
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