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Alexander Hooefsloot - Desenvolvimento Sustentável_CICI2011

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Desenvolvimento Sustentável_CICI2011
Palestrante: Alexander Hooefsloot

Publicada em: Negócios, Tecnologia, Educação
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Alexander Hooefsloot - Desenvolvimento Sustentável_CICI2011

  1. 1. Wageningen, Cityof Life Sciences
  2. 2. Wageningen, City of Life Sciences is:
  3. 3. International projects of Wageningen UR Wageningen UR offices in Brazil and China
  4. 4. Proud to berecognized and visitedby so many ‘VIPs’
  5. 5. Facts and Figures• 37.000 inhabitants• 7.000 students from all over the world• 160 different nationalities• Very high level of education among it’s citizens
  6. 6. Capitulation of the Germans after WO-II Wageningen
  7. 7. Climate neutral in 2030 concrete steps
  8. 8. New municipal cars; all on GreenGas
  9. 9. Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Kortenoord
  10. 10. Principles to get climate-neutral:• Give the good example• Isolation of all older buildings: 50% energy reduction• Transformation of transport• Production of green-energy within municipality• Buying of green-energy
  11. 11. Byclicing = 8000 in rushhour
  12. 12. Food Valley as model to grow Nijkerk Scherpenzeel Renswoude Barneveld Veenendaal Ede Rhenen Wageningen
  13. 13. N S BR EV R W
  14. 14. So Wageningen, invites you