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  1. 1. UNMARKETING marketing the personality of your club
  2. 2. YOUR CLUB’S PERSONALITY What makes up your club’s personality? + Club Sponsored Events (BowlOrama, The Show) + Board Members + Membership in General + Opinions on Local and National Happenings + Outside Sponsorships
  3. 3. CONTENT CREATIONJust cause you have a Twitter account doesn’t mean you are achieving anything...
  4. 4. VIDEOThere is a reason YouTube is so damn popular.
  5. 5. EASY VIDEO TO CREATE+ Recording the speakers to present at luncheons and events. + Testimonials from your members. + Insight from your board of directors. + Promotional videos for upcoming events.
  6. 6. BLOGGINGEveryone has something to say.
  7. 7. BLOG TOPICS + Recap of events. + Reactions to industry happenings.+ Predications about future direction of the industry. + ANYTHING
  8. 8. QUESTION:What are some other medias your club uses to communicate its personality? Are there more we haven’t touched on?
  9. 9. VIABLE PLATFORMSshould we participate in everything?
  10. 10. SOME BORING FACTS:+ 92% of non-profits have at least one social channel logo on their homepage. (via http://www.netwitsthinktank.com)+ Facebook registered a 161% increase in the average member community size amongst non-profits in 2011... (via http://www.revenews.org)
  11. 11. QUESTION:What platforms do you know your club participates in? Which ones should it have a presence on?
  12. 12. TWITTERyeah...duh...but it needs to be said.
  13. 13. STUMBLEThrow your blog’s hand up for immediate critique!
  14. 14. GOOGLE+
  15. 15. INSTAGRAMwhat’s your billion dollar idea?
  16. 16. VIMEOYouTube - junk = Vimeo
  17. 17. “DON’TS” OF SOCIAL + Do not sync all your platform accounts together. + Do not over share.+ Do not hesitate to ask questions to your followers or members.+ Careful having multiple managers of single platforms.
  19. 19. CINEMAGRAMwhat once was still now has movement
  20. 20. QUESTION:What other platforms are you keeping your eye on?